Bought an ETH worth in the ICO am I going to make it?

Bought an ETH worth in the ICO am I going to make it?

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When on exhanges? I'm all in ASAP.

It's on Etherdelta dude, grab yours while you can

next week on Binance most likely

No, do NOT buy on ED. FAKE COINS, check the offical twitter page for a video on this

Oh you...
I like you

They're not fake coins tard. They're real placeholder tokens they're just not going to give out the actual token to anyone not on the approved buyer list, so they are useless but not fake.

Thanks, just bought 5 ETH. So comfy r n and super-ready for mooning.

same fucking difference

Np, ignore all the fud about "fake"-tokens on ED, whales just want to accumulate more, it's a classic setup.

Can I buy it off you for X4?

I have 63K WAN, will I make it?

Bought 6.8eth worth


Pls gibe


Screenshot or larp

you piece of shit try that everytime
They clearly said in telegram, whoever is interested in Wanchain should NOT buy from ED


Whales are getting desperate, you can smell the FUD from miles away. You're just waiting to dump on everyone when WAN hits Binance, retard.

Official Statement regarding ED WAN

The team made an official announcement though.

Was watching the WAN livestream. Here you go. Comfy holding and buying more at release.

Wow, whales even hired a dude that looks exactly like the CEO of WAN to spread FUD. This is how desperate you are.

I'll gladly scoop up cheap WAN coins other whales are dropping. Want to run several masternodes for this baby and the marketcap is tiny compared to ICON, AION and similar

seems like you're just trying to sell to idiots on etherdelta.

Thank you sirs with of your help i am making lamb land

i know that feel
comfy af desu

>Want to run several masternodes for this baby
i'm hearing 50k WAN per node

Which would be my assumption as well. With a lucrative ROI 2-3 nodes will be everything I need for years to come. After that I can sell off my WAN that grew in price, pay no taxes and settle down.