selling everything and going all in on wan

Sold everything at bottom and went all in on LINK. Coins I sold mooned harder.

I worry about having getting memed on XLM but I'll give it one more month to show me it deserves my love.

I spreading fud for last days.
Never had any coins.

I didn't have enough fiat to buy the dips

I waited too long to buy the dip and now it´s too late.
Thought it would reach 8000

I made 0 trades all week and last week =_=

I've given up on not being a wagecuck

Got baited into CanYa, bailed out at -20%.

My name is actually Pajeet

I learned that swing trading a bear market is much harder than doing utit in a bull market. I lost 25% of my portfolio in ten minutes with one trade.

this has been a learning experience.

I often am 100% sure that it is a right time to buy or sell but I don't do anything because I'm scared.

t. Pajeet

Fuck man I know that feel


I am not really Sikh. I wear the turban to get chicks.

I bought the ripple dip at 2.60 and it kept dipping further, I held though, father, and now its on its slow return to salvation for me. A

Am I forgiven?

>Everyone says it will go to 8k
>Smart traders place orders at 9k to be safe

I bought $10 worth of ripple against my friends advice and my own thinking

I moved 60% of my portfolio to DBC @ 40 cents