Post here your prospects for the next 20x or 50x and WHY. Only coins valuated at less than 150m are alowed

Mine are:
The next bittorrent. Seriously guys and the market cap now is sooo low it can grow 100x+ easily;
This shit is aiming the airline industry, that means it could be valuated in a looooot of money if they just catch 1% of this trillionaire market;
The next Ethereum competitor; I don't believe in it but the MUH NEW ETH hype may valuate this shit sometime;
Lending platform, they have the product almost ready, a great team and their site is pretty much well done you'll want to lick it (

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You're welcome.

nice picks user, id also recommend
decentralized market place, supposed to compete with amazon, very low market cap
decentralized market place aimed towards advertisements

HAT. Guaranteed 10x possibly a 100x by eoy

>UFR at the top

nice subtle shill, enjoy your 50 shillpoints user!

im really thinking sumokoin but idk they dont have any marketing not sure if anyone knows what is even is?

you're basically a moron if you dont get in, once it leaves its dogshit exchange its money city


>scamcoin shilled by crytek

no, thanks.


Will replace IOTA as the de-facto internet of things token since IOTA is a shit product rolled by amateurs (see the cryptographic weakness discovered last year)

Why should i invest in this one, not IOTChain?

Will be used to govern lots of organisations on the ethereum network hasn't mooned but projects based off it have.

Block Array
10M marketcap compared with 300M+ competitors working product, in talks with companies now, has done no marketing yet instead focused on business partnerships first

Hi I'm an idiot.

Are all of those coins available on one coin exchange? Or do most of you guys have accounts on multiple exchanges to trade in obscure coins? Trying to decide where to put my bux if I don't want to use more than one exchange at a time.

FLIXX is a solid one

I trade on big exchanges (Binance, cuckoin, etc) and on EtherDelta.

EtherDelta is a bit obscure and hard to use, but it's decentralized and based on ETH smart-contracts, so it's more than secure.



gvt genesis vision ceo ofunded st petersburg stock exchange.

Lunyr Lun beta relaase in 15 days

Wow, forgot this one!

PBL is about 20% of my holdings, the second largest one.

Thanks for the tip! So far it's seemed like binance, kucoin, or maybe cryptopia were the best places for these small cap coins. I'll look into etherdelta too.

Vegancoin. The entire staff is vegan so you can be sure no animals were harm.

phew thanks for the heads up on it being a scam dude, almost got BCC'd there.



whatdo you want. this coin's halal

Thanks! I just bought 100K!

Where and how do I buy these coins?

t. no-coiner

> it's decentralized and based on ETH smart-contracts, so it's more than secure

EDT is at almost half ICO price on etherdelta.

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With the added side effect of these undervalued coins buying me a lambo.

why are you autistic screeching, bitcuck?

it's more secure than binance

unironically POSW - kool kids buy before rebrand

all this talk about UFR - hasn't the number of people torrenting gone down steadily, atleast games/movies are now so easily accessable with stuff like steam, netflix, atleast unsure why torrenting would Grow considering how the industry seems to try to apply to the instant demand for a low cost-thing?

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its maybe the biggest gem in 2018. This will do 10x in no time and its just the start. DYOR if you are interested. This shit is the coin of tomorrow:
its on binance. I never shill coins but this is just an awesome coin with huge potential.

UFR is more easy to use than bittorrenting.

Also, it pays the seeders money, so it stimulates them to share more quality content. Torrent is based just on charity.



2018 will be the year when Ethereum’s killer Dapp’s come into fruition. As we all know these Dapp’s require tremendous computational power to do their calculations and the question is whether the Ethereum Virtual Machine can handle?- The answer is simply NO. For Eg, Request Network needs tremendous amount of computational power to do its financial audits and Ethereum Virtual Machine can be a severe liability as the computations cannot be scaled and is as limited as Miners computational power. So here comes IEXEC RLC, which can technically provide computational power to DAPP’s like ENIGMA, SIGNALS, REQ Network etc. These Dapp’s are waiting for the industry fundamentals like decentralized storage and computing to get completed. So it’s a no brainer that as DAPP’s grow, projects like IEXEC RLC will breathe life into them.

Next coming to the team, one of the most talented and experienced team in the crypto space they are just no-nonsense guys, no hype guys who deliver silently (looking at you Golem). Giles Fedak is one of the most respected persons in cloud computing arena. Hawei Hu has been voted as one of the top 40 smartest persons in China. The whole system is based on XtremWeb-HEP, a mature, solid, and open-source Desktop Grid software which has already stood the test of time. IEXEC is just providing the platform by linking blockchain and the tech. With such a stellar team and good technology it’s has favorable odds to become successful.

RLC is the comfiest coin I'm holding rn and I'm confident it's gonna blow up in 2018.

Bounty0x and Snovio.
You're welcome.

#1 alternative android app store
-200 million user rollout (yes, they have millions of real users and actual revenue)
-devs are going to hoard the coins into oblivion and/or get into a bid war with the coins for user downloads/attention, driving the price up

UFR is a shitcoin shilled to death, but is nowhere near to do anything in the future. It's just some random buzzwords appealing to weird crypto traders like Veeky Forums lurkers. Its an unreliable project, and all the supporters are only little crypto investors, not real community who would be using and adopting this token.

TAU is the most promising coin of all these.

what exactly would you say it does here?