We are not going down to the capitulation phase. We are not in a bubble. Nocoiners, apologize.

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rly like 12hr of non red numbers and u still 30% down on eth and u want an apology?

let BTC pass 12k, 12,5k and further
then we'll talk, bub…

I'm all on in VEN bought it cheap so I only have profits

uhhh zoom out

>it's not at ATH so it's dead
nice meme

If you zoom out there is still a spike upwards away from "muh bubble fear phase"

>not log scale

opinion discarded


Show us log scale.

Post it

The bubble meme is based on linear scale you can't have it both ways bahahaha

>"hurdur crashes are always a straight line down to 0"
>"one upblip means we're mooning again!!!!!!! XD"

Fucking shitcoiners. You have zero understanding of how markets work. I will relish in your pain when cryptocurrency gets shatted on so hard while you still hold the bags.

Largest daily point gains
1 2008-10-13 9,387.61 +936.42 +11.08
2 2008-10-28 9,065.12 +889.35 +10.88

>2008-10-13, 2008-10-28
>biggest gains, in OCTOBER 2008

Welcome to trading, shitcoiners. Enjoy the ride.

Aww you brainlet nocoiners still think you can predict crypto market movements based on stock market behavior. You are never going to make it faggot.

>implying shitcoins aren't controlled by the same jews that control wall street

>sold the dip

inb4 this is just the return to normal phase and the actual crash is still coming.

>I will relish in your pain when cryptocurrency gets shatted on so hard while you still hold the bags.

I've been hearing shit like this since BTC was like $100. I'm finally getting in. Real world block chain integrations are going to literally change the way the world works over the next decade just as significantly as the internet did, and will generate wealth for the early adopters in the same way.

>implying I trade shitcoins

>Real world block chain integrations
Block chain technology is useless as shit because it cannot handle the thousands of transactions per second that occur everyday. Transaction fees are skyrocketting and people are jumping ship because they finally realize how useless this tech is.

>will generate wealth for the early adopters in the same way.

>early adopter

You missed the train by a good 3-4 years, bud.

Nice fud rajesh but too bad im not selling my coins so im not a salty nocoiner like you

>holding eth

12500 is the top

8k after

> 2018
> early adopter
HAHAHAHA oh god you're delusional

>Block chain technology is useless


Fresh from cindicator:

For the last 10 days, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is down from $800B to around $500B. Will the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies manage to recover and climb above $800B by February 20, 2018? (results will be according to coinmarketcap.com)
Indicator: 83.11%

For bitcoin, duh. For altcoins integrating with the real world, yes. Seeing as they haven't even existed for a year and normies don't even know how to buy altcoins I'd say it's pretty early.

DYOR nigger

ETH at 1100 when it was 600 less than a month ago and you think it's a market crash because it's not at the ATH


it's true. we were just a little overbought for awhile. but now we have returned to the mean.

The dip in the past few days was the bear trap you absolute brainlet cuck

Shut the fuck up. Less than 1 percent of the worlds population uses crypto. We're still early, maybe not the earliest, but early nonetheless.

>this time for sure

This is what I see in my crystal ball...

Green ID and dubs, it's happening.

If my ID is pink, your prediction is reversed

Agreed. Most likely scenario



And yet, I only have 500€ in my portfolio. What a poor sage I am.

Double dubs, my user.

>BTC address in name
lmao not a bad idea. You get any donations?

Obviously a bull trap. Going up a bit more and then a full on crash. The meme graph is still relevant.

just like the december crash, right?

Nah we already returned to the mean you faggot. Crash is over. The dip was an over-correction as well as a bear trap.

Zero. I mostly use it as an ID, or a spaceholder (ChanCoin is not adopted yet).


What December crash? That was just a small singular dip that went up right afterwards. It's the constant up and down in the last two weeks and the following 'crash' that makes this market unstable as fuck and that might lead to a crash in the upcoming week.

This is pretty legit actually

One of the the best things that happened to me this year was asking a stock analyst/broker kid how much he made in 2017. He said he did about 15% I told him I turned 2500% and his face was priceless. Have fun trading stocks for 30 years and sucking jew dicks, broker cucks