How the fuck can you ever go back to wage cucking after making thousands of dollars in 1 hour with crypto?

How the fuck can you ever go back to wage cucking after making thousands of dollars in 1 hour with crypto?

I mean, salarycucking I can understand if you're highly paid doing something interesting that you love, but wagecucking at a horrible McJob for $10/hour if that?

How can anyone go back that?

I work salary and it's engaging, even if the company does suck. I used to work wage slavery as a waiter.

A lot of men out there want something tangible to do, even if it's serving someone else at a shit job. I love crypto but I would go insane without some kind of tangible work to do.

Because apart from my crypto holdings, my job nets me 2000$ a day and I work for my self. I will quit my job when I hit 750k in crypto

t. HVAC and plumbing business

That's not wagecucking though, that's equitycucking.

how many years did u work before doing ur own thing?

It's easier after losing thousands of dollars in 1 hour with crypto.

why not have a good job and also play crypto?

job offers me security, lots of it

Because making thousands of rupees an hour doesn’t preclude me from losing thousands of rupees an hour. Why quit my job at the call center when I can do both? Some day I will have so many rupees I can quit and retire in luxury with my wife panjia, but that day is not today.

it's not even worth working for 7-10 USd an hour. I don't know how any of you do it. If i had the option of working for that much i would just live at home off my parents and play video games all day. Not even worth my time. especially in high stress jobs like fast food and retail fuck that

he means a shit job

I deliver fucking pizzas and made more in a month than i do in a year... I've got one foot out this bitch, if i can catch one more moon mission im done

Security? Grow some balls user and quit your secure job.

Op says “ignoring salery earners” — how can you ever go back to earning a measly wage after crypto?

everyone earning big saleries respond.

>'tarded. this place is.

>finance analyst here
Work is easy
Pay is decent
I still hate it and I’m getting out ASAP

Work 65 hours a week because you need to finish projects and if you don't you get fired and only get paid your same salary as if you worked 40
>No thanks
>I'd rather make my $29.75 an hour as a nurse and never once will I ever work without being paid because it's literally a liability for me to practice nursing without being on the clock.

Cause Im really poor and cant even invest 100$ in crypto to start doing anything


yes Mr?

free airdrops on bitcointalk. you're welcome.

Yah I learned my lesson with this dip - took my portfolio from £60k to under £20k (now back over £30k and climbing).

Soon as I'm back in £60k range I'm cashing out £10k or so to live on for a year so I don't have to wagecuck at all and just concentrate on crypto.

airdrops? please explain yourself sir

>trade crypto
>sell cars
Every month is a financial adventure. Good thing I have some savings and no debt or else all my hair would have fallen out from stress.

I invested a lot of money into a certain coin and now i'm making $50 a day from just wallet staking. And the coin is still fairly new and has a tiny market cap so it beats any sort of shitty part time work.

Yeap, thanks. I register on every airdrop ever but they do take a loong time and I really want to do things even on minimum amount fasert. Then again, like I have a choise

>to live on a year or so

Americans don't understand.

>for the year

>these are the people who are LARPing as rich bitcoin moguls

More than enough, esp if you dont do drugs

All my bills incl car amount to £750, if man got a bike then its nae bother

I'm from NZ and I live on less than 10k per year, NZD that is.

You peopled are cucked by materialism or just enjoy giving away money.

maybe he lives in a crack den

I’m a salarycuck and it fucking sucks. Working in an office is literally hell. I pray to god crypto can free me from this misery. I’m nowhere close to making it yet though. Also I need dem benefits so I’ll have to be very rich to afford to quit.