ARK booth at Miami BTC Conference

Look at these stuttering pot heads. Is this what I invested my life savings into?

Anybody biz tards at the conference?

oy vey

I have great feelings for ark, its going places...

Deluded arkies

so many uggos and balding 20 somethings here


>literally all blazed to fuck

jesus arkies get it together

shit i thought this was just a meme. it's real.

>not investing in potheads

Its like you dont want to get rich

Deluded non-arkies.

>660 Million dollar market cap
>50 dollars booth

Not a bubble guys!




THE Tickets were overpriced and you literally wont learn shit just a bunch if computer illiterate cubans trying to learn. The same shit you will see here is biz on steroids a bunch if buzzwords and shills galore.


its like you dont even lie to get a press pass
clearly not unethical enough to be a native floridian

Post yfw you were right about the stuttering potheads

How do you lie for a press pass?


>this is the guy shilling you ARK

>anons actually put their money in the hands of people like this

they must like to be poor

the display sucks and didn't take the time to iron the tablecoth


The face of a deluded arkie


guy in the green shirt looks legit retarded

ARK has never been about flashy shit

why do asians try to grow beards?

His haircut wants to be a mullet when it grows up

oh boy.....oy vey....omana.

Stefan Negau - Cofounder

they think they look like this