Blockfolio Rate Thread

Rate my portfolio weebs

Good job, user

Diversifying with 500dollars

has vaporwave + shitcoins in portfolio

>you're doing great


>Poorfag portfolio
>Still diversifies
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

R8 plz.

Also OP I recommend you get a few blue chip coins

Pretty balanced but don't expect sicc gains until feb
Normie tier

Thanks bruv

Bought after a lot of research i like them a lot

Bought based on ghost recommendations. Haven't been disappointed as yet

Veeky Forums meme posting made me do it

>Blockfolio rate thread
>Delta screenshot

r8 and h8 fagitz :^)

r8 me m8s, thinking about getting out of BAT since i dont have much of it anyway

Waiting for XRP to go to $2 then gonna trade some for more IOTA and LINK.

Nice portfolio for Somalian faggot

this is a perfect reason to keep it. never sell 100% of a bag. delete it from your delta instead so it doesn't bug you and wait for that sweet x10.

thoughts on my folio? about to purchase some IoT once i can transfer btc onto okex.

You some kind of normie? I do appreciate slow and steady gainers, but don't you want at least a couple of possible moons?

Love to cuck myself.

New Blockfolio with 2k starting.
Went all in on VIBE with it, figured normies and nigs would be all over this shit.

Am I gonna make it?

How safe are you playing it? Ripple is a good long-term investment, but you won't get huge gains. I would suggest diversifying more into mid and low cap coins.

> 18th of January
> owning a single coin in the red

Stay poor

That's perfect. I want that normie money.

I would seriously consider getting rid of Doge. That shitcoin is going to tank whenever BTC decides to pump.

I need to pick up some REQ and ICX but I don't want to over diversify. Fuuuuu.

Yeah, I’m definitely over invested in XRP. I plan on changing that soon once the price recovers a bit. $2 is the sweet spot for now. I shouldve cashed out at $3, but hindsight is 20/20.



250€ invested, I'm an ultimate poorfag so even this money is pretty nice.


For $500, you're pretty diversified. Maybe narrow it down to 3 or 4 coins you think have high potential.
I think you've got a good folio depending on how much you have invested. If you have over $2k, this is nearly perfect. If you've got under that, maybe diversify your higher market cap coins into low cap.
For $600, this is too diverse and in too many high market cap coins. If you are willing to take a risk, investing in mid/low cap coins would help you out.
Great folio. Can't really go wrong with any of these coins at this point.
You'll make it, just hodl.
Good folio. You could definitely take some risks into lower/mid cap coins with the current bull market. If you're going for long term, just hold.
This is a good folio for the money you have in it right now. Good luck with gains.

Anyone want to take a look at my folio?


gonna make it user

thanks user, looked through their github and had to buy it.

>You'll make it, just hodl.
my plan

when did you buy RLC dude ?

price was around 1.60$ back then

Bought some ammount 4 days ago at 3.05...
Bought the deep at 1.50 to increase.

600€ invested

I don't know much about Verify so I can't comment on that, but the rest of your portfolio looks pretty good. My portfolio is currently sitting at like 5.4k. I want to diversify more but I think XLM is going to get huge in Feb and LINK may explode soon.

Wat do Veeky Forums? I also have $2000 fiat in quadalgix I planned to buy yesterday but missed the dip.

do me

Git gud faggot

Want to diverse more. Possibly jump on the link bandwagon, maybe VeChain too. Lol.