Day trade cryptocurrency and make tens of thousands a month

>Day trade cryptocurrency and make tens of thousands a month
>Lift heavy and get shredded, but hide your physique by wearing sweats and hoodies everywhere you go.

This, is the life of a CHADneet. If you'd like to join my journey for aesthetics and money gains, join this discord: j32Hzpw

We discuss everything from important news to trade signals letting you know exactly what price to buy and sell different coins at to literally make automatic profit.

Bumping with examples of successful recent signals:

1/8/18: VOX/BTC on Bittrex. Buy: .000035, Sell: .000045-.00005. Short term move (1-7 days). Reached target of .00005 in 6 days.

buy during dips, sell during peaks

>trade signals letting you know exactly what price to buy and sell different coins

>trade signals letting you know exactly what price to buy our dumps coins

Yeah if you want to make 10% lifetime gains that's the way to go. If you want to daytrade and get bad bitches and lambos, you need to take it to the next level.

Okay, dispute this signal. Tell me this is a dump:

1/6/18: ETC/BTC. Buy: .0021 or lower. Sell: .003. Medium term hold (10-30 days). Successfully reached target of .003 in 7 days.

Explain to me in your infinite wisdom how a 7 day hodl is a pump n dump. I'm waiting soyboy.

Are you me? hahah wtf.

Am I you? Yes. We are all one bruddah.


I absolutely love how the elite NEET vs. Wagecuck memes are actually becoming reality. Wealthy, Veeky Forums, well-read NEETs while the losers just slave away at their shitty jobs forever. It's the most glorious timeline.

Yes bruddah, dis is de waaeeee!!!

Nobody is impressed that you repost signals

No ego here, not trying to impress anyone, just trying to help others make gains (the purpose of this board).

Source on this? Looks like this chick I know.



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got your back bruddah

High test

only the highest of test for rich Veeky Forums lads


>1/6/18: ETC/BTC. Buy: .0021 or lower. Sell: .003. Medium term hold (10-30 days). Successfully reached target of .003 in 7 days.

Being proud of 30% gains when everyone is making hundreds of % since last 4 months. Kek

Sick painting where do I get one?

Sauce motherfucker sauce

>ITT Retards joining a pnd and getting dumped on by organizers

LOL fucking newfags

just let them be, its the way of nature

That's 1 of dozens of signals posted daily soyboy, I'm up over 6000% in the past 30 days.

lifting heavy is a meme. id like my joints to work in 10 years

This I almost want to start joining these discord’s to tell them they are all getting scammed by shitskins

my dude, if you don't know remy lacroix what are you doing on the internet?

mia next 2 weeks


>giving this much attention/importance degenerate to sloots
>thinks hes smart because he daytrades crypto


aww what a cute vegan. if you knew anything about lifting, you'd know that lifting heavy actually strengthens your joints and can heal past injuries, you just need to have excellent form and not be an egolifter.

for example, going ass to grass on squats is excellent therapy for knee pain and issues.

you're clearly just an extremely low test soy eater who's afraid of being a man. head over to /r9k/ to find your true community where you belong and your bruddahs

no attention or importance, just something to fap to. nothing more than an object to be pump n dumped just like all the coins you hold that are losing you money salty pajeet :D

You faggots who brag about lifting are pathetic, you think you're special cause you lift weights pure egotism

"object to be pump n dumped"
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we both know ur a loser deep down, why fake it here not like I know you irl lol fucking faggot

not bragging, this is an egoless game soyboy. we lift to attain inner peace, not to impress girls. that's why we walk around in public only wearing loose fitting baggy clothes, nobody needs to know our gains other than us.

i think you navigated to the wrong board by the way, people who are afraid of taking risks in life, challenging themselves, and performing physical activity/exercise go to /r9k/ or /b/. Please leave this board at once and join your cucked soyboys, thank you.

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soyboy, is that you? i thought we shoo shooed you off to your bruddahs on /r9k/ by now? people who have low testosterone levels and high estrogen from all the soy they eat (you) shouldn't try interacting with grown men. you're just gonna embarrass yourself and lose money in this game. shoo shoo now, run along cucky!

You are autistic.

and insecure too*

Aight I’m back. I agree with OP, gym n shit

OP you on a cycle? I’m 21 been on 3 cycles, 112kg 12% bf. Yes yes I know I’m fucking myself up but fuck it yo

Also day trade while I’m in the gym, yeah I’m pretty fucken cool

source on her?

>I’m fucking myself up but fuck it yo
t. can't get hard without pills anymore

is everyone on this board literally braindead lol

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>pajeets up their PnD game and learn to post pictures of hot chicks because sex sells


t. non alpha fuckhead who thinks he’s made it with a 50k profile

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