Every coin mooning cause BTC finished dipping

>every coin mooning cause BTC finished dipping
>every coin follows btc when it moons and crashes

if the coins were actually worth their value why do they do this?

There is only one explaination BTC is the king

>Every coin mooning because eth stopped dipping
>every coin follows ltc when it moons and crashes

how's it feel to be so retarded you have locked your perspective to BTC and not the market as a whole?

the market moves when bitcoin moves, you calling me retarded for stating facts?

Index-style buying.

Bitcoin moves when the market moves, you calling me retarded for stating facts?

When xrp went meteroic and sucked funds away from all other coins, was that because of BTC?

Holy shit, get a grip.

except when i look at the charts, its always bitcoin thats in the lead. Bitcoin first to crash then market follows, i mean thats exactly what i see in the charts when i look at the timeline. I'm not crazy i know what i see.

>in the lead


thanks. really constructive, really persuaded me

Get out reddit REEEEEEEEEEE

You need bitcoin to buy other coins 95% of the time. That is why every other coin crashes/pumps when bitcoin does.

Psst, FairX will get rid of this problem

dont even have a reddit account

lots of exchanges showed bitcoin starting to drop at around 1-2 oclock on the 16th.

then followed by every other crypto at 8-9 oclock.

am i wrong? i dont think i am.

thanks, how would fairX work? i use localbitcoins for 70% of my transactions cause its faster than doing bank transfers. Will fairx create a cash exchange i can bring money to?

FairX will let you buy any crypto with fiat with XLM as a bridge.
E.g: fiat -> (xlm) -> ripple. with transfer time between 2-5 seconds.

no one actually believes coins are "actually worth their value", if you think that's true or even should be true you're missing the point of crypto

yeah i don't think faggots realize how FairX will change the game if they somehow manage not to fuck it up.

because barely any place allows you to trade in and out of crypto with anything but BTC, ETH and maybe LTC if you're lucky

the only problem i have with xlm is its centralized

>If a currency is worth its value why does its value change?

it's a scam

What? It's as decentralized as it can be lol, have you even read about xlm?

xlm is a fork of ripple, i believe theres still elements where they are able to freeze funds if they wished.

>I noticed the BTC purchasing power of the the US dollar falls every time BTC moons

>expecting CNBC shills and Russian trolls to be interested in the truth

It is a fork, but the source is completely rewritten.
You obviously don't know anything about XLM.

This is the best investment you can place this year.

Just hold onto your dollars, don't panic sell, i guarantee in a month tops the market will rebound, next moon mission is US dollar.