3 weeks since the community vote was a sure thing

>3 weeks since the community vote was a sure thing
>binance still won't list this piece of shit
Literally every shitcoin that won the community vote gets listed within a week.

Such a broken piece of shit binance refuses to list it.

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you're an idiot.

this is the bitcoin killer


They might fix the nodes and rebrand first.
Some random dude made sick fanmade designs: behance.net/gallery/60375163/Rai-Branding-a-cryptocurrency

Hope they consider it desu.

Bitcoin is killing itself. This piece of shit is killing itself.
No wonder you raishills csll it the next bitcoin lmao.

I wonder if they're willingly waiting for the rebranding
Still holding bags since $4 and still bullish on this

there are 1000 other coins to hate on, what do u have against xrb? oh right. You want to buy itits already fixed. colin is in mexico chilling

Hope they do go with this cause it looks wven shittier than the current design

Binance has normally taken about 2 weeks to add a coin that has won the Community Coin vote. RaiBlocks won the vote 9 days ago:

RaiBlocks is actually not a Bitcoin clone or an ERC20 token so it is normal if it takes a bit longer than 2 weeks even.

i just hope the rebrand gets done right

Such obvious FUD lmao. Butthurt. Who spends time hating about one coin out of the thousands. Is raiblocks really the worst one on the market? Or perhaps you want to buy it... hmmmm....

It’s most likely going to take longer. Exchanges aren’t used to the technology so it takes longer to get the nodes and wallets set up.

In reality just about the only thing holding XRB back is the exchanges. The actual coin works perfectly and just as advertised

>TPS OVER 7000!!1!1!!

As a rai holder I have to say that the community is by far the most delusional community I've ever seen. And I used to be the same, I feel sorry for you I really do...

No incentives to run nodes, no use case, delusional fucking community

Makes the linkfags look like true investors

look at all the iota shitware bagholders clinging to dear life

You know what they COULD list very EASILY


Same speed, plain old true and tested blockchain

What fucking technology? This shit is the simplest coin there is...

Except you'll be in the next thread and every XRB thread after that because you are a fucking retard who is literally incapable of selling and leaving a coin behind you and forgetting about it. You must suffer from some kind of brain injury because you have this bizarre compulsion of giving gay attention seeking lectures in every thread about how everyone should respect you because of how much of a weak handed little poof you are. You should honestly walk into traffic because no one fucking gives a shit about any of your opinions. See you at $40 faggot.

You’re an idiot

do banks have any incentive to bank? do stores have any incentives to sell items? that's the fucking incentive to users, merchants, and exchanges. XRB is the FIRST thing that can be called a cryptoCURRENCY and the incentive to run nodes is because you're fucking exchanging something of value. Try harder, and btw everytime you open the wallet you're running the node.

Banks make money from interest you fuck
Stores make money selling you overpriced garbage you open
BTC miners make money from the block rewards and tx fees...
Your losing money cause you bought at ath you normfag

>No incentives to run nodes

Wut? There is FUD to be made, but not the "no node incentive" thing again. That has been debunked many times already.
Just one article for example:

>no use case

Same use case as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero (RaiBlocks devs are talking about privacy to come in the future), Dash, ...
Only XRB can do these things much better with even the possibility of micro-payments, which is almost impossible to do well with normal blockchains.

Not really...there’s only like 2 active DAG coins?

But the issue is mostly because of the small POW that’s required for a send transaction. This is used to prevent spamming the network but because of such high demand for XRB it’s overloading the computational power of the exchanges. I think the solution for Bitgrail was to offload the POW to the end users computer but also they’re trying to invest in GPUs as well.

Rai doesn’t operate like anything else the exchanges are used to. It’s not “simple”

>valued at 20
>13 at mercatox

nani the fuck. who wants a discount?

seriously please explain this


Raiblocks is overhyped norman shit

You can't withdraw from mercatox don't even try to arbitrage with them. Shit tier exchange.

>no incentive to run nodes
What is a retailer that accepts XRB as a form of payment?
>no use cases
Nigga you dumb. No use for a fast payment method with no tx fees


You have our answers right here. Interesting discussion nevertheless. This shows just how many security flaws are already debunked theoretically. Lets see them being debunked in practice in the following year.

thats literally just corecuck propaganda

I love how raiblocks fud doesn't phase me at all at any level
Comfiest hold out there

holy fuck ALL you have to do is to go to the next pages of the thread for explanations / solutions / why he is talking out of his ass

Mercatox charges 1 rai to withdraw. Also you can't even withdraw because this shit is broken. Also Mercatox is refusing to talk to the developers about fixing the problem and is straight up hiding from calls.

I took a loss, changed my rai over to eth and got the fuck out. Even if this shit moons, it's always going to be lower on Merca because no one who knows anything wants to get locked into dealing with them.

Although I bought XRB at 2 bucks, I really wish I sold at the ATH instead of listening to the hype.
This crypto is holding back my portfolio when I could have added to my ven stack.

so sell and stop crying you fucking homo, people like you dont deserve the fortunes ahead.

As a wagecuck making minimum wage at a pizza place, should I invest my money in Ethereum or Raiblock?

If you bought XRB at 2 dollars, and it's such a substantial amount of your portfolio that it's holding you back, then you're a poor fag. Either sell at the 10x. Make sure you give me sweet and sour sauce with my fucking nuggies next time.

Both will 5x this year

wow thats bad. current is times better.

There is only 1 working DAG coin


I git got rai at 4k sats, sold at 220k just after hearing bitgrail cancelled withdrawals.

Never going back, deluded communitu, throwin around this shit about nodes being fixed.

They arent fixed. No new nodes can sync. I dont give a shit what exhanges do and how theh run their nodes.

RaiBlocks network is broken. Just like IOTA

Buying it now is a gamble that either:

1) The team can fix things and it becomes viable as an actual currency in the future.


2) Enough people will fall for the hype that the price will skyrocket even as the network fails

wrong, wrong, wrong

this is an update from just one of the devs reddit.com/r/RaiBlocks/comments/7ram0w/developer_update_1_180118/

They are working like madmen to get the network ready for prime time, as in all systems are a go strap the fuck in RAIbros we are all going to make it.

No one gives a shit about bytemyballs faggot, have fun with those bags.

and you're being left behind because u didnt buy you stupid piece of shit. Keep holding your shitcoin bags. XRB is better than anything you hold, you mad fag?

>Although I bought XRB at 2 bucks, I really wish I sold at the ATH instead of listening to the hype.

> Selling what will amount to the most important coin in crypto for the next 5 years.


>Do banks have incentive to bank

user I know the length of the bus you took to school.

Jokes on you. I did and I bought back in because of you Pajeets.


It's only 2 weeks since the voting. Calm your tits. It's the only coin in my portfolio that didn't dip that much during the yesterday's shitstorm.

lol what is that 350xrb? You think that's impressive? Those are baby cums ahahahah

We'll reach ATH monday, faggot
Get in or stay poor

go and kill yourself, the same incentive banks have to bank (make money) is the same incentive merchants and exchanges have to run XRB nodes (make money) - did it fly over your head idiot?

>Better go all in on some no name exchange.
>Nothing could possibly go wrong

>it's so good the nodes desync and the network splits, making exchanges unable to deposit or withdraw xrb

Normies don't even know about this yet

>still calling it shitty 'RaiBlocks'