I actually want to buy bat, ufr, and maybe even fun

i actually want to buy bat, ufr, and maybe even fun

but i can't bring myself to do it. everything the shills touch starts to smell like shit. i can't be the only one. do we buy or not?

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While u are at it by bitconnect too

get in on TRX chink version of BAT and not being shilled, in fact it's been FUD like crazy. But another moon is due soon. Don't think FUDing will stop intill TRX hits .50+

unironically this

it will soon be listed on KuCoin and a game is being launched on the 22nd

alot of BIG news for TRX

get on in user it's comfy here

Listening to Veeky Forums works to a point...
Don't buy TRX.

BAT is the only coin there that will survive when the bubble pops. It's the only sound investment out of your choices. Invest wisely, and always invest in autistic creators/lead developers.

right? my general rule is to search the catalogue and never buy anything that has been shilled here

.....but FUN is solving such a real problem and I like the vegas Pepe's....

If you think fun is solving more of a problem than BAT, you are delusional.

Both BAT and UFR are still undervalued as hell.

Shilling is just free marketing, and hype is all that matters.

>trx is nonshilled chink BAT
Are you actually new?

I got a good bag on the dip its better take off market harder!

yeah but its greasy gross hype that brings a scammy vibe to legit products and makes people feel like a pump has been going on for a while that they're now too late to get in on before dump time and a return to the levels natural growth would provide

gross dirty feet

BAT and FUN will take us to the top

I unironically buy TRX to safeguard my profits. It always bounces back to 700sats so I never worry about losing anything.

Join the unoffical BAT discord we gonna make thid the small youtubes coin
discord gg/6yUQ82

They're both solving big problems lol, relax

ok its confirmed
i will not buy bat

get ready for a dump the moment the shills move to the next coin, whenever that will randomly be. buying discord shilled coins is buying into a pump and dump

pull out while you're ahead before the inevitable dump

You should actually dyor on BAT. The team is amazing and BAT and Brave have the potential to completely disrupt digital advertising. Just because people are shilling doesn't mean it's going to be a pnd scam.

I'd just buy some and hodl before Feb 4th.

oh they are shilling, but it doesn't take away its potential

Yea, I'd love nothing more than to see Brave become the #1 used browser in the world. Destroying ads by replacing them with a universal donation system to allow people that wish to make a living that way do so without the need to bow down to (((google))) censorship.
That being said, the mass shilling of anything in crypto is a huge turn off.

You think too short term, even if it dips, if the coin is solid, it will rise again.
Just avoid scamcoins and you have literally nothing to fear in this market

>That being said, the mass shilling of anything in crypto is a huge turn off.

Tell that to ripple and tron...

A VEN hodlr. I see you have excellent taste.

buy into singularitynet, binance listing.

same portfolio except no UFR here