9m hardcap on ICO reached within a few days

>9m hardcap on ICO reached within a few days
>nearest competitors are 200-300m marketcap
>professional website and roadmap, alpha released and code available
>active devs, lead dev has actual experience in the the targeted market (supply chain) from work with amazon, not some marketing twat
>2 partnerships, rumours re: UPS, will become clear in the coming days

Token release post ICO will be tomorrow and will go live on some proper exchanges (to be announced tomorrow), it will also be found on ED the contract address.

I've been in several ICOs and a few worthwhile coins early (XRB, PRL, ELIX). But of all those projects this excites me the most - real tangible product with a fast route to usability and assured adoption by the industry it's targeting. Shipchain is similar in many way but it's much farther off being ready for release.

DYOR but I'm optimistic, x10 is a minimum guarantee on ICO at conservative estimates, but this should be reach 2-300m cap in a few weeks so it will certainly do those, who got it early, very well.

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The fact it didn't sell out in one day means this ICO was trash. Even shitty ico like key and axpire sold out in one day, how low does that put this one?

But it sold out in one day, it was supposed to end in the 15 but ended like 4 days earlier

They have done absolutely no marketing, it's gained popularity since ICO with people FOMOing, check the growth of the telegram group and discord. Read the whitepaper, look at the page and look up Sam Bacha's AMA on youtube. This is going to be huge.

not to mention the team is anonymous, looks like a scam

it's not like this is going to get listed on a legit exchange immediately, you can still buy cheap on ED.

>Main developer shows his face on hours long interview
>team is anonymous, must be scam

The fuck you chatting lad

no thy're not dipshit

its like they are traing to scam people who couldnt get on the superior shipchain

Got Devery instead

how they compare?

Shipcain token release in March, it'll do very well I'm sure, in that too, but ARY will have progressed far ahead by then.

Just remember this post in two months time.

i invested in both. iirc they target different industries. blockarray's more specific, devery has a broader scope. that's what i recall without referring to the chart posted

a-anyone have the erc20 contract address

I like ARY a lot because they don't have batshit insane objectives: they target burger trucking first and then will expand on it later.
Reminds me of iExec they provide offchain ressources for Dapps, deliver it and after that will move to more traditional cloud, they don't blatantly lie like SONM which promises everything but will do nothing.

I invested 85 ethereum into this. Expecting big returns.

can someone post ed link?

We have IDs on this board.

Do you see this, everyone?

The pajeets fear ARY.

Their github is literally a bunch of buzzwords in a readme and some pictures. What the fuck is beta about that, they haven't done shit. Ima pass for now thanks.


this is where it'll go when tokens are released.

delete delete delete wait until I get some unironically

Sick fud bro lmao

Where my ary bros at, 5400 ary checking in, cant wait for tomorrow boys

Double check your contract address. Don't be a Keycoin holder.