Anybody else went all in on LINK and just stopped giving a fuck entirely?

Anybody else went all in on LINK and just stopped giving a fuck entirely?
There's all those coins being shilled on biz like BAT, VEN, ICX. The list goes on. And I don't give a fuck about them. I don't even know what they do. There is no way they're better than LINK.
It feels amazing to know there's nothing but great riches in your future.

Amen OP. I'm sure there's money to be made with other coins, but LINK is where my heart (and all my money) is. LINK is going to be the daddy of them all.

Link shadowfork incoming. Sell all LINK now. You’ve been warned.

I'm pretty much in this same boat. I have like 5 ETH that I use for misc trading, but I'm basically 80/15 LINK/ETH, feeling very comfy.

$2 when?

BAT and LINK power combo faggot.

This meme was never funny. Please let it die.

I'm all in, literally. Poor, so that's only a stack of 1,800. At this point, I'm willing to stay in no matter what just so I can enjoy the emotional thrill of an AssBlaster appearance, or the Big Mac memes.

Also, the project is the best out there. Business to business is where the first Blockchain riches will appear. I think we'll only get to about $15 a coin though, just because there isn't anywhere near enough money in the whole market (and won't be for he foreseeable future) to achieve any higher. Still, I got on at .25, so that suits me. Comfy.

Yup that's how I feel. Been here for 2 years. Never felt a sense of peace holding anything other than LINK.
I rarely check my portfolio now and I'm never worried. I seriously love it. It improved so many areas in my life as I was always glued to my phone/laptop before.

Exactly same feelings here even tough i have only 15k linkies

Can you please explain it? Not seen it before today, LINK is my biggest hold

Same. Stopped daytrading and started writing stupid FUD about Link on this board for fun.

Someone made it up when the ChainLink team moved the repository to a new path (most likely in preparation for the new Go fork).

Brainlets turned this into "omg they're shadowforking and your coins will be worth zero", which is a complete nonsequitor.

tl;dr -- ChainLink was written in Ruby as a proof of concept. They're rewriting it in Go. They moved the original code to a new folder with "ruby" in the name. That's literally all that has ever happened.

holy shit, you new people are fucking deluded.
it's a chink scam coin run out of a nail salon in the gay part of san francisco, user's went down there after losing 90 grand and they got attacked by a pack of meth head with needles.
they posted pics here of the whole thing last week. junkies were shitting in the side street.
it's legitimately the only coin on biz that is run by a pack of gay meth heads and street shitters.
you people are fucking deluded.

it's legitimately the only coin on biz that is run by...street shitters

Literally every coin shilled on Veeky Forums is run by Pajeets

Do you still have the text about Link being used to pay a hooker?

I got some XLM hoping to get more linkies later but yeah, my linkies are the the only ones I've become emotionally attached to.

OK this is pretty funny

It's not for me, but I can appreciate it.

Are you talking about this one? I'm the original author, if so

You linkies digust me. You're so deluded you don't realize that link is nothing more than a simple Jason Parser that could be written in javascript in a few minutes. it doesn't even need a token. Speaking of tokens, link being more than $1 defeats the entire fucking purpose of the coin. How can you be this oblivious?

What real world use does link even have? Have you ever thought beyond the memes and the charts and really considered it? Nobody uses smart contracts because nobody wants to get involved in white supremacist internet funny money. Banks aren't going to adopt it because they make money off of things taking forever, and normies don't know any better.

And that's not even talking about the 'team', which is literally two people. They haven't even hired anyone. Did you miss all of the reports of Sergey fucking prostitutes and eating cheeseburgers after the ICO was finished? Hope you got your $32MM worth, retards.

This is also all completely ignoring the fact that link is just an ERC20 token. What other token has made it past, say, $2? Can you name a single one? Exactly, no, you cant.

Even Vitalik says it's not worth $32MM. Are you going to disagree with the autistic genius money skelly? Of course he understands the value of oracles, that's why he's going to include it in the next ETH update (cap this). Why the fuck would he leave something like this to a no-name shitcoin? Use your fucking brain manlets.

This is also all completely ignoring the fact that Ripple (XRP) will effectively put bank supercomputers in every major city, completely removing any use LINK ever may have had. If you believe in oracles, great, why not pick a project that has an actual fucking future?

OH LOOK, IT'S CRASHING AGAIN, SURPRISE. Fucking deluded stinky linkies. Market sell your shit now and thank me later.


>Not knowing what BAT does

Prepare to kill yourself in a years time OP.

It feels so comfy all of Veeky Forums got in at the ICO for 11c all most of us need to make it is $3. I'm comfy af rn. This is truly /ourcoin/

>He doesn't know about Mobius entering LINK's niche

this. Figure it out OP. LINK & BAT are both complete gamechangers. You're supposed to hold both in case one moons before the other

when i get more money from the rebound im going to go all in as well

> I think we'll only get to about $15 a coin though, just because there isn't anywhere near enough money in the whole market

You know not what you say

Pic related

Thats how I feel
Used to only care about BTC, agter some drama I got into ETH and shortly after that I went all in into LINK and never looked baCK

Best decision I've made since I got into crypto
Too bad im not better at swing trading or I could have a stack twice as big

80% link 20 swing trading other alts
not counting btc in storage idk i have to have a little btc or i feel weird

Mobius is only focused on consumer applications and ChainLink has such a huge first mover advantage over them in this niche that it's not even a contest.

I used to swing trade BAT before getting into LINK
I was so lucky to not be holding any when it went from 6k to 1k though... Never touching that again

Bat competition is fucking google, online advertisement is like a half a trillion market, LINK has way bigger use case and market so there's really no point in comparing them IMO

Their use cases are the same magnitude, just different. Do you realize how retarded youd sound if you said youd never touch LINK again because it went from 10k sats to 2k?

>brainlet thinks google are unbeatable.

Lets think about some of google's biggest flops shall we?

>google answers
>google buzz
>google video player
>google notebook
>google wave
>google lively
>google print ads
>google radio ads

idiot, google are fucking dying. Google got a lot more hype when it was the underdog and chrome was up against IE and Firefox. Now that Chrome has taken the throne and has done fuck all to better itself, people want positive change.
BAT has no competition.

chrome is second only to their search engine in terms of success. so good luck attacking them on that front. BATties are nuts.

its not going to be Brave/BAT going up against Google. It will be Facebook/BAT going up against Google. DYOR

30k parked in an offline MEW.
I don't even care how the market is because I know that Chainlink is going to be a new benchmark to moons.

>people in this thread actually think that banking insitutions will use a token held primarily by neo nazis on a weeaboo board

Shill me on Link.

I'm in BTC, ETH, and REQ.

I'm about to open up positions in CALM and IoTA but link friends won't stop making threads. Don't IoTA, REQ, and CALM cover everything that Link does, or is there something I missing here.

Also, conservative EOY 2019 Link predictions. I want a token with a working protocol/product and long term hold potential.

no. only pajeets ask to be shilled and for price predictions. Please go back to rebbit or telegram.

link is one of those things, you throw away money at and forget about for years, then come back for a pleasant surprise.. it's the only way it works.
it's the only way.

in a nut shell, LINK is the medium through which the old economy and the block-chain economy will exchange data

as always dyor

lol, ok

Don't need to. It's shilled here every day all day. You can do your own research. Just know you're most likely missing out on the next stepping stone in crypto.

kill yourself redditard

This is the final redpill of crypto. LINK is the one.

Mobius ICO.

mobius is only focused on consumer applications, which is a small niche of the larger sphere which link will be dominate in. and even still, link will have such a huge first mover advantage that it won't make a difference


you mean the pajeet team ruled by jews? good luck with that

Wish there was more update news on LINK. It's all /biz posts and whispers in the dark.

holyshit , pajeet+ middleest mullas. fuck I dont touch Mobius.

52,000 Link Lieutenant Colonel reporting in

Most of my coins were shilled to me by biz and they all have made me heaps (especially ELIX!) but LINK is my favourite, nolinkers are the most pathetic butthurt people on this site. Look at the guy in this thread.

I participated in the Jason Parker shadowforge fud meme, had a good laugh, but it’s total bullshit.

Mobius is also total bullshit. Like some archaic, Rothschild connected, major European/American Financial Institution is going to invite some smelly pajeets over to tweak their engine and potentially revolutionize banking. If you had to choose between a eloquent prodigy with a major in philosophy from the country of Dostojevski and Tolstoj or two curry smelling, public defecating, probably only third generation literate shitskins from the most filthy place on earth, who would you choose?

Do you see Cyrus and Monis bathing in the Ganges between floating excrements or riding on top of a Victorian train on their way to the callcenter to tell some poor boomer his Microsoft computer is infected? I do.

I have 10% of that

Nicely put.

Same fag different id here

No, it was a short lived meme on why why need chainlink. It was going the lines of
>imagine you wanna fuck a hoe
>she wants you to pay in advance, but you don't trust her
>so you set up a smartcontract.

Haven't read it in weeks


oh I was there during the refinement of this piece of art. good times

link fud creation gives you this sense of camaraderie that is really precious. you really feel special when you're a stinky linky

Technology brainlet here

I just looked up the oracle problem to get an idea of what solving it would entail, but I could use some help with interpreting this. Where does link come into play here?

>Where does link come into play here?
Link solves it.

LINK uses the trustless nature of blockchains to provide data. Someone wanting to execute an option based on the price of a stock would want assurance it is correct data.
So using secured identities on blockchains, a program or smart contract could query the price of MSFT. They could know the reputation of the data provider and have confidence they're getting it from that provider and not a spoof.
Depending on the risk involved of incorrect data, there's a number of mechanisms to increase security. You could make sure your data is coming from different hardware (intel vs amd), 5 different reputable data providers, and simply stop the transaction for manual inspection if one of the providers gives a different answer than the others.

There is also the option of giving monetary punishment to those who provide incorrect data. Data providers are awarded LINK in exchange for maintaining good data.

For a simple no risk query, usually a websites API is sufficient. but for a million dollar transaction no one wants to rely on a potentially hacked DNS entry or hacked website.

With LINK, you have assurance of identity, reputation and insurance for when the data is wrong.

Working on it user.
Current poorfag.
DCA of $50 pw on Eth, BAT, Link.




Final Warning.


>tfw link fudding has stopped having a measurable effect

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This. Was going to help you out before you mentioned that scum coin.

Get fucked OP BAT is legit.

BAT/LINK is a patrician choice. Trust the autism. 10k of each minimum

David is a jew.

I'm like 94% link which I don't even touch. Just holding until it reaches $5 and then I will incrementally cash out.

My other 6% I trade with to hussle and make money with to keep my hands busy.