Assblaster - tell us more please


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He said he would try to come back Friday night.

Chill and watch the price go up til then.

How bout you take some ritalin for your ADD you handicap.

Stop encouraging larpers, reddit

If you think the dude is a Larper you obviously haven't kept up to date. You autistic retard.

Link to latest thread?

What was the last thing assblaster said?


He said LINK has shadow forked and the current tokens being traded won't be used for anything in the future, but that current LINK holders will get air dropped 1 shadow fork token for every 100k they own of the normal tokens.

Why bother with Assblaster, he said nothing about Dickpink fork of shadowlink and chainpink.

Intel SGX is a central point of attack. LINK ISN’T DECENTRALIZED.

Critical exploits have already been found in Intel SGX:

What the FUCK do you think would happen if banks and fortune 500s employed LINK? Spoiler: hackers would undoubtedly exploit the LINK network, intercept and alter data, profit and/or destroy.

They haven’t “solved the oracle problem” they’ve probably just created new problems.

Veeky Forums holds and shills LINK to feel like elite hackers, but you guys are actually fucking retarded. Wasn’t their whitepaper plagiarized too?

Stay poor if you hodl this long term. It’s a piece of garbage with an ERC20 token associated with Ethereum which can’t scale to meet enterprise needs and maybe never will.

Linkies are *actually* retarded. Your bags are Pajeet-tier and going nowhere. No important project will ever use LINK because it’s WAY too easy to program *MORE SECURE* internal oracles / oracle nodes.

Oracles are not difficult to program like blockchains. You’ve all been sold techie buzz words and think you’re smart/hackers/etc.

Unfortunately, you gentlemen are shilled bag holding retards trying to swim in waters you don’t understand.

Sell now because LINK isn’t secure, nor will it be adopted by actually important projects.

thx just sold 100k

Jeez, just sold everything at a loss. Thanks user

>knows nothing about SGX exploits and their patches
>knows nothing about the way LINK guarantees data without SGX
>doesn't know that SGX is just compatible with the LINK network as an add on for clients through Town Crier
>"internal" oracles

this has got to be bait im laughing

everything is fud or shilling
there is no in between

>>doesn't know that SGX is just compatible with the LINK network as an add on for clients through Town Crier
>doesn't know chainlink is only attractive to banks because it would use SGX to hide transaction information thus protecting the transactors from attacks by nodes. (changing order, manipulating confirmations, etc)
>thinks its an optional feature of chainlink nodes and not MANDATORY

Wenis Coin!


fucking lol

No problem with that, as long as the new total supply is 1 million.

He's on a rendezvous mission with Jason Parsnip

Next time assblaster shows up can you stupid pajeets not embarrass Veeky Forums by asking him "price prediction?" "what do you think of shitcoin x, shitcoin y, shitcoin z, and my college major?" "how many do I need to make it?" 400 times?


>maybe never will

Protip: Chainlink will only use SGX if certain users want to use SGX.
It is not the core security feature of Chainlink, at all.
It's an independent feature.

Did you make this user?

Every day I commute via a train line that is highly frequented by the financial elite of my city. Suits, briefcases, and lots of high ranking executives. Two American travellers caught my ear today when I overheard them discussing about the oracle problem, and how a Russian villager had stopped by their building the other day claiming to solved it. I had to get off the train, but it did make me wonder.

>LINK not even in the top 100


Nice sold 100k

What did it make you wonder?