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Don't forget, we're still going down.

>1min candle and uptrend

Oh my, you have so much to learn.

this desu

We must go deeper


But everyone will ignore this thread since it's not about "muh mooning" but cold truth.

Bitcoin price is confusing at times, I've been wrong many times last year.. But this time it really seems like it might somewhat reverse, I'm not sure how stable this is, we might hit 9k again or we might go much, much deeper than that

bunch of faggoty bears who think trends from years ago will continue

This times different tho

There was no real and logic reason for reversal. Reversal don't go from absolute shitfuck to blossoming in 1 DAY.

Sure, buddy.

>1min candle

oh my, you have so much to learn.

Bears being autistic because they think we have to follow the classic bubble chart to a T. A stickied thread with the phone number for the national suicide hotline stickied on every crypto subreddit isn't enough desperation for you bears?

It's a fake shallow-ass rally staged by people who don't know what the fuck they are doing (but have too much money).

Actually, yesterday daily candle is pretty much a reversal, today's candle will confirm. Also, daily and weekly Stoch RSI are almost crossing.

911 confirms this. Floor is somewhere around 7,500 I'm guessing. Still fun to ride the speed bumps at the 3 minute interval. Trading view is usually about 5-10 seconds ahead of Binance.

Now tell me who's right?

A guy who posts perfect template of a crash ...

... or a guy who can't think of any better words than "autists" and "suicide"?

No need to be mad, my friend, I'm here to help.

Literally every TA-tard is saying we're going down further.

This makes me think we're probably not going down further.

Reminds me of the last 7 or so times I sat through this exact situation.

Maybe you're right, maybe you're not right at all

Pretty much applies to every price prediction you're every gonna read.


Another one.

nice reddit spacing, newfag

I literally don't give a single shit. But if you claim you can see the future you are the real retard here.
>d...deah cabb bounsse, eeeehe

Not everything is a dead cat bounce, idiot. If we were following the meme chart we wouldn't have broken the trend mid-fall after the supposed real dead cat bounce at 17k.

its bounced off the 100 day and kept going up many times in the past just like what its doing now. >muh 7k btc ta fags gtfo

Literally nobody said it's a dead cat bounce. Do YOU even know what it is?

Futures ended, nexr futures end in a week. Expect a week of pumping

holy fuck this super intellectual can zoom out

This guy bought ATH

Screenshot the thread.

I tethered up at 9800. Feels bad man. Are we
going to see ~9k today?

>buh... baubl

Down to $1k we go.

Gotta love these T.A. LARPers pretending to be bigtime wall street investors with their imaginary little patterns that they learned to recognise from some scammy guy on youtube

Absolute fear clusterfuck ONE day ago.

But biz forgets it. WOW.

This is gonna be amazing.

Once these bands tighten up, we're going to see some bloodshed. My guess is it all starts tomorrow mid-morning once the burger stock market opens.

>Absolute fear clusterfuck ONE day ago.
we are just posting the memes and BS stories for fun bro
nobody who's in crypto more than a month would sweat yesterday

Okay, hotshot. See this here? It doesn't match your meme chart in the slightest. Recovery is just as likely as further dipping. Anybody who's not a newfag and is worried about losing has taken enough profit to not worry about their stack doing normal crypto fluctuation.

100m tether printed, up we go

Everyone saying "We're going back down to 9k" did exactly what you did and is just coping.

It actually looks pretty fucking bad to m e. I guess we all project our own version on it.

He literally thinks it has to go in perfect line to call the graph correct.