We back. FUDders btfo

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rumors of fork announced next week on chat

Anyone can tell when the fork announcement will happen, just watch the GitHub electrum wallet build and keep checking for closed issues.

Electrum will be done tomorrow, testing starts day after and will release to public in about 3-4 days. Hype kicks in before fork even announced, fork is announced.

Safe to say within 2 weeks we’ll be at 4m sats at least

So what are you going to do with your ZCL when the fork is out? Will ZCL drop?

>convert some LTC to BTC so I can buy ZCL during the dip yesterday
>literally seconds later LTC and ZCL start rising fast

Ended up with only 2.7 ZCL, when I could have gotten above 3. Wanted at least 3 whole ZCL.
I am not very good at this.

post your address and ill round it out for you

Oh shit mate, if you're serious I'd be genuinely grateful!


I'm going to laugh so hard when the fork gets announced for early April, then gets delayed to late April and finally mid/late March.

Bought some earlier today. Comfy.

Do I need to have electrum wallet to get forked? I have an eleos wallet holding my zcl

sent mate, dont sell it cunt

but user, March comes before April......

It gets delayed so far back , it loops around and goes back in time.

Why hasn't there been any commits to the BTCP Github in the last 13 days?

Go fork yahself ya bastard

did user delivar?

Not seeing it just yet if he has, but fair enough, I'm not entitled to anything.


i dont lie like most people here

trips of truth

av got 12.5... round me up whale bro?

Them trips don't lie user.
You're an absolute fucking legend for that, seriously appreciate the generosity!

I have only 2.25 please sir

I would if i didnt have to break this nice round number :(

np mate, hope it helps you out

don't sweat it whale user, maybe one day i too can be a whale and be so generous.

Code for BTCP is done. Theyre testing wallets and forking simulations rn

round me up to 225 senpai?
got 214.35

I like giving back from time to time, dont worry man, you will make it, you're in early before a majority of people.

link or it never happened

>i really wish it happened btw


how much do you have?

Hey thanks for making someone's day better. Good to see some generous people every once in a while.

12.5 zcl

this guy


Thats nice of you user. Hope your random act of kindness comes back to you senpai.

All you other scrounging jews posting your addresses like street shitters should be ashamed.


i hope your right

i will give the only currency a whale really has want for, rare memes

suck my white anglo nutsack

oops forgot pic

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I need to buy my sister a new leg

i'm not taking a pic of my nutsack for you Sanjeev. i know thats what you want.

They will say soon

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imma give your sister my third leg nawmsaying

bringing the bants

hell yeah ill take it, just be cautious, im actually playing extremely cautious after the last two days, its easy to say i have $$$$ in crypto but in all reality its not in your bank account and can be gone in any second. Take profits and at least you get something from all this if it goes under

i've invested nearly £6K and when BTC was at 4k i bought a 1/4BTC and then lost it. wallet updated and i didn't right down my mnemonic phrase, that shit burnt me hard and i walked away for 3 months but i came back and i've barley recovered so taking profit hasn't been easy... .live and learn... was a fuckin noob in june 2017 but have been hardend by the wild west of cryptos

lessons learned my friend

You gotta have nuts to have a nutsack, Paneer.

indeed, hard lessons

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0.3 here

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