Any stratis bros here? I'm all in stratis and I have no doubt in my mind that I will make it

any stratis bros here? I'm all in stratis and I have no doubt in my mind that I will make it.

why stratis

Reporting in brother! i'm 33% strat!

about 20%

why do you hate money, user?

60% here.


I'm all-in. I fully expect to put down a deposit for a house as soon as I graduate thanks to this sly blue chip boi

Sitting on 200. Not sure will make it.

I started accumulating Stratis a few months ago. The thing is laughably undervalued right now. Blockchain in C# is going to blow the fucking doors right open on this whole market.

i was following strat price last year and about to get in until some user spilled the beans and posted the dev was a nigger. no thanks.

I have absolutely no issue with racism but I pity you man


if this is you concen i think you have problem the guy is not some street nigger

Basically non Chinese NEO but years ahead in development.

First ico got announced too, silicon valley automotive startup. 100% holding strat.

this. he's a black person, not a nigger. a rarity but they do exist. it's going to hit four figures, get over it and stop avoiding free money

Same here. Been all in since Nov. been a very comfy ride desu though I almost got stopped out on this most recent dump.

probably the best succinct description I've seen here

>missing gains due to racism

you're never gonna make it lad

lol what does "blockchain" even mean?

There are two types of investors in crypto, uninformed idiots chasing pumps (half of them make more than I do, not judging), and people who do a ton of boring analysis and hold undervalued gems. Stratis is the BEST example of that sort of coin, this is going to moon so hard in the coming month or so. TA/FA near perfect

but what is a blockchain? also what importance is the market cap and number of coins for each crypto?


I'm being serious pls :-(