Europeans waking up

>Europeans waking up
>Prices falling again

Tyrone, it's 5:30 pm here. What are you talking about "waking up".

yeah sure get stronger hands you fucking panic selling baguette eaters

>burger education

>Europeans waking up
It's fucking late afternoon/early evening in Europe you fucking dumb mutt

burger doesn't comprehend something as simple as time zones

i guess it was a dead cat bounce after all

Thank Europe for the rise in price today - dont fuck this up now!

Dumbass, Europeans have been awake for hours.

jesus fuck is Veeky Forums newfag central?

Wut?? I thought Earth is 11:30AM right now.

>implying OP was baitposting and not being a typical burgerposter

Hey guys, Burgers believe in flat earth theory...

Forgive him

nice VPN faggot

Europeans are the most soft handed faggots alive. Even worse than pajeets.

That's what a society that taxes your income at 50% to pay for refugees does to you.

Oh is that why we pumped the market while you were asleep and now it's dumping?

It's 6:40pm here you fucking americuck

Taxes are worse in burgerland desu

The jews of Chicago will dump again

I have no income tax in my state. ;)

Gib mor moni Burg.

But you still have to pay 'federal' income tax, no?

No, there is literally no income tax.

wtf I love burgerland now

*breaths in*

OP is so stupid he probably can't even point out his own country on the world map

this is now an american shaming thread


You're the stupid ones. Obviously OP is implying that it's not the Euros who are always tanking BTC like dozens of burger threads claim every day.
I made a similiar thread this morning but most people here seem to be too stupid to get semi-subtle messages like these.

t. normie

>t. brainlet