I guess it was a dead cat bounce after all

i guess it was a dead cat bounce after all

>Elliot waves at you
Nothing personnel kid


>dips more than 1%

He thinks this is just a dip

yeup, some funny youtuber retard normies saying grats on surviving a crash, AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

fucking normies guna serious suicide enmasse when the real dip continues, niggers chanting hodl will ditch crypto all together in months to come.

It's still down 35% over a 30 day period. If this were a normal stock being traded by educated investors it would have been relegated to the wastebin of history by now.

dude what the fuck are you talking about we are over 11k

are you on meth?

We ran up to 11.9k in like 1 hour of course theres going to be a correction you absolute brainlet

If it's a dead cat bounce I'm about to load up on so much more. Catch you in my lambo in 2019 idiots.

You're investing in blockchain technology, the technology hasn't failed, its just a volatile overinflated asset. The more it dips the more 'educated' people will buy in.

Most of the runup was caused by low volume trading. you're just chumming the water for sharks who can afford to let it go for >10k.

agree on this
the market cap is going down to 40-50bln and will stay there for few years

yeah same. Im praying for this shit actually. I'm going to be picking up some much

Of course its going to keep going down, but as long as its slow then alts will keep going up

you failing to mention it will rebounce from 8k to past 17

Hurr durr, slerpy slerrrp. 1 red candle "It's the EEEND!" (for the 19th time this week)

We're not stupid, we can read charts, we do undertake research.

Please Fuck off, and go to another board.


im not saying it's the end dickhead. I want to buy more

>we're not stupid


So we've called every red candle this week the end and bitcoin is down from the weeks start. But you're calling us stupid for it...
Yet you've called every green candle since the weeks start a recovery but we're still down from the start of the week... what does that make you?

Here we go 11392$ on bitfinex

Stamp is the proper comfy exchange to watch
It's a mexican standoff right now.

Luckily, it isn't a stock.