easy 10x
ICO just launched, whitelisting closed though
roll call, who's in

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Put 3 eth on this
Why do you say x10 tho?
Team is kinda weak

when does it hit exchanges?

pls respond to this user, 2nding

>kinda weak
It's literally 20 pajeets

you're forgetting the chink

OKAY FINE, easy 5x, with $10m starting market cap. team say it's hitting exchanges 1 week after ICO completes, so probably ~25th. no definite date announced yet.

Dorjee Sun user, Dorjee Sun. 10x.

Binance 25th.

explain please

Look at all these Veeky Forumstards who have no idea about Devery, yet they are talking shit.

Read this article first before commenting. Devery with $10M hardcap is 100% going to x10 or even x20.



Poobah in the loobah

so do i send them 1 or 3 eth?

Kraken is cucking me hard right now. Is this still the picops sale?

It wouldn't let me whitelist because I'm in US

I sent 6 ETH with two whitelisted addresses.

If you're still not sure, don't send big amount, user. But I'm telling you, Devery with only $10M hardcap is going at least x10 for sure.

Yes you needed to verify your ETH address with PICOPS in order to participate now. But it's too late for that. You can join the Waitlist and participate 12 hours later after this round closes.

Yeah, I used my address from the polkadot sale. I just need 3 Eth, but Kraken is a bitch right now.

aplied a month ago through the webform
never got an email?

wtf pajeets?

You had to make the KYC verification, they sent a few mails about that during these last two months
Too late now

Good luck, user!

fuck how do i get in user i just signed up on the site

Walton, Ven and Wabi all do what Devery is doing. Look at their prototype on their website- It's a fucking meme. I was initially going to invest but it's too risky to me now. Team is fairly shit too. Caveat emptor!

I put it in blockary which is easy 20x than this shit.

You can join the Waitlist and participate ~10 hours later after this round closes (if there are still tokens left).

Telegram group:

Only EVE isn't a chinkcoin

blockarray? not gonna trust this guy

Actually, Devery is a platform where WaBi, Walton and VeChain can work on.

Maybe you should read up about the project first before making your own false conclusion.

just joined thanks

even too late for waitlist?

It's not clear if we need PICOPS for the next sale, anyone user know if I should verify before the sale? Project looks p good, wanna throw some change at it.

literally guys like this end up being autistic geniuses.

you better be fast this will sell out once PICOPS is lifted in the next sale

I did it! Hate the fucked up number though.

>It's not clear if we need PICOPS for the next sale

"After the first 12 hours, there is no cap nor PICOPS requirement."

If you hate fucked up numbers you must be in Heaven with this shit:

Shoo stinky linky

Is she retarded?

Shit I'm a burger, can i use a VPN to buy in?

Yes, but you needed to complete PICOPS prior to 4pm UTC today. You can try the crowdsale at 4am UTC tomorrow morning though.