ITT: Pay respect to Americhads

>ITT: Pay respect to Americhads

You're welcome rest of the world for single handedly saving crypto from your pathetic weak soyboy like hands. For the past week you've been selling and scrambling in fear while we were sleeping, and everyday we bring it back up.

So my question is, when will you learn to stop fucking up and actually try to make gains.

>Protip: You won't

Nigger, what? It's already been proven that you guys drop the price harder when you're awake than anyone else.

True, as we can see right now.

From that image it looks like it's you who tries to bring the price low and europeans the ones that try to hold it

>Yuropoors and pajeets panic sell low
>Burgers buy low and save the market

America doesn't even want your thanks you pathetic faggots. We're just happy to have your money.

Butthurt eurotard detected

God bless America.


you nigger lovers basically crashed crypto with futures fucking kikes.

Fuck you burger, I did not sell a single coin for the past 2 weeks so you shut your fat face right now

Oh would you look at that? When europoors wake up it drops the most? And when burgers wake up it shoots up? Shut up weak handed faggot europoor and chinks

I don't really care about this but burgers are getting obnoxious with their irrational Euro hate. Might have to add update it if burgers let it fall to 9k again.

When do you burgers finally come to terms with reality?


>missed the 10000 threads blaming Americans for weak handed eurofags
Yes please separate crypto to continents.
Can’t wait to see bitcoin at 100.00 in europoor where eurofags try and short each other for 11 cents


As soon as europakis, chinks and pajeets stop selling at the first sign of 2% gains.

Clearly missed

I already posted and got the numerics to back up OPs claim. Epic get of the century


S-so uhh, what's the s-source on that? F-for research purp-p-p-poses, heh

burgers are the only ones who could possibly pump this past the resistance at $12k. If we don't break that before the chinamen wake up, we're fucked

These threads are embarrassing. Only a delusional moron would refer to himself as a Chad.

I thought the Europeans were supposed to be able to take and bring the bantz without acting like little butthurt faggots. Or is that just Australians?

This weak handed Eurofag meme is as much of a bant as the overused 56% meme. Not really my taste. Besides burgers actually believe it.

euro are mostly complete beta faggots

Spotted the non-Chad.

> hurr Asians are crashing the market
> hurr Burgers are crashing the market
> hurr Euros are crashing the market

Please make up your mind.

Dutchfag over here. I wouldn't call it irrational hate at this point. This has pretty much been happening for about 2 weeks. It has started to annoy me that whenever I wake up at 7 in the morning, like clockwork, the market has dipped. Like the good boy I am I always buy the dip, but I would prefer being able to sleep with a peace of mind instead of always having to tether up, as tether has been doing some shady shit lately.

tl:dr Eurofags have weak hands. end of story.

Thank you for taking the bait.

>Announcing it was bait
You are as soyboy as it can get.

>tfw te bang om alles in de nacht te verkopen om alles weer op te kopen

We’ve hated eurotrash for hundreds of years

Look at the chart I posted. Both dips to 9k where during burger time.
Fact is that the market has been in a shitty mood lately and trying to blame that on one continent is retarded.

Seriously. You enjoy the bait if you pull it off abd that's that.

Announcing it means you're a queerio desperate for attention.

i cant even tell if this is irony or not, but it perfectly sums up these threads

>making fun of freedom

Watch out, making fun of America could be a hate crime before you know it.

jfc lern 2 crop, retard