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I’m gunna need a quick rundown

West coast USA is waking up and commencing their daily dump. Fucking amerifats

*Rejects call to destroy crypto*

>he bought the ATH
>dump it

*teleports behind Bogdanoff*

omae wa.....................


there is no winning against him and his brother, thats all you need to know

>commence dump. Destroy crypto, no survivors

everybody says it's gonna dump so probably it's not true
I wish it happened though, love /biz during dips

>he bought in again, dump it

>he doesn't pick up, keep ringing
>he picked up, hang up


what meme is this


Didnt realise there was a french version of fort boyard

>In total, 31 foreign versions of the show have broadcast around the world since 1990.

I guess the bog version is the only one worth watching lol

It was created in france

who is this guy(?), I keep seeing him everywhere. Why does his face look weird

Do you need a quick rundown?

Holy shit they did Fort Boyard?



Mr bogdanoff please pump LTC back to 300 so I can sell




>implying they wouldn't just broadcast their voice directly into the Bogda™ brand commlink implanted into everyone's skull at birth

look away, it gets faster



>lock my btc at 10k this morning
>2 missed calls

I give up

Yes dear Sir Bofdanog, I buy rrrright now for 100k roupies dear sir.
It will be pumped in only 2 minutes dear sir Bofdanoff.

Dear sir Bonadgov Thank you for calling our SOS Pajeet Hotline dear sir.

>me after a moon mission

Fucking kek.

Holy shit, you are right.

holy shit youtube.com/watch?v=ikDmViLRW0k

Fuck off guys, they know. You better stop or you're going to wake up to a Bog over you.