In case you fuckers wanna become millionares the easy way

With an investment of 100k into some decent chemistry lab equipment, and reading info about how to make fentanyl on the dark web, you can end up with a kilogram of fentanyl is pretty easily and sell it for about 3 million dollars (wholesale). If you decide to make 10 more kilos, thats 30 million and you can close up shop and retire. Tbh the risk reward is as good or better than in insider trading. And you get to have the satisfaction that you are the actual real life Walter White (breaking bad star).
Go get it while the times are good tho, because drugs are gonna be decriminalized within a decade and prices will drop 1000%

Thanks just bought 100k

whitepaper where?

>prices will drop 1000%
fuck off nignog

What coin is this?

In what exchanger is that MTH? I want to short it when it drops 1000%

Federal ASSRAPE prison for (You)

What's to stop Juan from cartel X from shooting me, stealing my fetanyl, and taking over my lab

>prices will drop 1000%
I don't think that's how percentages work friend


>prices will drop 1000%

just biz

Just invest in Monero nerd, all the reward of drug use increase with none of the risk

Great. I. Dea.

You keep your mouth shut, limit associates to nobody and exclusively sell over the darknet. Probability is Juan will never know you even exist

yeah but then you have to find someone to sell it to. I don't know enough niggers

Alao fentanyl producers deserve nothing less than a bullet in the face

>CIA desperately looking for fall guy


dude this is a crypto board, please stop this FUD. will buy some CRED

And how in the fuck will I be able to spend any of this 3 million? What's the point in making a shit ton of money if you can't spend it on anything without getting raped by the law?

Peclet needs to do some Bench Press

You end up in a federal pound me in the ass prison, not some white collar resort prison

Taking you seriously for a moment, I'd be more concerned about accidentally killing myself. The lethal dose of fentanyl is like the size of the tip of a needle -- it's absurd.

This actually wins the most retarded post I've read on Veeky Forums. Nobody here can make this correctly without killing themselves. Plus good luck moving a fucking kg of fent.
thhhiiisss, you wiiiil get assraped. Guaranteed.

sage for 13 year old retard tier larp thread.

How about opening up a car wash and let your wife handle the cash flow

Just bought 100k Fent, thanks OP

This is a business board, not a crypto one.

>wife handling the cash flow
Never going to make it.

FNT being listed on the corner tomorrow. Buy now or regret it later. Screen shot this.

id risk assrape for 30m
in fact id accept assrape for 30m
easy peasy

shut up wagecuck

Even cooking crack is more morally sound than synthing fentanyl. Go on a shooting rampage and you'll kill fewer people than cooking kilos of fent.

Big if true.

you'r a fucking idiot thinking 3 million is worth 35 years of your life

i'm like an edgy dude but mass murder is kind of too fucked even for me brah

fent is chill profit
what are you guys, a bunch of soyboys?

that's the shit that killed Lil Peep
>why are they still making it if it's basically poison that will kill you ?

a friend of mine died of fentanyl overdose, and so did another acquaintance of mine. And my country just has 400 deaths per year due to drug overdoses. so the drug speaks for itself

I hope for your sake you are using a proxy because I've just logged a report to the FBI website

if done right by producer and applied right by consumer, it is not more dangerous than heroin. Issue is some sell it as heroin and the consumer takes way too much and rises his probability to die tremendously

Why not just go for Carfentanil?

It's 100 times more potent than fentanyl, which is 10000 times more potent than morphine.

>prices will drop 1000%
How do you expect to make money if you can't even count

Lil Peep died from a Xanax overdose, dumb shit.

Bullshit. Xanax doesn't kill people. Mixing shit with Xanax kills people.

Yeah but the risk reward is no longer about money, it's about freedom and money

You actually can't die from overdosing on xanax, believe it or not. Xanax combined with almost anything else, however, can definitely kill you. Even too much xanax and alcohol.

He probably died from xanax and opiates together -- I've heard a few places it was fentanyl, though.

>a kilogram of fentanyl is 3 million dollars
Your mother smoked a lot of rocks while you were a child, didn't she?

You're a faggot degenerate. Kill yourself, please.

I should actually clarify, not just xanax -- any benzodiazepine by itself can't kill you (so valum, xanax, klonopin, etc).