Work from home

Hey guys, i'm looking to get a job that I can work from home aside from the crypto stuff. Any advice on where to get started?


Apple is looking to hire customer service people, it's all done at home. your welcome

sweet ty, anything else?

What skills do you have, OP?


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If you have no skills your options are either mechanical turk type shit for pennies or call center/technical support type stuff. It'll be a pretty grim existence.


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Be proficient at computers
App and website developers work from home a lot

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software develop if you arent a brainlet, qa & testing if you iq is less than 90

Do some daytrading you cuck

I usually do a bit on my days off, the market has been a bit wild this past week tho


I freelance as my main income but day trade at least an hour or two in the morning before really getting to work and I have days that I make more day trading than my billable hours.

Just learn to take small gains and do it a lot. You only have to make above .5% to profit.

How did you start? Looking forward the same but l have no experience jobs programming whatsoever

My 3d printer makes me around $60k/year at home. All I do is press print, package the product, and send it off.

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Being an Apple at home advisor sucks. They constantly monitor you through mouse movements and webcam. You will likely not be able to get away with trading crypto or doing other shit on the side while you work even if you're not on a call. Also unless you have experience in phone tech support you'll start at tier one making maybe $12/hr.

t-. former call center advisor who knew some work from home people

>How did you start?
Freelancing or day trading?

Freelancing. Did you have any prior experience working at a company for example?

No, I'm a college student. I was working a part time job my freshman year and wanted to be able to work from wherever so I could visit family across the country over the summer so I started using Upwork. [Note: This shit is ROUGH when you first start, there is a lot of bullshit, Pajeets, low paying jobs, etc.] I just kept working part time and landing a few small paying jobs until I was able to build a small portfolio. You just need to keep at it and eventually you'll get traction, repeat customers, long-term clients, etc.

Lol, what? This is Veeky Forums, not /g/. I would never freelance program, at least not on Upwork. The problem with programming and other technical skills is that there are always Pajeets in India, Kuwait, Bangladesh, etc. who can also learn technical skills and either: a) Do just as good of a job as you or b) Do a shit job, but charge 1/8 of your going rate so they'll take the shit work.

I'm a finance writer/editor and I'm still able to bill $60/hr with some contracts. The lowest I have right now is $30/hr.

You just need to find a niche, mane mane. My highest hourly rate so far was $140/hr as a "consultant" helping a team develop their ICO. lel.

can you explain a bit more what was your investment in the printer? what sort of things do you sell and where?

I didn't include that

>Writing vs Technical Skills
While everyone thinks they can "write," not everyone is willing to do the research and editing. Technical skills are great if you're only operating in the American markets, but with international competition you really have to work your ass off just to do reasonably well. Pajeets can study a technical skill all day long IRL or online and with something like programming, they started at the same base level of knowledge as you. Writing, on the other hand, gives a native English-speaker a much higher advantage because of how difficult it is for Pajeet to try to emulate native-level writing.

Yada yada yada, you get the idea.

How did you start daytrading, user?

Thanks for the reply. Welp that's a bit overwhelming since l'm at college too studying software engineering so l was thinking about freelancing programming jobs.

OP just get like $10k and start scalping shitcoins on binance 1m graph. Youll make it.


What niches there are if you do not have any technical skill

I work from home as a desktop support tech.

So call people up and fix their 'problems' which are normally just user error.

Dont really get many calls so i spend most of the day doing what i like

£36k and 25 day a year holiday

You can definitely still do it, man. I was just referring to Upwork since that's where I started. Most successful freelancers branch out and have independent clients since that's where the money is. Upwork takes a huge fee from your billings (20% on the first $500 per client, then down to 10%, which is still massive) but they take care of the pain in the ass stuff like escrow, contracts, etc.

Build your own website if you don't already have one (I'm a writer and even I have one), use that as your portfolio, hit up LinkedIn, use Upwork for building a base and experience, then you'll be able to grow from there.

Programming is still a valuable skill to have, I just wouldn't bank on the STEM meme of thinking the market isn't oversaturated as fuckkkkkkk. Stick to "US Only" when searching on Upwork, build your site on the side, make connections, etc.

Protip: You don't need to be good at [insert "skill" here] to do well freelancing, it's like 80% marketing yourself to potential clients and then just delivering work on time.

I made a bunch of dumbass "investments" when I first got into crypto and both FOMO'd and panic sold like 70% of what I started with, then decided I wasn't allowing myself to buy more until I got my balance back up to at least 1ETH (again, just a college kid here).

>Drop all emotion, don't even worry about the name of the coin
>Make sure it pairs with whatever you're trying to accumulate (that's eTH for me)
>Sort by volume (high volume=yes pls)
>track 1 hour charts to look for significant down trends
>take a look at where "support" is at
>look for bounce or break
>support seems to hold
>switch to 10min and 5min candles,
>wait for second positive uptick
>Set stop loss just below last support just in case
>[SELL] At anywhere between 1%-10% gain, keeping in mind that most exchanges take a .5% commission (Binance, for example)

Rinse. Repeat.

>Learn web dev
>Build cookie cutter shopping sites for normies to sell their stupid shit to other normies
>Add crypto pay options

Thank you for the advice. I hope you make a lot of internet meme money and retire early.

Well I bummed around for quite a while doing all kinds of random shit.

>short story writing
>fiction editing
>proofreading/editing B2B material

Then I started getting into cryptotrading so I changed my byline on Upwork, Freelancer, etc. to something relevant and then badda bing badda booom. Now I get invites, I don't even have to submit bids for projects. I just write shit related to crypto like ICO reviews, market "analysis," news, etc. and it's worked out quite well for me recently.

Thanks, m8. Just remember to take profits sometimes.

It's literally just a shitty $1000 Makerbot replicator 2. It's not some super awesome ZCorps printer or something.

I have a background as a 3d artist, so I was able to put those skills to use. I don't want to say what exactly I sell because it's kind of Niche, but a spool of plastic cost me $20 and I can get around $1000 worth of product out of it.

At my peak, I was raking in $100k/year but now there is a lot more competition and I've had some takedown notices. I mostly sold on Etsy.

It was great passive income, and you can still make a bit of cash off of it. I ended up with 5 printers total. Had to learn how to fix them when they broke down occasionally.

Where do you work? I am office based IT support on £29k.

Would love to work from home fixing idiots problems remotely.

Good tips. I'm riming 30 and wish that this was the advice I got in my teens. I shoulda known something was wrong when the adults around me were afraid to/avoided talking serious money topics. GL out there.

Thanks friend

Do you think it is possible for someone like my self with out any sort art background, would be able to purchase 3d printing schematics for whatever it may be and sell them? I am not bad when it comes to computers. Is maintaining the machines and keeping them operational a real chore or something basic I can learn without having a formal education.

Idk where you live but in Australia my mum does medical transcription from home. Let me know if you wanna know more.

10 pro software engineer here, I'd say programming is the same really. yeah you can get pajeet to do your app for half my rate but he'll take months to do a shitty buggy job of implementing what takes a pro a week or two. Plus you'll have to hold his hand and pretty much tell him exactly what to do every step of the way. With a big risk of him not being able to finish certain features at all because they just don't understand even basic concepts either in the software technology or in your product domain.

t. literally just finished a 30 minute job doing what took a 7 man team of c# .net professionals in SEA months to struggle on not getting anywhere. after having done the exact same implementation a year ago. they still don't understand the error message you get just for using the wrong protocol version, or what URI's to call that are literally listed in the documentation.

I could charge a 1000 times their rate and it still wouldn't be fair.

I get what you're saying, and there are definitely clients out there looking for much higher level programmers, but I was really focusing on the fact that you and Pajeet both started off at the same level when it comes to programming: the bottom.

When it comes to writing for higher paying clients, English is almost always expected, and you and I have the advantage over ESL "writers."

There are a shit ton of Pajeets out there who are definitely better at programming than you, user (and even more that are way worse, don't get me wrong), but there are likely very few who know English as well or as organically as you.

Honestly, not really. Maybe a little bit, but nowhere close to the numbers I rake in. Everybody and their mother -literally- goes onto Thingaverse, finds the most popular thing, prints it and sells it on Etsy alongside a million other people. I made unique products that people like, didn't share my work, so I'm the only ones with it.

Each of my machines has around 30k print hours on it, and like I said before, I have five machines. The thing that goes the most is the thermocouple which measures temperature at the nozzle. I have to replace that around every 10k print hours. It's not too difficutl as I've done it enough times, it just takes about an hour of work. After that, heaters go. Same thing. About an hour of work and nothing too difficult.

Considering how hard I work those fuckers, they perform quite well without any real maintenance.

I have steady sales, but the big money often comes when a company contacts me for bulk orders. I'll give them a 50% discount or something for orders of 1000 products or so.

Learning 3d honestly isn't hat hard, especially for what I do. I wish I could be more specific, but you'll understand if I don't want to disclose that here.

I dom people and they give me money, if you're good at that kind of thing you could do that

I understand I am just thankful for any information.

If I made an investment of 1k and I was able to make even 15k a year selling the same shit everybody else does I would be happy. Do you think that is possible? If not when you say learning 3d isn't that hard where would you suggest I start (0 art background, proficient in computers IT / components)

I am just neet looking to not step out into the real world if possible.

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i work from home. proprietary software and database support. i love it and i hate it.