So explain to me how a high-supply PoS coin won't go up in value...

So explain to me how a high-supply PoS coin won't go up in value. Wouldn't a large chunk of that supply be used for staking? Don't other PoS coins have a problem with liquid supply because more coins are being staked then sold?

Explain to me how ADA wont 20x and fuck the markets shit up because everyone got caught off guard by the token supply.

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This is the best project in crypto right now. This will moon and remain a top coin for years. I hold 60K that I have no plan on selling for

Similarly, they hold 60k of your money and have no plans on releasing any working product.

It is a decentralized currency, no one but the owner of the private key owns the funds. the blockchain works fine.

They already released SL, which is quite fast in its current state, so already better then 90% of the whitepaper projects Veeky Forums talks about. Shit FUD when you can download the wallet man.

Might want to look into the already released products, team (Charles Hoskinson), roadmap, and Github.

"value" is exactly how much people are willing to pay for it. Your shitty noname altcoin is worthless if you can't sell it.

People are willing to pay $0.70 cents per ADA last time I checked, you should go get your eyes checked man.

If this is the state of FUD then Charles just made me a really rich man. Bless our chin god.

Who are those people? Do they exist?


I'm actually excited about ADA, never really cared about product as long as it sold and got me a decent roi. This coi though is too interesting and has much potential to change how the development of the digital economy unfolds

have you heard of "buy the rumor"?
if you wait until the entire system is up and running the price will be $5 by then

the people shitting on ADA are the same crowd who shat on ETH when it was under $5

right now im more bullish on ven
but i plan on putting my profits from thor dividends into ada

Actually I found the people shitting on ADA are the people who hodl ETH. They feel like its an attack on their blind deaf and stupid blockchain.

Lol I hold both. 30% ETH 20% ADA

Cardano looks really promising in the long run, but that total token supply is pretty unsettling. Cant see it really ever going past $5-10 max

Look at $DASH my friend as a good example of my point, its liquid supply is really low, so much so that it effects the overall exchange volume. This is the reason Cardano has such a high token supply more liquid funds.

I'm tempted to go all in. School is eating up all my time now, its just odd looking at a top 10 coin and seeing a huge growth opportunity, was hoping for some degree of serious replies on liquid supply.

but do you really think someone is going to pay $5 for a token when there are 35billion of them out there for liquidity? Doesnt seems likely is all im saying

There's not much to say other than speculation. My opinion is you're right and a significant portion of the circulating supply will be locked down in staking permanently or semi permanently. This actually should affect the price based off basic economic principles.

I don't think investors would invest in it at $5 unless the utility comes forward. Which would be come March when staking begins and later this year when the CL activates. I thought supply mattered in stone like this but then we had DOGE reach 0.01 and TRX reach .30

Cool, good to know I'm thinking in sound terms if its successful.

>Who are those people? Do they exist?
Palm beach report said buy up to $0.9

>35billion of them out there for liquidity?

Thats 70% of the total supply
>Circulating Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
>Total Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
>Max Supply: 45,000,000,000 ADA

So yeah once staking starts this shit will be a sure moon mission. Palm beach says its near. I cant believe you faggots shill shit like XLM and not Cardano. XLM's is inflationary and the maximum supply is way way huge.

Another example is NEO. Only 30% of the NEO currently exists. Its circulating supply will triple in the future.

Meanwhile 70% of the cardano than can exist is already in the hands of bagholders who have incentives not to sell for staking.

>but muh marketcap
>but muh supply

Most people are too stupid to realize that you can have a trillion tokens but if nobody is willing to trade 99% of them you can still have extreme ratios of supply/demand

I'm bullish for ADA wtf. I dont get why people think high supply matters. Its about the percentage that the supply grows. ADA is capped at 45 billion ADA similar to how ETH will probably be capped at 100m.

I thought Ripple overtaking ETH already showed that marketcap doesnt matter much in how fast a coin will grow.

I wasn't referring to you. I was just quoting the common arguments and agreeing with you mate

These faggots that havent bought in yet are in for a huge surprise this year. Dont they know how much they are missing out once rewards era starts?

Plus i dont get the vaporware argument, the mainnet is already out. Of course not all of the features will be implemented yet.

Some information about staking guys just found this in the archive.

SL is almost complete once the staking protocol is complete it'll be more or less a completely functioning product. CL is a completely separate blockchain that is geared towards the large feature set of contracts. SL is intended to be highly secure and provable, when the protocol launches that is what it'll be.

it overtook it briefly in market cap, not price per token.

There is no way ripple will ever be even 5 percent of the worth an ETH token has, thats why high market cap coins are scrutinized.

$ value per token doesnt fucking matter

% increase over the time you hold it does....

Price prediction for EOY 2018 my fellow ADAmarin?

$500 billion market cap, ~$40 per ADA

Does one lose their ADA when staking it? I'm assuming so.

Hi Rajeesh

Because shut the fuck up I'm still accumulating that's why.

can't even buy this mofo right now ... binance isn't allowing new users - bittrex demands "enhanced verification"

... this is why i hate crypto - spastic dogshit exchanges, FEES GODDMAN FEES hidden everywhere ... as if this thing were nothing but a ponzi out of hand and way over its head

let me tell you crypto-niggers > the current crypto has no future - i'tll be btfo'd by bank coins and their self developed/stolen/seized/forked/whatever shitchain ... and people will dig that shit right up

only holding ETH right now

>Does one lose their ADA when staking it? I'm assuming so.
Lol of course you cant move it while you are staking. Thats the entire point why this thing will skyrocket. Its a hold machine once staking starts.

Oh so I still keep my ADA, it just gets on hodl overdrive?

oh almost forgot try and start up CARDANOS awesome shit.exe

takes like min. 5 - 8 hours until you can access your wallet (1st time at least)

>can't even buy this mofo right now ... binance isn't allowing new users - bittrex demands "enhanced verification"
You can buy from me user, $4 per ADA.

>only holding ETH right now
Majority of my portfoilio is in ETH, ADA being the second largest. Still comfy in ETH but i ended up hedging in ADA just in case they wreck ETH in tech this year.

Very few PoS coins can provide a return worth staking for without becoming hyperinflationary. I don't know many people who want to buy a bunch of a coin for 5% returns a year. I am sure they exist but at the moment it is not appealing compared to the random gains made off holding anything in this erratic market.

>Oh so I still keep my ADA, it just gets on hodl overdrive?
Yeah and unlike NEO staking compounds since you get paid in ADA.

In NEO if you stake for a year you get GAS. The next time you stake, you still have the same amount of NEO for staking.

In ADA you get paid in ADA when you stake. So the next time you stake you'll have a larger amount of ADA hence larger returns.

This is why they took some concept models from DASH to avoid hyperinflation.

That sounds great then, better than what I thought.

>I don't know many people who want to buy a bunch of a coin for 5% returns a year.
Remember you are getting paid in the token not the current price. So if you expect the coin to 10x in a year, the staking rewards are huge.

That being said, im planning on exiting this market by mid 2019 or maybe early 2019 depending if im comfy with the money. I only use staking to increase my stack.

So how does staking work without exceeding the max supply of the coin if all coins are in circulation and everyone is staking?

>Given that 3 new blocks will be generated every minute, 99.95% of the additional 14,979,843,678 ADA necessary to reach the 45,000,000,000 ADA will be issued in approximately 24 years.

This shit will rocket. Almost 70% of ADA that can possible exist is in the hands of holders like us and some binance whales. NoAdas will be fighting for this shit once they realize they are going to miss out on the rewards era.

Ever wonder why Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach said this week to buy up to $0.9

Hoskinson is a fucking scammer, man. Bitshares. Fired from Ethereum.

Trying to roll his own crypto and push his own processor arch? Good fucking luck with your bags, faggots.

I got in at 0.11 and have over 200k tokens so Im pretty comfty lol, I just dont think its going to get as high as people think it will

t. Dan

>Didn't leave Ethereum because of the liberal echo-chamber
>He started bitshares not tried to rescue it from the ditch
>Charles and these universities, acclaimed conferences, and well known cryptographers are just scamming.
user if you were more informed I'd bother believing in your opinion.

I just got enough to be able to make back enough on a stake to be able to grab onto other moons. ~20 dollars every month. Not bad for a baseline DCA for my poorfag ass. But if I make enough capital just holding this and req I'll swing low for Zencash, still sub 100 mk.

there's certainly something about it ...