You hangin in there Veeky Forums?

You hangin in there Veeky Forums?


pretty close to JUSTing myself actually

>own Cryptos, Stocks, even Precious metals
>all of them are underperforming
>hate my wageslave job, people constantly asking me to do shit thats not even my job and getting underpaid
>have a gf but shes chubby and refuses to lose weight
>cars been in the shop for a month, breaks down every time i drive it
>smoking tons of weed, starting to disassociate and depersonalize everything, losing social skills slowly

terribly, i fucked up during the dip and now im waiting for another, if it ever happens. tempted to buy in right now but itll just crash when im asleep and ill be mad again...

stop the weed, thank me later

everything will improve after that

>no more fiat for dip


Never selling, was very briefly over a million in december

I just want it to be over

You and me both. Had 3 comfy ETH yesterday, but sold at 900 thinking we'd go lower.

Come back ETH, I didn't mean to let you go.

>Was a millionaire.
>Panic sold everything at $900,000 yesterday.
>Feels unsatisfactory

I maturbated so much last days and had a fever, these just add up to a super annoying pain in my balls.

enjoy the ride, it never ends m8

Although a year ago I'd be mindblown that I even got to $100,000. Funny how our minds adapt.

I'm up 60% on the day so pretty good

buy on the dips not sell, jesus

Youve gotta be kidding me..

I'm poor as jobless and skilless and nearly retarded

congrats, you are essentially the personification of Veeky Forums

Agreed. I went down that hole for a year too. Weed really is the devils lettuce.

>inb4 but muh weed is gods plant.

McAfee was right. If you start smoking pot every day just switch to heroin. Uoull hit rock bottom sooner and waste less time being content with being useless.

>also inb4 but I'm successful and I smoke weed!!!! Sure thing faggot. Keep telling yourself that.

I can't even tie my shoes or drive at 26..I have nothing

proof that crypto makes autist's millionaire's

One person can't handle their alcohol, so that means it needs banned! The 500 million people who have a drink every day are drug addicts! Send all 500 million of them to rehab right now because one unstable fuck is retarded!

Kill yourself faggot pig. Cigarettes are fucking retarded but I would never say something to the billion people who use them, because I am not a fucking faggot cop who relies on banning stupid shit to justify my pension.

Shut up you stupid faggot. Go be content sitting on a couch doing absolutely nothing.

lmao at these newfags that didnt see the crash coming

1000% this. stop smoking and go to the gym

>>smoking tons of weed, starting to disassociate and depersonalize everything, losing social skills slowly
there's your problem, user. you could literally fix everything of the above if you stop numbing yourself.

Seek the lord user and start reading the bible. Srs. Everything will be fine, hang in there champ.

he isnt wrong though. Ive been a weed addict for 10 years and it has destroyed me worse than any other drug including heroin and meth

>implying that's what he does

>posted while sitting at the computer doing absolutely nothing

lmao how

lmfao inside the mind of a weed-addicted retard

IF I DONT 2X IN 2 WEEKS GONNA BE holding until sometime in Feb. I miss the weekly moonmissions but w/e

roughly 20 - 50% of weed users can get serious withdrawl and become addicted. Dont tell you fell for BigWeedCompany lies?

how are your stocks under performing? you must have chosen really bad stocks with the stock market at ATH

I bought weed stocks. Abattis bio a $.48 cents a month ago, its .47 cents now. I bought Emblem cannabis at $1.77, and its $1.60 now

I bought silver at $19, its $17 now

I bought link at $1.30, its .75 now

But weed is fun

I do go to the gym

how would my car get fixed and gf go to gym if i stopped smoking?

I'll give it a shot