What hairstyle does Veeky Forums have?

I have a short-medium messy quiff. I cut it myself every couple weeks so my look stays consistent.

boy the dip end hodl
stay porous


>cut it myself
oh no no no no

>This faggot styles his hair

is me

I've got the sysadmin ponytail.

Pic related. Everything besides this and 97' leonardo dicaprio is gay

I've perfected the technique. It's actually very easy after a few times.

You go 7,6,5 guard length on tge side for a nice taper while the top is scissor cut front to back with one side being slightly longer than the other

is that you teeka?



picture will be relevant in the next few months


Every Veeky Forumsmen should have this hair style.




high and tight but mines a bit longer on top

Medium length right to left part

I have god tier hair density right now but my temples are starting to recede. My dad is a nw7 so I guess I will have to suffer the same fate.

Boyos I have 8k req, will that be enough for a hair transplant this summer?

Long hair, always in a bun except for showering and sleeping ofc. Getting a bit tired of it but really don't have any ideas for a shorter haircut.

Come at me soyboys.

just shave it off you cuck


good taste user


although I do have a good head shape and like buzz cuts, I still want hair you stupid retard. You’re as old as your hairline


Unironically. No mascara tho

so fucking handsome, really dig those genetics god fucking damnit


> being this vein and cucky about your hair

soyboy detected

Is this supposed to be some Bart Simpson knock off? This looks gay af.

IRS here

You are all under arrest for securities fraud

ugly balding numale detected


>ay lemme get dat Ghost In The Shell
>say no more fampai
Except side-swept bangs because I'm too pussy to go full bangs.

i have this one

Undercut, only im not fat or a soyboy so it actually looks normal

Rate fellas.

balding like a true alpha

Why do you even try to beat this ?



Anyone that doesn't have this hair is not gonna make it