Rune has people working against him in his team.
The romanians (part of the team) are planning to open another exchange based on the knowledge gathered by working for COSS.
DYOR about the former projects of that "team".
That is all.
t. one of them likes ribs and beer and talking too much.

Give some proof

lmao. i can believe this, as coss is truly a shit-tier exchange

Ya , how do i search for the romanian team

If you think they don't have non-disclosures and competes in their contracts, you are a retard. You are just mad that you missed sub .50 cent coss. Just wait for that tasty fiat gateway ;)

FUD begins, time to buy more
Ops eth deposit pending I assume

we'll talk in a few months when the fiat gateway is implemented

Great, so a bunch of Singaporeans running the show instead of Eastern European pseudo gangsters?

Thanks just bought 100k

>Rune has people working against him in his team.
Well that would certainly explain a lot, but not enough.

coss is hiring in singapore. They will probably fire those fucking incompetent romanians soon enough.

It's a good thing if they leave.

You do not understand the eastern european mentality.
"Why should that guy make money when I can use all his knowledge to make money myself?"
This is in all aspects of life here.
Like I said, some of them talk too much in restaurants.
Take this as you will, I do not know the future plans because he left a little early. True soyboy, just in appearance. That rat eats A LOT.

get In or stay poor. This will be the biggest winner of the first half of 2018

I bought at $2, wish I bought sooner or waited for the dip. Oh well, hopefully it's nothing but gains now.

Bought at $0.07, i'm feeling so comfy right now. It's weird knowing that it's just a matter of time before i'm rich.

>almost year in, exchange is still utter shit
>thinks the fiat gateway will ever be implemented

>Trusting gypsies to honor contracts

With the devs they have now? I like the idea and all but I can't really see how COSS will surpass KuCoin

It's going to hang around a $1 for quite a while at this point. They just keep messing up. Hopefully you guys that bought in at $2-$3 will be alright eventually.

where is your proof

they are hiring in singap, talked about on telegram

Apparently he can't fire them because the company that employs them is owned by the co-ceo

What the fuck are you sure? He could bring up how shitty the work they have been doing to his co-eo. He should be able to fire them. This sounds suspicious. Though I also would like to know if they are really working against him, would make sense.

yeah cause the devs have time to go to restaurants right now, and somehow you talked to them?? the fuck

Really hope those romanians get fired soon.

fuck off with this vague shit
post stuff, or gtfo

Bought a few thousands when it was just under $1. Should I dump or hold for a few months to see what happens?

It's weird knowing that I'm just weeks from becoming a dollar millionaire... >100k WABI, the hidden gem of crypto. DYOR, you've been warned.