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Soon top 3 lads

No faggots allowed

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No soon but eventually.

If this thing doesn't moon after the rebrand I am selling. These whales are fucking pissing me off

how many more news do we need for this piece of shit to moon?

Later not soon
This coin despite delivering mega news just moves 20-40% and then corrects itself to 15-25%

Total shit coin if it can’t even do 100% in a day

Everyone wants a short term coin not long term ones like ven

All coins go up in the long term anyways

Honestly fuck ven
I bet it is going to hover around 46-48k satoshi once again like the last time it climbed to 53k satoshi and then drop back down to 39k satoshi overtime and repeat this shithole climb and drop once again

Exactly 1 more than it takes you to sell up.

Fuck yeah. Comfy as shit with my 19k

you’re a fucking idiot. go back to whereever you came from

I'm holding. Made my 40x already on XRB. Now I'm here for long term.

Enough with the ADHD, use this opportunity to get to a strength node instead of bitching about the price constantly. It will come, it's the most obvious suppression I have ever seen.

How's it going batman? Thinking of killing yourself after selling at 9K?

It’s not even the whales in fact
Whales don’t stay forever
These so called “whales” been here since November and the extreme cope by the shithole shill community of vechain is that they’re collecting for nodes but in fact it’s the fucking devs keeping the price low to make new investors feel that this thing is going to moon(0 moons so far, moons mean an imaginable rise in a day not a total rise calculated per month) and jump in quick and hold bags

Try going on the telegram group
0 intellectual convo and they’re all told to constantly bark “moon” vechain is best etc etc

If that doesn’t show you that these guys are out to scam then idk what will
Fuck the shills

The telegram is meant to be a shitpost moon channel and the discord is where the serious discussion takes place. Just watch the depth chart whenever this coin starts pumping. Fuck off fudder faggot.

Perhaps not a legitamate white-paper

Think we'll see a dip into the 45-48 or 42-43 range? Looking to pick up more.

??? the depth chart means jack shit

The walls get taken down by devs for a moment and then they place them once again at a slightly higher sat level

For example if ven releases some major news
They remove their wall from 40k Sats and will place it at 50k Sats

The devs walls consist of 300-500 btc

If you consider me telling the truth FUD then go ahead consider it

Everyone is tired of shitty ven threads telling everyone to jump in quick to go on the moon(this suggests it’s going to jump to 100% in a day) but reality is it has NEVER DONE 100% even when it delivered national level partnerships with the governemnt

Shit is shit
Lol at bar code scanning coin

The Chinese government and a lot of reputable firms are in this already.
If there's one thing the Chinese hate more than losing money it's losing face.
If these guys try to pull a scam they'll get executed.

Report the walton faggot, let him get a ban lads.

Lol at staying poor forever


See this shill gets it

That’s the same dip from a week ago when it hit 53k Sats

He is encouraging people to hold bags with his shit posts

Dear vechain shills
Go and stay in ur telegram app or ur shithole subreddit

No one on biz wants long term shit coins

idk man they say have a working wallet but don't even have wallet out? sounds shady.

>860mil supply
>no product only hype shills
>when moon?

40 shady devs but no product? Vechain = bitconnect 2.0

Lol at thinking small cocked chinks care about face instead of money

>Jim Breyer invested in a bitconnect scam
Sure pajeet

Just want to pick up more VEN at a cheaper price obviously. Lol I'm holding.

So anyone believe it's a possible correction or what?

this thing about to pop or drop? i think pop

>no product
>hurr im too retarded to use google

Nice one user.

Breyer is a scam artist.,

already have ven , thinking about substratum ... is it good?

I'm getting a little shaky on corrections with VEN. I feel like any moment there is gonna be a coordinated huge buy. Too many good things about VEN to be at such a low market cap.

I'm talking about the government. It's true. Plus they would be losing face AND money.
And on top of that there would be public unrest because of all the poorfags getting scammed which they really don't need.
So yeah, I'm pretty confident that the government will keep them on a short leash.

Jim Breyer didn't really do much research on this project, I don't know why someone with his expertise promote this product. Former vechain holder here, just did some deep digging and found shady shit. This Sunny guy isn't as Sunny is it turns out. I'm gonna sit this one out and I advise everyone else to do the same.

Yep. I have a hunch also. I mean I wouldn't mind a little more pull back because I want more. Lol

Think we're done for the day or will we test ATH again?

stocked up on another 10k during the market crash =]

We buy wall now
never going back to 43 ever again

how much news does it take for this shitcoin to fucking moon holy shit these whales

There is not a SINGLE CHINESE NEWS MEDIA LINK talking about Vechain gui’an province or new area whatever partnership so no this isn’t even connected with the government

This is Just like Walton standing outside China mobile or whatever and claiming they have partnered with them

Not until I see a Chinese well reputed news media report some shit like this, I won’t believe it

anyone else considering selling all the dumb shitcoins and going all in?
it is calm before the storm

It’s not whales
Read the thread
It’s the fucking devs

Whales don’t stay for months at a time to collect nodes

Yes goy do as biz shills, sell ur shit

All in with 14k ven here.

What about fucking PwC. Are they in on the scam, too? Gtfo of here.

i feel like it is better for vechain to stay away from the government
too much insider trading in crypto and theres a big hunt for corruption in china

A little more pullback? This shit was $3.90 yesterday. What the fuck kind of pullback do you need? Buy this shit or stay poor.

Okay 43 might be unrealistic.. think we'll get a dip to 45-46?

I want moreeee.

I did. I just want more. lol


You already know the number to the suicide hot line. All you had to do was nothing. You got in at 1.40 and the gambled it all away because of weak ands and greed.

Think of all the money you could have had by doing nothing.

The hunt on corruption is an excuse to get political rivals out of the way. Corruption is a part of every day life in China.

maybe with a big btc dip

How do you live with yourself? Shilled on CCTV.

Hm that can happen. I don't think we're (crypto) is out of the woods yet. A bull run or a drop a very possible. But I really want to pick up some more. lol

Watching carefully.

Also this. Of all the shills on Veeky Forums this guy has a problem with VEN "shills".

do you guys think we will hit 43K again? i set a sell for 45K last night thinking it would *maybe* get close and woke up when it was pumpin

I genuinely feel bad for him. I shit talk him but I understand what having weak hands feels like and having too much pride to admit you made a mistake and eat the loss.

I sold ANS at $8 a bit before the rebrand and pride stopped me from going back in.

If you are reading this then don't be prideful. Admit you made a mistake. Buy back in an enjoy a reasonable 30X over the next few months. If you were a master trader that can catch and predict pumps you wouldn't still be stuck on missing the initial VeChain pump. You are bad at trading. Accept that , Buy Ven and hold.

>erc20 token
>no product
>already overbought
>reasonable 30X

lol ven will go down like last time you jinxed it

gj faggot


whale fights on eth pairing


This is where it actually links.