Is Amazon's Headquarters 2 going to be a huge economic boom for the city that gets selected? They are boasting 50...

Is Amazon's Headquarters 2 going to be a huge economic boom for the city that gets selected? They are boasting 50,000 jobs to whichever city they select (i.e. gives them the largest tax cuts/puts them in the most strategic position). Is there any reason a city would not want this?

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Inb4 it goes to Toronto

I do NOT want it to come to Boston. Holy shit. Our mass transit system is stressed enough as it is.


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expecting a dark horse city, coming from seattle I doubt they want another congested, over priced shithole

>LA is a top potential choice for them

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pick columbus they can hire from the pool of 100k somalians clinton and obama dumped on us

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Pittsburghs commutes are fucked enough as it is we dont need any help plus amazon is a shithole place to work anyway

I think anywhere on the west coast is not going to be a prime choice, especially LA. West Coast Longshore Union is a fucking mess and difficult to deal with. Infrastructure is bad. Coming from Seattle, these are things they're looking to avoid.
My money is on either Houston or somewhere on the Great Lakes.

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they would have to put it in a suburb i'm pretty sure there's no way they could put it within even 5 miles of that shithole city it's litterally 3 buildings stacked up on top of each other in between some rivers

>100k somalians

Ouch. My condolences. I'm not even a burger, but I know enough about somalis to know that king nigger really fucked you guys over with this.

They would have to get insane tax breaks to do anything remotely related to California.

yeah it and minneapolis were the only two white major cities left in this country and they were thriving and turning into utopias despite being in the middle of fucking nowhere so they had to dump hundreds of thousands of the literal worst nigs they could find in them before people woke up.

Baltimore would be a good choice. It’s a shithole city but bringing that many jobs to a shit city like that could really help. But the government in that city can’t do anything right.

Hopefully, it’s Columbus Ohio. All that construction will make me some serious cash.




They won't be able to hire anyone because they'll all fail the drug test for opiods.

east coast port, it is known

Based on the incentives the South-East has offered and the distance from Seattle I have reason to believe it will choose there somewhere.

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Meanwhile, the current headquarters in is Seattle, the original heroin and meth capital of the country.


Agreed, the T fucking sucks, traffic is god awful, and housing is already way over priced. Now add thousands more to that equation

>local renters driven out
>soyboys move in
>liberals incentivize beggars
>free bananas attract pavement apes
>more liberal voters cause local government to go bankrupt


the worst this is that now their children have as much claim to this land as anyone else. the unfortunate folly of the new world nations.

Its Louisville Kentucky. They just bought huge acreage in Southern Indiana around Louisville. Land cheap.

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When is their ICO?

It will be either DC, Austin or Boston.

I pray it is DC because the butthurt would be immense.

They should bless Detroit with their presence

yeah please no austin, crowded enough.

>Austin or Boston.
I also think they are between those two. Good moment to invest in real estate...

It’s gonna be Austin. Tech presence, low cost of living, educated populace, and vast amounts of undeveloped land near the airport. It’s inevitable.

The US is a big country. I still believe that splitting up into different states is a very real possibility in the future. As soon as whites become a minority, and that wonderful diversity really kicks in a lot of people will start to realize the value of living amongst, and being governed by your own people.

That’s why I think Tucson or Charlotte would be interesting, or maybe one of these depressed old industrial cities like Baltimore, or Cleveland. It all comes down to Government gibs. But Seattle will attract the urbanite bugman hipster crowd. They want to go somewhere that offers something different, so probably a red red with low taxes, and warm weather.


Not anymore. Ohio is the new rectum of America

Most likely

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its more like a containment zone

It's going to grand Rapids. It's locked up.

Why do you think it's going there?

Newark, NJ here weeee gooooo

Kinda but the boom comes with thousands of pajeets who will not only take the bulk of those jobs and also drive cost of living through the roof. If you are hodling real estate strap in gor the rocket to Jupiter.

they already listed the 20 finalists and detroit wasn't even close. i work with a detroitfag that kept saying it was a lock to go there too BTFO STAY POOR DUMB UNION AND NIGGER INFESTED STATE

Sorry sweetie but this is a crypto-only board.

Buffalonian here. Good city. Snow af today tho.

Amazon is part of the Deep State. Not sure how that will play out.

Houston here, as much as I'd love for Amazon to boost the city economically I'd hate to add more traffic. Granted it's not LA levels but still.

I fucking hope. Maybe Augusta can have some of the crumbs from the economic boom.

houston isn't america hopefully it gets nuked


Tons of big companies have made moves to Dallas in the past few years. It's going to North Dallas, most likely the Frisco area or a bit more north. Cap this, its a forgone conclusion

Screencap this. I wish it wasn’t the case because I don’t live there but the answer will be Dallas, Texas.

is this because deep state is trying to flip tx?

Please come to Raleigh!!

Triple D baby–Fort_Worth_metroplex

hope so, AWS been recruiting me for years (I'm systems engineer for one of their competitors) but I refuse to move to Seattle. Austin would be perfect

if there is a god, this won't come to chicago.

Don't kid yourselves. Their top five is KC, STL, Louisville, Memphis and Nashville. All of them are centrally located areas with cheap land and great logistics, which are the only things Amazon cares about. They're not going to buy into some big city when they can build whatever they want in some field far away from anything else. Out of those five, the winner will be whoever swings them the best tax deal. Memphis itself is America's largest cargo airport, because it's where Fedex is from. That is what Amazon is aiming to compete against, especially when they're starting to do most of their trunk logistics themselves with their own aircraft.

>Is there any reason a city would not want this?

It's going to be a huge corporate campus and probably a huge distribution site. This means a massive amount of new car, train and air traffic. Some cities, specifically San Francisco, do not want that and are not capable of handling such an increase anyway.

this is what's going to happen, 100%

Austin would be nice but realistically the HQ would get more out of the North Dallas/Frisco area. Austin just doesn’t have the infrastructure and space to support it. You’d think with UT Austin the talent pool would be strong too but most of the senior engineering talent and positions there work in systems and hardware, and much of the people working in software are young and working at small and medium startups. All the best software talent goes to SF.

I've heard Sudbury is a dark horse selection for operations in Ontario.

Other contenders:
Toronto (obviously)

Northern Ontario could use some love desu.

Founders never believed in a million years we’d consider these savages humans.

Why do you care?
Do you want to work for (((them)))?
Or do you think amazon would boost local commerce? (It won't)

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States and cities are competing to get amazon to build on their land. They’re offering tax breaks and other incentives so much so that it isn’t even beneficial tax-wise to the local governments. This is sad

>Selects Miami
>HQ overrun by vicious, vain female Latinas in HR
>Whole building hired out by nepotism and which Juan is the third cousin of Manuel
>(((Rosenberg))) and (((Rosenstein))) run the join from Miami Beach
>Everyone is late everyday and takes 2 hour lunches
>Complaints about work
>Whole place falling apart
>Amazon files for bankruptcy
Fucking do it.

Ottawa made a bid too. Already have a big tech sector

We have enough coastal transplants ruining Denver as is, please don't come here.

Minneapolis is getting better every year what the fuck are you talking about.

More Somalians just means more people doing amazon delivery and Uber/lyft and thus lower prices for us.

I really feel strongly about Kansas City for some reason

They should unironically choose Detroit

Kek, Columbus fag here too. I remember back when I was getting my driver's license and the instructor would just complain to the class about all the fucking somolians.

Austin is expensive as fuck. and crowded as fuck. Even if they built out by the airport there's no way they could make the roads wide enough. I-35 and Mopac are fucking shithows and there's nothing they can do about it.

I'd get so rich if they did, I'd buy everything there.

>Is there any reason a city would not want this?
Where Amazon goes, traffic and inflated housing & rental costs go. While it may not be as drastic, when Seattle became home to Amazon HQ to 2010:
Home Prices went up 97%
Rent 66%

The highways already can't accommodate the traffic, there's a shortage of 1 bedroom apartments (thanks contractors), and obviously this starts pouring out into the metro area.

I can't imagine how much cities and states have already spent on meetings, pitches, just to be considered, then you add ridiculous prizes to lure in Amazon in. Boston is offering an "Amazon Task Force" of city employees who work on the COMPANY's behalf. Chicago offered to let Amazon keep $1.32 billion in income taxes, paid for my its own employees.

I think is on the money, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Austin get it, partly for the image, but also it's Texas,there's room to spread for miles.

All you fucking idiots shit posting cities that didnt make the shortlist. How can you be this oblivious to front page news...

This, it's going to be midwest....Indianapolis or some shit.

Hopefully California

>$10,000 month 1bd apartments

If someone actually pays this amount it is clear you have mental deficiency.

They should look into buying NEO.

I’m sorry I forgot what this board was for.

Newark NJ is on there you fucking idiot

It is going to make house pricing boom which will benefit the top echelon of Amazon employees, the vast majority of their lower level jobs will employ people who at best will be able to "afford" housing at least a 30 min commute away from the HQ. Then when those lower level jobs get automated there will be breadlines down the block from these "job creators".

I live and work in Denver and traffic here is already insane. I am leaving asap.

>not placing it in Antarctica for maximum UFO coverage.

NYC will probably get it

Whoops ;)

I doubt this will be the case for a few reasons

>Outside the U.S
Amazon would fare much better gaining a bigger stronghold in the US before expanding internationally

>SJW takeover
Toronto is infested with SJW's. Seattle already has a similar political climate. If Amazon wants to stay competitive, they should choose a city that's less similar.

Google already has massive plans to reshape Toronto into a giant ass, internet smart city. Competing demographically on that scale would be political suicide for Amazon.

I am inclined to think Chicago only because IL state and Cook County government are such shit and on the brink of a complete melt down. This gives Amazon a prime opportunity (no pun intended) to swoop in and take complete control.