Return to the mean

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Discuss please.


your chart is wrong because the bubble started in july

This has all been the first bear trap

>Bubble meme
Despair should last more than 1 day.


You'd really think so right, maybe this will show up on the biweekly-monthly instead. Doubt it though.

Lackluster despair

new flash crash soon

>Despair should last more than 1 day.
Says who?

We are no where near despair

This still has to shed atleast 50% more

Lol it's going to take a couple of weeks for it to reach despair. If you faggots think that a bubble only takes one day to pop you're seriously retarded

That's why it's called a pop.

>u faguts r retarded lol

We're not at the mean yet. Long term MA settles around 8k

youre now starting to notice how fast unregulated markets are

That's a very generous mean.


> people instantly pump marketcap with almost 200 billion after crash
> it will go even lower guys!

the next round of futures will be painful and the tether printing can't go on forever
they will short btc to at least 6-7k
prepare your ass

Not in crypto my man. Corrections, dips, etc last minutes and are over with. Theyre just ticking the boxes.

It's funny because it's just going to trail off that resistance line until it breaks it.

>>Despair should last more than 1 day.
>Says who?
Because during depair you should actually kys

i am so fkn tired of looking at this meme pattern. its posted everywhere way too much. its worse than seeing "do you know de way" all over the place at this point

Nope we just sit around posting wojacks until big daddy tether saves us again.

>pump market cap by 200 billion
Do you even understand what you are talking about? There is no market capitalization.
99.99%of the population has never bought a bitcoin and never will. There is no demand outside of the exchange through which to capitalize all of the bitcoins at the market price.
If you were retarded enough to pay 19,000 dollars for a shitcoin that somebody else paid 1 dollar for and they took the money and ran that money is gone from the market. You're never getting it back except by duping other retards like yourself.

Like this isn't rocket science. This is law of conservation here. The simplest, most obvious, most fundamental law of nature.

eventually this will all look like a little speed bump.

this aint 8hr a day stocks big guy, this is 24/7 crypto, shit moves way faster.

The mean trend line will start to curve up soon. It won't be linear for much longer.


OP, did you really lift this from reddit to show to these tards? Cmon man

>Return to the meme


No, it's from a thread I was reading here an hour ago which is now archived.

>muh arbitrary lines mean something

The crypto market movens a dozen times faster than the stock exchange though

b b b b but in crypto anything is at a much faster pace

Amerimutts crashing market again

The entire crash was foretold by a little divergence.

What's the bottom line though?

which tool is this?

Its the RSI, it means when an asset is overbought or oversold. The lower line indicates when the asset is oversold, and a good indicator to buy because its going to rise in price

return to mean? really? see you at 5k per coin on btc. kek

1 year of stock market is 1 week of crypto. So the bubble can blow up and pop in a week and no one would even notice.



If this is unironically the return to mean and that was the big bubble pop we were warned about then boomers are biggest pussies alive Jesus that was really nothing. Oh no I lost 50% of my 5000% gains for about 5 days what will I do????

>Theyre just ticking the boxes.

They're emotions, you dunce, and it doesn't matter what the market is when it comes to human emotions.