This is the ideal trading setup. Prove me wrong

This is the ideal trading setup. Prove me wrong

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Get a life nerd

nobody cares

>dat screen setup
i actually like this

speak for yourself bro
I enjoy this post

thanks Op

The absolute fucking state of Veeky Forums

fucking nerd

> runescape open
> ethercraft not open


How fucked up is your neck.

that actually looks pretty cozy op

i feel like everything is too far away and couldn't read shit

>he only watches one coin at a time

yeah but im an early adopter tho

>Not Path of Exile


This looks like a fucking retards desk.

Swap RS for Minecraft and your good to go.

My trading setup is sitting on the couch with a MacBook Pro you nerd.

It’d be cooler if you had a third monitor on the left as well

>not barbarian fishing

pff kid

git gud

You can watch 4 in one window in Binance

Crypto is dead, you fuck face.

Lol. This board essentially is a bunch of weebs thinking they were just as good traders as businessmen and shareholders who actually studied economics, finance and business. Fucking kill yourselves.

What's the fucking reason to have your screen flipped horizontically? Like what fucking purpose does it serve. Also, anything less than 6 screens is not an ideal trading setup, you need to be watching 20+ coins.

Very clean and sexy me like

>crypto is dead

tiny screens

you need to get some big boy monitors
27" inch+

I've made 3k into 680k in 4 months, you mad boomer faggot?


>I've made 3k into 680k in 4 months
sure m8


ideal trading setup to lose all your money? sure


did you get the one with the touch screen keyboard shit? that looks really awkward to use

Why do you fucking have coinbase open?


>apple mouse
is there a reason you voluntarily choose to use one of those things?

meant for

what's the sound module thing?

these are 24" the angle and perspective of my camera just makes it look fucked

All you need to do is double $3k 4 times to get that amount

that is for my imac behind me

compact mixer for mic and monitoring. Not set up in the picture tho its for a podcast

yeah it just seems like they are too high up / far away

makes them look small

Grandpa I told you not to mess around on 4chin
go back to your mutual funds

Nah got the one before that. I know they're probably not popular round here but I just like the simplicity and they don't break easily. Also run fast for years.

>actually studying business or economics

just to expand on this.

don't think that you can read the market by looking at buy and sell walls, they are just smoke and mirrors. best to focus on what gets printed on the tape when the market gets to your area.

if you are daytrading, everything but the chart in front of you is a distraction. remove them including Veeky Forums and whatever else you go there.

48 != 680

>fishin in barb village
>not using trading view
>being on biz

Seems about right for this thread

Are you retarded? How can u not know math.

>mechanical keyboard
>mixer for just headphones

yeap boys, got ourselves a virgin


the headsets wireless and my recording mic/headphones arent in the pic

>Prove me wrong

wat? $3k x 2 = 6x2 = 12x2 = 24x2 = 4$8k
i guess you mean for very large values of $3k?

>fishing in Barb Village
you'll never be a big time merchant in RS wasting time like that.

We did better
You salty ass
study hard, rack up 5% per annum and in 20 years you will have those gains top kek

>same mouse, keyboard, headset and headset stand as me

link to background?

Bitch please


Mai nigga

merching lvl 99

my bad I wanted to post this flip. More impressive. Merchants where you at?

When the stock market and crypto crashes, it's going to be like 2008 all over again. Unemployed adults will start to play MMORPGs en masse.
For instance, Armadyl Godswords are 21M right now. BUY THOSE FUCKING SHITS. They will be 100M in the coming future.
Dragon claws are 71M right now. They will be NO LESS THAN 300M soon.

Godswords have such a massive market capital, you won't be seeing much movement outside of hype user.

I'm all about those supplies, the burn rate is huge if you want any EXP and changes in the market opens up large margins, for instance Limps crashed hard and the margins were huge!

4 shit displays instead of 2 decent ones

>No standing desk

user, this shit looks retarded, and wash your dishes

Dragon Claws are fucking 71m? They were 140k last time I played.

I smited some dclaws and as soon as I tried to sell them they crashed like 10%

That’s fine - I just have three entirely separate and redundant laptops running at the same time.

Neat. Might steal that setup.

> depth chart
> runescape
> biz

there is nothing worse you could do. congratulations. seriously

Jesus Christ, 2007 is that-a-way. What are you doing here?


Do any of you guys who played RuneScape remember those Pump and Dump groups?

What is the program/site you’re using to look at those bids/asks?

Binance client

Wut. You serious m8? Or are you using the desktop client?

The rocktails, Dahnald.

Hand them over. I need to reach 99 cooking



holy shit it really looks like the typical poorfag setup with the crappy wooden desk.
>google chrome

dude come on at least try

Pls sir, pls

also very large values of 2

and very large values of 4

3.9k * 2.9 ^ 4.9 = 717.6

Post more amazing flips, please.