Why does Veeky Forums hate reddit so much? Crypto Reddit has about a thousand times more actually quality content, news...

Why does Veeky Forums hate reddit so much? Crypto Reddit has about a thousand times more actually quality content, news, discussion etc. than Veeky Forums. Crypto Reddit is like the meat and potatoes and Veeky Forums is the dessert.

We are here only to stunt and shitpost

i cant post my pink wojaks on reddit
also biz is funny when everything crashes
its just entertainment nowadadys

biz has become like half my entertainment and i wouldnt want it any other way
too bad pajeets fucked this board in the last month

Just keep track of the news and then you don't need a bunch of 15 year olds giving you their opinions on it. Pretty much every thread in that screen shot is old news already. Anything truly worthwhile will end up on Veeky Forums first we don't need to discuss a shill news article for 3 days.

Reddit is fud and people shilling coins that they "truly believe in guys" before there's even a white paper. They like to pretend they know what's gonna happen but they're just betting on their own emotions

Wrong. 90% are obsessed maximalists. Hiveminds to the core.

Only decent content is the nerds with their TA. ALSO the moonmath is good

You shouldn't use either site to make decision about buying coins. That's what due diligence is for. Veeky Forums is funnier and filled with less uptight assholes. Also, suicide hotline lmao.

Reddit created Tron

>1000x quality content

It does not. There are gems there as well but they always lag behind Veeky Forums, tradingview, steemit, youtube, discord and telegram groups ect. Also they have substantially more newfags and low IQ (humorless, very releveant because I don't want to spend 8 hrs a day keeping up with this shit) faggots than Veeky Forums

also echo chamber and censorship syndrome is very dominant there

yes, also you don't find moonmissions or link threads on reddit. reddit only believes in coins that already mooned, see xrp, iota (hot on reddit since it mooned from 30cent to 6 dollars), raiblocks, walton, vechain...

I'm only here for the hidden gems and memes.

we don't it's just newfags from /b/ and /pol/ being nerwfags

Traders in signal groups and twitter created Tron.

>doesn't have any bazinga or mobious threads

reddit = retarded people acting smart.
biz = smart people acting retarded.

biz is entertaining as fuck especially during dips

This, Veeky Forums is good for laughs and banter about crypto.

I hate how reddit posts things 50 times for upvotes. Sometimes news gets released and theres a fuck tone of threads on the front page about the same thing. upvote bots also force shit into my face that I know is shit.

Veeky Forums is also really good for psychological analysis of the market and mememetics-thru-time, things spread, and Veeky Forums usually mentions things first. (ive made a python crawler for the archive that looks for unique coins and makes a spreadsheet that tells me how often coins are posted about on biz, really useful.)

Ya they're always behind idk how they haven't lost all their money yet. Except I do like xrb I'm in it for the long hodl

thank you, this is so fucking true

It's a normie cesspool. Late to the party on everything. This place you have to be around awhile and get a feel for who's just shitposting and who has actual info.
But really, go fuck off. Enjoy accumulating your fake brownie points

It's because they assume that something without a large amount of social proof is a scam or not worth it. i.e they bought walton at $10 instead of

this x100

Reddit is so full of SJW soyboys old farts and 15yo trying to teach oldfags a lesson

are you taking about pic related?

Plebbit is literally the opposite of Veeky Forums

If they were smart they would have bought chainlink by now.

You can get banned for calling someone a nigger or a faggot on reddit

This is unfathomable to me

Reddit is genuinely the worst place to go for advice on anything. The entire website is an echochamber, allowing retards to highlight fellow retards wrong opinions

At least on Veeky Forums you are called a faggot whether you’re right or wrong, 99% of Reddit posts are faggot kids being worshipped for turning $100 in to $125 and their tips for “gaming the crypto market”

The cryptocurrency sub is trash, it's filled with unfunny redditor memes.

Really? This is crazy.

But then what's the point of being on the internet?

here you get banned if you try to ref somebody for fishbank


This board's unfiltered language is the ultimate normie deterrent. I think newfags are genuinely scared of even going to Veeky Forums.com

Ethercraft still isnt being shilled on reddit, so I guess you should stock up on some gear

It's because no one here has any self control and hate that they can't act like animals on Reddit. Costs them valuable information and opportunities

I feel like when I ask Veeky Forums for suggestions they’re fucking with me

You can't name the jew on reddit.

Reddit hates Tron

And you definitely can't blame the jew

>he hasn't realized yet that reddit is 95% payed shills and bots
>muuh shitcoin maximalists
every single second you spend on reddet makes you fucking dumber.

its still ridden with faggots and reddit ethos

they unironically had the suicide hotline as a sticky

crypto is a money printing machine for goverments

spread FUD
BTC drops
Buy the dip

I've also noticed bear market Veeky Forums is way better than anywhere. I come here for the memes, and bought into the ARK and ZCL meme.

I like this place better since I can call out niggers and pajeets, but I also enraged some plebbitors by being skeptical, as all 4channers are (tits or gtfo).

I've been here (Veeky Forums) since 2006, and I know this is where I belong. I moved onto 420chan for a while but their /b/ has an SJW mod that keeps deleting my posts. I was on reddit because it was easier to talk about my interests. But I fucked up, I could have been on Veeky Forums for the bitcoin meme in 2010.


I hate reddit as a whole:

>Muh internet points UPBOAT PLS!
>when does narwhal bacon
>Look at my shirt
>so this just happened on Veeky Forums
>censorship censorship censorship censorship censorship censorship censorship censorship
>Look at my nickname

I dont know man, its just a glorified BBS. Being an user you can say what you want without begging for "internet points" or without fear of being "downboated" to oblivion.

ffs reddit why cant you just blend in? you think making a post asking biz to stop being mean to you helps your case at all?

reddit is for the kids that cant think for themselves, Veeky Forums is for the (future) self-made millionaires who can distinguish a shill and a pajeet from a good investment opportunity and for a non-judgemental release of build up energy.
sure reddit can make you some gains but the x10's are on Veeky Forums

Literally all of those post titles scream of insecure people desperate for validation.

Reddit taught me about XRB at $0.15
Veeky Forums taught me about LINK

I'm glad I went with reddit

Because we live in an era in which analysis and consideration don't work. Only meme magic will propell crypto, and I'm here for the best quality.

bitcoin started on /g/. if you were always on b you wouldnt cought attention anyway

reddit is hell
Veeky Forums is be financially, independently

Top "keck". This post is totally "based". May I have permission to save it fellow 4channer?

Hugbox website
If people don't agree with your opinion, it's voted down so it's not seen. Hivemind at its worst

Veeky Forums is for funposting. Reddit is for learning detailed information about cryptos.

its been this way for years

all of reddit is filled with unfunny reddit memes

Did you sell the top?

It keeps all the worthless, insufferable boomers out of here also

If they even see the word "nigger" in writing, they have to get off the computer and go listen to Al Green and Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye records while crying, going "how can anyone hate them, they're so amazing, maybe us whites really are truly evil"

Can I get access to your bot in any way? If interested, let's talk on email ([email protected]) or you can post yours, thanks.

if u was here when link ICO started / shortly after then u would have cashed out and used those gains to put in zrx dbc kcs etc. 1k to 1m

reddit = retards being retards
Veeky Forums = retards being retards


Sir, join my discord p&d group, guaranteed money, please Sir, I have kid, Sir

We already had this thread yesterday

Reddit, I....


these are the type of people that post here, are you surprised?


Rebbit is a liberal shithole. But its a good thing it exists, its best to keep liberals, socialists and communists quarantined.

Because if I call someone a stupid nigger or a faggot I get banned.

If I throttle that urge and just end up posting without the vulgarity, I will get downvoted into oblivion for not having far-left viewpoints, particularly on social issues.

I've been on Veeky Forums since 2006 and Reddit since 2013, and all things considered Veeky Forums is exponentially better than Reddit. You can find good information on reddit when it comes to fixing technical issues and the users are generally more helpful, but you have to stifle yourself if you're not a cookie cutter millennial soyboy.

maybe they try to establish an adult atmosphere for discussion?

if u would call me faggot in a face to face discussion, i would slap you in the face like a true faggot

gl with calling someone a nigger if u aren't black urself or a rapper, just wait what will happen

This is why

I've seen every one of those discussed here before it popped up on reddit. Reddit is for morons that have to be spoonfed every bit of info in an easily digestible package because they can't crawl through the swamp on their own.

We have way more FUD here

I just hate the users. They can’t just sit down and talk about one topic, everything is a big fucking pun and every tangent must be discussed thoroughly to the point that it distracts from the main thread topic.
Like for example I have to scroll through 100 off topic posts just to get to the second thread post because of the reply structure. And annoyingly, when they delete posts they don’t even delete them. They just replace it with [deleted] and leave an empty box.
I also get this vibe that most posters there are fragile emotional wrecks and completely deluded, which may not be different from Veeky Forums, but at least it’s less obvious here.

>please Sir, I have kid, Si

>r-reddit is 1000x better!!!
Then go there and stay there, shitweed.

>being afraid of niggers
manlet detected

You need to be browsing a variety of forums. if you singularly gain your perspective from Veeky Forums, or reddit, or bitcointalk, or the media or wherever - then your scope is going to be very limited.

Good research involves learning how to gather info from a variety of sources and use it to your benefit. do i hate leftist redditors? yes. that doesn't mean i won't be taking advantage of whatever content has been produced for my own benefit.

In my opinion two of those will 5x. Not going to say which because that's not the point, but those picks aren't that bad. I remember people said bitcoin is for "slow gains, it's not going to go up that much anymore" at 2.3k.

>too bad pajeets fucked this board in the last month
Have you been on Veeky Forums before summer?
Veeky Forums has always been like this lmao.

Fuck off, Reddit.

>hanging out with actual black people
fucking gross dude.

Veeky Forums didn't used to be 100% crypto newfag. Also picks here before last summer had a much greater success rate than they do now. We've been overrun by people from other boards that don't even know what shorting is, let alone how to read a white paper.

>Reddit for knowledge and power
>Veeky Forums for memes and shitposting

This rule applies all boards on Veeky Forums and subreddits on Reddit.

>Veeky Forums
>smart people
>"acting" like retards
>social media
>mfw when I don't know wether to post an angry, laughing or hopeless reaction face

So true.

You clearly only go to the default subreddits.

On the other hand it's easy to miss the occasional intelligent comment on Veeky Forums in a sea of people calling each other niggers, pajeets, kikes, soyboys and what have you

>bottom right
Why'd you cutout moon's girlfriend?

This board is the only safe haven left for redditors. Your site is shit. A virtual hugbox echo chamber. Fuck off back there.

Reddit is an echochamber and every negative aspect is considered FUD seriously. They are retards pretending to be smart. Although some of the posts are really informative. Biz is entertaining and no downvotes or retarded shit like that. The only retarded thing in Biz is stupid questions: "when do i sell?" "should i buy this coin?" "guys what do i do?" and the same retards expect themselves to be spoonfed and handheld by others. Also pajeets spamming discord- and ref-links.

We need flags and instant bans on discord-links at least.

Because it's full of actual retards and normies who pretend to know everything while censoring people

holy shit at all these redditors on this thread

If you use reddit for ANYTHING you need to leave immediately. If you dont go into inta rage mode when you see the reddit front page you need to kill yourself quickly

Who the fuck uses the reddit frontpage? I have 3 or 4 subs bookmarked or I just google "reddit topic that interests me at the moment"

You can't say nigger or kike over there. Fuck that.

fuck off faggot
go back

He is with us

I cannot STAND the average redditor. Something about their fucking dialect.

I also browse reddit too of course

>I got like 2 or 3 shitcoins here
>a..am I going to make it?