Tether is literally warning you

Muh prints 100m, muh prints 100m, muh prints ANOTHER 100M.
> it's over, they're fucking it up and aren't even hiding it.

yup. they going all out now. no fucks given

It's almost as if... i-if if they can print as much as they like.

Can someone explain to me what this means if I don't use Tether?

bitfinex gonna go big boom soon

Why is it so hard for Veeky Forumstards to understand how Tether works? It's not even that complicated. These threads are just shitposting at this point.

Nobody gives a shit anyways: they know that we know that they are scammers but that we are okay with it because they are keeping the price up.

My only concern is what will happen if there is a bank run and people starts cashing out or moving coins from Bitfinex. That would be a fucking doomsday for sure.

Tether is going to crash this market with no survivors

They are printing fake money, but they got to back it all up, that's why tether would be safe when everything crashes. The fact is, they dont back it up. They are literally printing 100mills of thin air. Printing this much isnt realistic anymore, it confirms it being a scam.

How though? Because it’s not backed by actual dollars? Why does that matter since you need to BTC/LTC/ETH to cash out?
It’s all fake internet money

Shitposting, how exactly is this shitposting user? You think they got an endless amount of money > oh wait, they do because its fake.

It doesn’t matter because you can’t cash out directly from tether. Tether is backed by your money when you sell your bitcoin for it

> Be group of whales
> Make billions in crypto collectively
> Withdraw
> Market 'crashes'
> Use small percentage of profits in Tether to keep market alive when it dips
> Whales continue to get richer

Is this how it works?

letirally just bought 100k

It means it’s overvalued you idiot. Why do you think they are printing?

It does matter, they print fake money to buy 100m of bitcoin.

You're a fucking idiot, when they print they got to back it up, they actually need 100m usd to back it up.

yea it was at 1.04 or somthing like that. I dont see an issue here.

Of course they gained almost half a billion dollars during the crash. It's backed by fiat don't you know :^)

450m printed this week alone?

> it's backed by fiat HAHAHAHAHA
> fuck outta here normie.