How much money would you need to have to afford a 200k car and not changing the lifestyle due to it...

How much money would you need to have to afford a 200k car and not changing the lifestyle due to it? How many millions in assets to not bother about the price(200k)?

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Depends on your planned lifestyle, I'd say 5m.


My boss drives one and he's the CEO of company worth 2 billion

4 mil is the sweet spot for buying luxury cars IMO

$4m absolute minimum, but that would be pushing it

I thought that it has to be 5 million but I'm a fucking student so what do I know

2 mil or so. 10% on your car is conservative if anything, people usually go way higher, just look at average income and how people sign onto $30k cars regularly when they might make 50k

Why spend 200k on a 4-wheelie thingy?

Max 1% - 3% of your portfolio for stupid fun purchases

But with 2 millions you have a yearly revenue of 100k (5% gains through classic stock) so it's far lower

If I hit $4m I'm buying one of these

2017 Audi r8 v10 plus. Good taste. Gonna buy myself one when I hit 2.5 mil personally.

>Do I have enough liquid capital to afford 5 of these?

Is the only question you ever need to ask yourself. If the answer is yes, buy it.

i think it's fucking ridiculous, even if you're a billionaire. you're literally paying a fucking premium for some fancy sheet metal.

Subaru outback for me

I love the car design from audi. It's a racer touch but is classy too

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You can rent it I know, but if the car is really nice and you have more than enough why not?

Have you ever driven a nicer car then a 98 Camry?

I think even millionaires have not one million in the bank. Why should they have so much liquidity?

Its so so much more than fancy sheet metal. I may have autism, but cars like that? Cartoonishly fast machines that double as status symbols? The kind of status symbols that say "my dick has it's own accountant"? Those are 100% worth it.

And a house is just a bunch of bricks and mortar

What's your point

And ofc you need a good taste. If you buy the bmw m3 everyone thinks you leased it because all the balkan guys drive one. But to show of, you have to search a long time to find something better than an exoensive car

It's not just the 200k upfront cost of actually buying the car, you have to consider the maintenance. Audi already hates DIY mechanics as it is, and on a car like the R8 you likely will need to bring it into a stealership to have anything done to it. Can't tell you how many people we see buy a used GT-R thinking what a great deal it is until they realize the maintenance intervals are a lot different on high performance vehicles and that it ain't cheap.

It's an exercise in frustration. You can't drive fast or the cops are all over you. You are constantly worried about someone putting a scratch on it in the parking lot.

I drive a 98 Corolla which was scratched and dented when I bought it for $1000. I was driving past the golf course last week and an errant golf ball hit my car and dented the fender. I pulled over picked up the ball and just drove off laughing. If that happened to my $200k car I'd be furious and be running around a golf course like a lunatic trying to find who did it.

That's why I was asking. And it's a toy too so it would be interesting to know how much wealth you should have upfront before you buy such a car

Got an E92 335xi FBO with MHD, not interested in further toys

i'd say 1/100 of your equity.

i'd buy a camaro zl1 once i hit 5m

Own a E90 328i really sad i dont have a 335i but i do like saving on fuel. How do you like the 335i? and whats the next car your eyeing?

when I "make it" I will still buy a certified pre owned vehicle.

The second you drive off the lot, the value drops like 20%. It still drops when you buy a used car, but less so. Better to let the other guy take the hit.

Since I live in America I must have a vehicle if I want to do anything or go anywhere. I was thinking about getting a 2015+ pick up truck. like a Chevy 1500 or Ford f150 with 4wd. I want to look like a financially independent man with his life together, and not a spoiled brat. I should blend in with the other rednecks in town.

Not really looking for an upgrade, as I just got it last year. I've got a first gen Forester as my IDGAF spacey vehicle, the coupe is more for fun and trips to work. Rather than buying something else I'll probably cut some of my crypto gains this year to upgrade the stock turbos for a reliable 500-550 AWHP on 93 octane, I don't want to mess with meth or ethanol. These cars rock and 335i with N54 is a tuners heaven. I had a choice of this or E60 M5 and chose turbos + xdrive.. Sometime way way in the future I might look into getting an M car, but not quite yet. What next car do you have in mind user?

>financially independent with his life together
>drives a pick up


200k and your lifestyle won't change at all.

Buy a 2010 or earlier truck.

The markups on a used 2015+ pickup are going to be retarded.

>liquid =/= in the bank

Securities, coins, etc. -- anything that can be sold for its full value within a few days is liquid in my eyes.

>certified pre owned vehicle

10m into low risk assets and buy the car with the passive income

t. worth 7m

vs used craiglist

2 million networth at the lowest, a car or any vehicle should never be more than 10% of your networth.

Smart choice, keep in mind a luxury car can raise your personal brand equity which goes far in networking

What part of the world are you from? In most parts of America, a nice pickup means you're a business owner or at the very least a well paid union worker. I can tell you're some low T city cuck or a Eurofag.

yeah I feel like you can't comfortably do this until you're in the 10 million range, otherwise I would have done it by now desu. But everyone has their own level of financial irresponsibility

5% of your liquid assets absolute maximum for something that loses money as fast as a car does, preferably below 3%

Take the bus.

>spending 200k on fiberglass
>not spending 200k on armor

I fucking love 98 Camrys, faggot

>i drive a truck for the status symbol

a good glimpse into the mental state of a poor burger

Vehicles are status symbols everywhere in the world.

If you haven't noticed this in your country, then you're not even lower class.

>he got sold the truck driver = big man meme
holy shit get yourself together. a real man has a shitty truck he uses for hauling shit from a hardware store or something but using one as a daily driver is pure stupidity

>a nice pickup means
nothing. to anyone with a brain. fucking farmers buy nice trucks, and so do double digit iq manchildren who never use them for anything they were made for

Pre-facelift R8 looks so much better.
And you can get that one in manual.

What if I told you that I like trucks and want one?

>living regular life
>someone hands me 200k
>can now buy a 200k car
>nothing changes otherwise
this is literally the correct answer if you ignore maintenance and gas costs.

Just take the craiglist car to the garage and have them do a pre-purchase inspection for $100. There is no need to get gouged by dealerships selling used cars.

yea and im saying only the poorest and dumbest parts of the usa buy trucks to show off. You have to be a monkey to buy a truck when you don't do any work with it. They aren't even fun to drive, theres so many better car types to blow your money on

No I have not.

Idk man i was thinking of just going with a newer 328i or wait to see the new generation M3. And yeah id imagine the N52 has been a pretty great platform but its just missing the power of a n54, ive driven my friends 335i.

>They aren't even fun to drive, theres so many better car types to blow your money on
This is called an opinion, it's ok to have one. We all have them. It's just my opinion is not the same as yours.

What are the aerodynamic implications of the entire front being grill?

Try driving a nicer car then a Camry then you'll understand why people spend so much on cars.


because they are beautiful

The difference between a 50k house on a quarter lot and a 200k house on an acre is extreme. The difference between a 50k car and 200k car is meh.

I would get either an Aston Martin One -77 or Mercedes SLS.

Subaru is the car of choice for the homosexual elite.

One-77 is like 10 times the price of SLS car noob

>buy 200k car
>stay in normal neighborhood
>car stolen in a week

Im buying an i8 and i have 2.5mil worth of assets (im buying for 90k)

Fair enough and certainly a better reason than buying a pick up to show off.

i3 would get you just as much mires

are you retarded?
Ofc I know that, but to be driving a car that is only made for 76 owners worldwide is crazy.

Yeah I'm either going to get a M3 or a Veyron.

So you're buying an outdated hybrid (that admittedly still looks cool), with terrible performance for the price?

Me, too. I had a brand new Mustang, fast as hell, sexy, fun to drive. Got tired of tickets, insurance, getting broken into, ridiculous tire costs, and fixing it was expensive.

Now I drive a Ford Escape, because I don't drive as much as I used to. It's paid off, less ten $50 a month insurance, nobody is gonna steal it or break in, and if I wreck it, it's cheap to replace.

If you're young, go nuts. Get a fast car. Drive the fuck out of it. Have fun. I'll be over here in the slow lane, remembering when i was like you.

10 NEO

What about a new Roadster anons? Or Rimac if youre extreme. EVs depreciate much less than ICEs do they not?

Also I just woke from a dream I was at a Lambo dealership and the cars they had were like a Lambo/Muscle Car hybrid.

Exactly, im just buying for the base, and how it looks, Im estimating that it would still be in style for 2-3 years which by that time I would have cashed out my marginal units of happiness for the premium i paid.
Also the car has a few add-ons like tweaked torque and added horsepower as well as ceramic coating and carbon fiber lip and bumper as well as airbags

Cost of ownership on a 200k car isn't that bad. You're looking at between $1-1.5k a month insurance, maybe 15k a year on maintenance and such (tires will fuck you right up the ass, along with the clutch and brakes), and you'd better have a nice secure garage for it, and a good security system with GPS for when it does get stolen. I'd say entry level to a car like that is 40k over what you need to live - food, mortgage, etc.

If you wrap it around a pole and walk away, and can put in an order for a new one tomorrow, you can afford it.

Don't ever look at it as an investment, rule of thumb is it loses 10k in value for every .5k in miles you put on it.

I'm still going to buy a classic car when I make for weekend drives in nice weather. Thinking 62 Impala right now.

200k? Should at most only spend 5% of your net worth on a car. That makes the threshold of liquid net worth $4M.

Always tell anons the exact same 2 options in car-related posts. Can't believe people investing in cutting-edge technology are so backwards when it comes to transportation :p

So which coin do I need to pump in order to get a F1 LM?
>Inb4 Tron

You can get that for $25k, and the insurance will be reasonable. It's a completely different situation than the OP is asking about.

why not just buy a $50k bmw 435i?

>personal brand equity
HAHAHA what personal brand? The brand of a guy with speculatively gained wealth that I'm not gonna tell you about?

In terms of investment I think American classic cars are still way undervalued even though they've already pumped quite a bit in recent years. One day people are going to realize this was a golden age of car aesthetics and they'll want one. The fact that you can get a very good condition 60's muscle car for $20-$30k now is a steal.

>soy in ID


holy shit

Soy Lib

20 million cash alone

Astons really are the most beautiful. They don't drive as well as porsches, but dammit they are gorgeous.

Why not buy something like pic related, that might appreciate a little bit? Only 70-80K right now, thats probably the bottom.

>all these two door mid life crisis machines

have some fucking class

One of the better looking body styles for sure. Weren't the V-8's though? That will hurt long term value.

But its so ugly, and dries up any pussy with half an ounce of class.

Keep that at the track and buy a 911 for the road.

Oooo yes, this has been my dream car since they released it. I'm waiting until I hit 1.5 MIL in various assets, then I'm going to buy a used one because they are everywhere on rich people Craigslist for 140-160k. Then with the money I saved not buying it new image throw in a sequential tranny and a 78 double turbo, and I will smoke all ur mums assholes

They were V8s... Just like the 360, 430, 458, and current one 488 (turbo'd though).

BUT! They were 5 valve v8s! Which means with the right exhaust, they sound like THIS:

>What does afford means?

>Boring middle management lease special
If you want classy without looking like literally the most boring person in the world, get an F-type Coupe, a 911, or a classic merc