LiveEdu ICO (Ycombinator backed)

>97 markets
>10m hard cap
>paid for etherdelta listing before the ICO was even over

total supply around 250m. consider:

>they have a working product

>their platform has some famous people on it (wolfram, thenewboston etc.)

>they're expanding to a lot more subjects

>their projects are actually good

>they're releasing iOS/Android apps soon

>they're actively working on getting more projects uploaded

>YC backed

it's hitting tier 1 & 2 exchanges within a month after the ICO wraps up, get the FUCK in.

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I'm always down for any YC backed coin

they have failed projects as well

i try to hit contribute but nothing's happening why?

>Help sub $1MM Valued business raise $10MM
>Watch them fuck it up and burn the money
>Try to sell your tokens but can not
>Have to take world's shittiest online classes or just be sad


You're right, but their odds are a lot higher than other non YC companies. I play the odds

irrelevant, the coin will be pumped up to $1-3 before that happens. this isn't a long term coin, wait a month or two and it'll hit tier 1 & 2 exchanges, sell at the peak

does it not require KYC?

nope, only if you buy more than $5k

can someone please tell me why when i hit the contribute button jack all happens seriously please

probably your browser, try another one. just copy-paste this fine link right here

I used someones link from the last thread. thanks for the heads up

>Project is created by someone that looks and sounds like he is from Kenya
>We are sort of like youtube

Yeah I will pass. Thanks.

>a coin for fucking educational videos
for what purpose?

>doesn't realize Silicon Valley loves diversity and this is practically free money

stay poor faggot

Doesn't realize 100% of black guys in finance are borderline retarted scammers.

GL with your moneygrab.

this is education, being borderline retarded is a plus

Shit concept

10mil mkt cap, i like.

Thanks for your opinion, OP