Convince me crypto is not a bubble

convince me crypto is not a bubble

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>I can't

Don't give a shit. dyor.

It is a bubble, cant convince you otherwise

It is

I've done more and been here longer than you. It all comes full circle and you realize bitcoin is primed to break our necks at any moment.

nah, tether is completely legit and WILL NOT blow up in a massive ponzi scheme

Convince me you're not a homosexual

it fucking is. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't understand how speculation works.

>everything is a bubble
>how can a bubble pop 3 times
>*amazon chart*

it is a bubble. make money while you can

It is a bubble.

ok it's clearly a bubble
how will it end though? let's discuss biz
I think the final hit will be another shorting from wall street for their futures and shortly after tether will collapse and exposed as money laundering and then it will be over for real
did you see what happened these days?
wall street shorted btc to get a fat ass return on futures. tether printed something like 500M in 3 days or less to keep btc alive.
Imagine now a second round or a third round the next months

It is a bubble. But at the same time it will take some more years until it bursts and it will still giveaway trillions of $ to coiners until then.

It's a bubble, and the bubble has popped several times. But each time it recovers and grows stronger. This will continue to happen

Some Gook banker makes a sell order a bit too large and the price takes a dive, sensible investors decide to liquidate and it tanks and never recovers. Then everyone forgets about crypto and moves on.

Crypto is interesting. It both is and isn't a bubble.

BTC and many shitcoins are in a speculation bubble. They aren't very useful and most of their price is hype only. But on the other hand, there are a handful of legit projects that are ridiculously undervalued, being both useful and gaining real-world adoption, having the actual potential to significantly improve the world in 1 - 5 years.

The problem is that the market can't tell those projects from useless shitcoins because it lacks the technical and financial understanding to evaluate them.

Does the stock market have memes as good as us?

I think the only way it will end is if/when severe regulation starts. As it is is basically legal robbery, and you can earn a lot robbing. Your 10x might be the life earnings of 10 pajeets.

It is. There is no need for any value for the "payload" in a transactional system. Crypto is just old plain butter on a even older bread. Blockchain, the whole spiel is nice and will be used by "the system" when it matures.
The whole "transfer of value" currently used is based on a assumed worth of some bits and bytes. Coins 2.0 will have a different system, based on true resources like a container full of gold or something like that. Tether/USDT seems to operate exacly on that: if you put 200$ into it, they buy 200$ somewhere to ensure that transaction. This is the future. 90% of the typical blockchain ideas make no sense at all. PnD tulips

It's not that back and white. First, as long as the market keeps growing, nobody apart from bad traders loses money until the final bagholders. Second, if it's currency we're trading, nobody actually theoretically really loses value, they just exchange it into a different format. If anything loses value because of this, it's fiat. In practice tons of people still will lose because most cryptos out there currently are worthless as currency and utility.

Also anybody who risks their money on a market as volatile as this is responsible for their own losses. It's the same thing in stocks as well.

Everything is a bubble

Between all this retarded rambling you seem to have a point that most coins aren't really that valuable because blockchains would be most useful for transferring fiat. Which is correct, except that it doesn't mean unregulated cryptos wouldn't also be valuable for some uses like third world countries or as value store. But the real future of blockchain is gonna be the one platform to rule them all, something that allows transferring anything and not just a certain token.

that would be fucking hilarious
it can end badly even without regulations and there are already regulations in some countries for capital gains
the truth is there will be a point where there won't be enough fools who are willing to buy our memes
we buy shitcoins expecting a greater demand in the future, the HODL meme is the definition of this shit. nobody is knowing what they are doing, they just buy and HODL XDD while whales play around

not only a bubble most of its shitcoins are PONZI'S

the blockchain technology has a future but not these shitcoins

Then you should stay a nocoiner. If you aren't able to find the good projects and understand what they're doing and why it's a good thing for the world economy, you'll never make it. People like you are the ones who hold BTC in hopes of selling it higher later, without having any idea about what they put their money into.

>convince me crypto is not a bubble

It's a stone, OP. You didn't make it.

>30 years of wagecucking
>30 years paying taxes
>gov waste the money in refugees
>last 20 years of your life living for free expecting a return from your taxes
>gov reserve out of money
>make the taxes from the young pay the old
>the system needs a constant flow of new people to dont crash

Convince me is not a bubble

I wasn't actually saying that, friend. There are 2 projects that I believe are actually revolutionary. They aren't trying to force their tokens as the new meme world currency, they're offering new utility, fairness and practical benefits to the world. The tokens will likely go up in price and be adopted as currencies to a certain degree, but that will be only a side effect of the projects' adoption.

it is a bubble
it has bursted several times
it will keep going up
it will keep bursting
but in the end it keeps getting bigger
eventually itll be as big as the internet itself

lol i'm talking about the average investor in crypto
i'm 100% in ICX though and i'm not chasing PnDs

Everyone forgets the new paradigm. You're telling me when the older generations who hold most of the stock and traditional investments die off, their kids will ignore the crypto market and stay in the old ways?

You think the masses of college and grad students are coming out after seeing the way this market has been, and not trying to get in on the action? This market has tons of room to grow.

Define "bubble." Apple and Amazin were part of the dot com bubble, no? Are they not worth way tf more now?

yeah i can agree on that. Obviously valuable projects will survive and find a real use case just like with the dot com bubble

stay on you 12% / year s&p500 tracker normie scum.

>Good for the world economy


You seem like a smart guy. It's good to question the current state of crypto. I'm sure we'll see some major crashes still, but eventually the real projects will be separated from the garbage. And again, the important thing here is that the real projects are a tiny fraction of the market, so the collateral is probably gonna be major.

I've personally been taking reasonable amounts of profit on the uptrends. No matter how much you believe in a project it can still suffer an extreme crash when the rest of the market is walking on thin ice.

You're mistaken me i am bullish on crypto my point was to prove that everything is pretty much a ponzi scheme and it is not a big deal it will burst crash and go back up and crash again and back up again reaching new highs every time, crypto is here to stay!

maybe somebody could convince you that it isn't

but it is

There is no "crypto market" to take the place of the conventional market, you retard

The actual markets have a real world value, memecoins are complete make-believe that could cease to hold any value overnight.

I didn't say it was good for the world economy. Maybe it would be if it was priced for what it is worth, black market and tax evasion, that is.

No debating that it still does act as a kind of a store of value currently. It's pretty much the same thing as gold, both have limited utility and are massively overvalued because people think they're good places for parking your money.

Let's talk about bubble when market is valued over 10 trillion dollars.

And then there's the nocoiner retard who only understands absolutes and hates making profits. You probably buy gold too, right?

This is a good point, gold is valued tens of times more than all of crypto. Stock markets are in a speculative bubble (stocks being overvalued in relation to dividends / company value). So far crypto as a whole is still rather tame, but that doesn't necessarily mean a crash can't come sooner than you expect.

my same thought. We will see how it goes

Working definition of a bubble:
>The price goes up because the price has been going up

Evidence that bitcoin is not a bubble:
>The price has been going down for 1 month


I believe this is the future we are headed for. This week's dip was meant to be way worse but Tether propped up the market by printing more money. It isn't sustainable.
read this if you want to understand what happened
the drop from 13k to 11k and the high volume during the dip are pretty much a confirmation of this manipulation
Tether saved our ass this time and i'm pretty sure wall street cleared the order book as soon as futures were closed. We will see next month what's their endgame

I could list THOUSANDS of dot com companies that have come, ipo’d and are bankrupt/broke/delisted since 1996. There WILL be SOME COINS years from now that will be mega valuable... but if you told me in 2000 that Amazon and EBay are valuable I would say that’s believable but PriceLine not so much.
Your guess is as good as mine now.

thanks man, good read

lol wat crypto is a coin not a bubble but ive been here for a week so wat do i know

Bubble is funny thing as cryptocurrency can't really ever die. At worst your assets may become less valuable. The currency isn't the only usecase for coins either, they have also been used to represent various assets we already have in our current financial system as well. I think eventually all stocks, etc will be replaced with cryptocurrency tokens as the system itself works and scales better, there's also no need for trusted party to hold your assets or buy your assets from especially when decentralized exchanges are becoming more widespread. The currencies we have in crypto already work better than "bank money" for sending around, and again you don't have to trust someone in every transaction, or even when you store your money. The currency can also be programmed and automated, replacing some bottlenecks and trust problems from our current system. This is basically same thing as what's happening to job, shit gets automated.

it's not a bubble

Crypto has the best memes, the greatest memes, the strongest memes.

Best read i have in a while thanks

clearly not the same shape OP i hope you are convinced



maximum truth

It could take years... or it could be over in 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes balls to make money. Other times it's better to measure your balls, consider how much you appreciate them, and live to fight another day.

>First, as long as the market keeps growing, nobody apart from bad traders loses money until the final bagholders
Thanks for defining a ponzi scheme.

You're right though. Caveat emptor

This is basically what I see happening too. Crypt has opened the floodgates for people to gain value on their money without being lisenced traders, and due to the nature of the blockchain you can see where the money is flowing, both of those things take the power out of centralized government and corporate entities and give it to people which is why I see this tech sticking around. Plus being able to fund literally any project on the blockchain is a plus, pink slip stocks are a horrendous method of gathering capital for small business compared to crypto.

I will never not laugh at this

Nice thoth get.