Pump & Dump groups

Thoughts on this? This group for example...:
...has made 200%-500% pumps that lasted for minutes! Surely there must be a lot of profit to be had here.

Other urls found in this thread:


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It's real and the gains are HUGE but its risky. But if youre smart you can stack your coins with 20% profit a day. Sounds insane right

Have some more Discord groups:


i'd pump him if you know what i mean


when can we ban discord posting?


why, what's your fucking problem with it?

its not like discord threads are flooding Veeky Forums

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but isn't the dumping done almost entirely at the cost of group members who are 15 seconds late to the party?

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You have to be fast, but often with pumps on Binance for example, outsiders come in thinking its mooning.

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Turned my 2.5k into 4.5k within 3 days in this pump group. Shit's crazy. But ive also hears people with big losses

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People who organize them and then shill links are thopse who get to enjoy the "pump" part
Poor fuckers who get recruited are there for the "dump" part
Every time you see a link for a P&D group ask yourself: was I the one who posted this link? Where would that leave me if I joined?
Anyway there's no reason you shouldn't take 1% from your crypto portfolio, try one and see for yourself



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How long do their pumps last? Is there a danger that I'll click the buy or the sell button five seconds too late?

Normally ten mins, but it's literally a scam and not worth the risk. They have seperate discord groups where they plan it and a second which they post on boards like this to screw people like you over

how do they scam you? They dump earlier than they tell you to?

been 3 times, probably not going this year though the group is gonna do something else. fucking love it.

if i do end up going someone needs to make a crypto totem

yes. also the admins/organizers like stack up wayyy before the pnd and have an exact sell order set

if you buy in just one or two seconds too late there is a high chance you are fucked and left with your bags.

I literally sit there anxiously, switch tabs the exact second the coin is posted, click buy with lightning speed and still buy way higher than most other people. even in the few cases it HAS worked for me I made little gains because of that.

Rave in which country?