Are we just going to ignore the fact that this is Bitconnect 2.0?

Are we just going to ignore the fact that this is Bitconnect 2.0?

Mods please ban this annoying as fuck tether fud posts




This is retarded user. Tether is not a Ponzi scheme. FFS they don't even promise any returns, and they aren't soliciting deposits from normans.

Explain how bitcoin is over 10k after most of South Korea pulled out. LET'S GET TEEETHEEEEEEEEEEEEERED BY THE IFINEX ITALIANS

Tether survived the storm and bitconnect didn’t do proof is in the pudding

holy shit were you not around for the last 2 crashes that happened from pretty much the same situation?
>china bans
>korea bans
blah blah blah, there was a valuation of bitcoin long ago which put it at 12k

there are actual tehter shills in the wild, huh

the more you know

Tether Up
We are going to 20x eom

I said Korea sold. And they did. Look at the fucking volumes and market cap decreases on the Korean exchanges starting from the 8th of January. Korea were pumping bitcoin and tron and shit hard before that. The new KYC laws actually being implemented have halted normal trading and KRW part of the market is flat. Let me ask you this... how do you think they keep Tether at around 1$ times?

Tether can't have the market crash, hence why they're always printing more to keep the prices up and "stable". If the market actually crashes the massive liquidity issues behind Tether will come to light.

by adding more you dumbass shill. Stop making these threads
OH KOREA SOLD? Who gives a fuck? This has happened 3 times before, a 50% correction was expected for months

Tether has plenty of users and liquidity. Arb bots are used to confirm each is $1. You can exchange your tether for fiat on 2 exchanges

so fuck off already

ok let me explain why u should not be worried in the short run

this coin was made and strongly tied to bitfinnex

bitfinnex is working on ethfinnenx at the moment. If bitfinnex wanted to exit scam, why would they devote resources to this shitty ethfinnex platform? we are A - OKAY.

>bitconnect is fine
>why else would they devote resources to this shitty bitconnectX

its not the storm tether has to survive, its the audit

the difference is that binconnect is clearly a scam, while tether has shown no signs of going concern

>while tether has shown no signs of going concern
riiight... go fuck yourself, scamfinex shill.

The scam is bitfinex and tether.
ethfinnex is their exit strategy.

Whats the point of FUDing this, you realize if teather exit scam it will be mtgox 2.0 btc will go below 1k

Her have billions non redeemable one dollar vouchers. Believe us

hey hey hey

>Tether is not a Ponzi scheme
As long as you're not the last one out...

fuck tether user
jibrel in few months will be first legit dollar on blockchain, tether will collapse

Cute shilling there.
They do look like a great way for russian oligarchs to hide money safely, thought.

I mean, Tether is probably a scam, it's just not a Ponzi.

Audit when? I heard last one was pretty long ago and another one might be due?