Tfw rich but have a low I.Q and overall shit genetics

>tfw rich but have a low I.Q and overall shit genetics.

Any other anons share this feel? I know it's uncommon to be wealthy and have a low I.Q. no matter how rich we are, or our families are we can never fix our shit genetics. I'd give away all my crypto gains, and live my life with a middle class family just if it meant I could have a high I.Q, and an attractive face. What's the point of being rich when you're dumb and ugly?

>tfw high IQ, and Veeky Forums, born into lower-middle class in recession, grew up poor
made it to a top 5 school and a 150k/yr job
after grad,

but a lot of girls i meet come from old money and parents only want them to marry old money, for family connections, trust funds, assets and what not. No matter how much I make, it'll never be enough as those korean aristocrats.

there are two sides to every coin, man.

>tfw attractive, smart, and funny
life is good boys

What the fuck, find someone outside the 1% of old money fucks. There's an ocean to choose from, even in Worst Korea

How did you figure out you were dumb? Most dumb people are under the impression that they're smart.

if we were smart, we wouldn't be at the point where we surf on Veeky Forums

>tfw high iq, attractive, funny, charming, assertive, industrious
>but also rock bottom for politeness and orderliness
It's a weird kind of feel.

>Tfw when dumb, ugly, unlikable, poor, depressed

>tfw attractive, intelligent, funny, decently well-off

No crypto gains though :(

How much dough do you have? Live life like a king in some tropical country. That works even if you're dumb (though I doubt you're actually dumb rather than average) and ugly.

You can make facegainz with Veeky Forums. If you need some advice to get started i can help you out

It's all in your head user. I am assuming you are a guy. Fuck people with your money. Impregnate bitches with your "shit" genes. Everybody is a prostitute they only have different price tags.

well, due to my current employment, and the friends i made at school, most of the girls i date are in that group. I discovered this type of girl in college and i've been addicted to them ever since. The thing is I can fool them and make them think i'm one of them, too. Since the car I drive, clothes I wear, how I talk is all part of their lifestyle.

It lasts until someone finds out about my home town.

sorry, senpai, i wish I could go back to the poor girls.

Looks and intelligence fade over the years. But money, at worst, will keep pace with inflation and at best will grow super-exponentially. Provided you don't waste it away, your money is the only part of you that's timeless.

You failed son

attractiveness comes from within my Veeky Forumsbrother. Worship the Lord.

How about normal middle-class girls? Rich Korean girls sound horrible, do they just break up with you because you're not from Seoul?

Being rich can compensate for a whole lot
Just remember, there is a thot out there for you somewhere

680k networth with no debts, I'm only 23 though so it's pretty good for my age. My parents are worth around 8-9 million.

>tfw average intelligence and poor


>tfw dumb enough to work for paper

I always knew I was dumb, even has a kid. From taking an I Q test and becuase I always got low scorers on standardized tests.

Not really, I'm not fat so that wouldn't matter, facial attractiveness is all about facial bone structure.

1. Move away from your current social situation/location
2. Hire a personal trainer to improve your body/posture
3. Get your own place
4. Improve your style
5. Get in therapy, you seem to have deeper issue than just your face/IQ

This pretty much desu

The real problem here is you.
You could literally avoid Old Money thots and meet someone who prefers to live a modest lifestyle and devote their free time to something altruistic.

> tfw worked as a quant at a boutique london investment firm
> tfw strikingly handsome
> tfw sociopath tier skills in building rapport with anybody out there
> tfw functioning bipolar type 2 with possible schizobipolar tendencies. cant survive without mood stabilizers. "feel" empty and detached from all reality.
you cant have it all user. enjoy what you have while you can

No, not about being from Seoul. it's about how much money my family has. Last one came from a real-estate empire. We worked at the same place too, so exact same income. But because of where I was born, they didn't approve.

You are 100% correct. It's like a drug.

if you realuze that, you 're probably not as dumb as you think.
Living healthy and working out will raise your potential by the way. Use your money to optimize yourself.

Did you at least get to fugg?

680k is fucking great (inb4 Veeky Forums-billionaires, I'd love to have that kind of money. It's perhaps not for a whole life of leisure, but it's a very good start. Go live abroad for a while. Learn a language or two. Become interesting.

Same /bizro. Plus I have a hot wife with a yoga ass. But I suck at crypto. =/

I'm pretty good looking desu, but im so fucking socially retarded so my looks doesn't matter anymore as soon as i open my mouth.

ofc man, koreans are the best.

>tfw good looking
>tfw big cock
>tfw 99.9 percentile iq
>tfw bitcoin early adopter
>tfw working relationship with several of the greatest thinkers alive
>tfw poor and literally homeless but a decent crypto portfolio

ain't nothing wrong with being a little schizo

>such a failure you blame the genetics and not yourself

Congrats man. What investments have made you the most money?

well, at least you're not gay

>tfw attracted to women
>tfw bottom


you're on Veeky Forums so I highly doubt this

holy shit you guys are insecure and retarded. glad i Don't post here anymore

>implying knowing multiple languages is interesting
wow you can swear in cantonese? that's amaaaazing

domme lul

ETH mostly. 70% of my profolio is ETH.

"feel" empty and detached from all reality.

That's a good thing. Everyone's stressed over things that don't matter and we're all going to the same place. The only thing to do is to enjoy and teach others to enjoy this existence.

b-b-but you just posted?

Are you me user?
>be me
>grew up lower middle class
>130 mensa tested IQ
>200k/year wagecuck
>semi-Veeky Forums
>7.5" and girthy
feels pretty good m8

> posts here

If you're rich you can build yourself a nice face with plastic surgery, shouldn't be more than 200k. Get the best teen you can, jawline implants, chin implant, a nose job and some other stuff depending on severity of your ugliness and voila.

Pic related. Tom Cruise

Meh genetics, meh pay but I live a Spartan lifestyle and get to reap that sweet net income.


>Insecure and retarded

Yup, sounds like most of the Veeky Forums boards.

I personally threw away countless opportunities to become a millionaire over the past year through my own sheer brainlet-ness. Now I'm only worth about $340k.

>Panic sold the bottom of ETH and LTC yesterday. Owe double digit taxes for 2017 and could have had paper gains in the multi-millions based on coinbase purchases alone if I didn't day trade.

make yourself attractive mate.

drop $12k on getting perfect teeth via porcelain veneers (google it)

workout at the gym. you've got time now considering you don't need a job

prepare to go to graduate school after 1-2 years (law school, business school, etc) to be well-educated

travel the world with your gains until you go to grad school

find old money girl there

marry her

genetically superior babies are now yours

I have a low I.Q, do you really think I could go to Law school, idiot? Or any sort of University?

I'm always wondering how my friends would react. They would probably think I'm some vain insecure faggot. How would you even explain that?

intelligence is fluid. play project azriel (video game designed by the office of naval intelligence to maximize soldiers' IQ) and dual n-task (neurologially validated method of improving fluid intelligence via video game) for hours everyday.

if you are as stupid as you say you are, don't bother trying. intelligence is nothing more than a combination of genetics and determination. what you lack in the former you can make up in the latter.

if you're still hopeless, maybe you should kill yourself

Why do you even care what they think? You will literally become much better looking and with that will become more confident. Be like yeah, I did it cause I can afford it, fuck off.

1. Why homeless?

2. How are you posting?

>5 figures in crypto
>3 figures in USD
>higher iq but not work ethic, therefore failure
>worked out for 2 years, never got bigger than 150lb, never got definition, was on keto as well
>no life
>fuck as many girls from tinder, same as i did when i was working out
>8/10 face

i guess the lesson i learned was that as long as the girls have low standards, i am fine