Pray this 19yo student makes it

Hopefully this year will be my year boys and ill get to 6 figures soon without no whales shitting on my forehead

Godspeed, brother.

I recommend getting in icx for the short term, main net on the 24th and an annual summit on the 31st. Im a 21 year old student but my portfolio is half, hopefully we hit 6 figs this year brah

INT and CRED will moon first

I wish but no more money boss :(

We are all gonna make it, except the pajeets.

>making it
>not having any Verge

Well, good luck.

Sell bnty you fucking retard

Nice thread. Thanks op!

Move your stacks desu, dont touch your VEN, I would even recommend adding onto it

Instead of telling me to sell something maybe recommend something to sell it for? Spastic

when mainnet releases everyone gets their bonus , guess what happens next

Yeaaa I'm going to wait till BNTY hits its old ATH of .90cents then Ima sell it and all in on VEN hopefully that'll happen before 24th Feb so I can all in VEN and x2 my portfolio minimum after THOR rebrand happens

Sold all my BNTY and FUN two of the most well memed coins. Memes are fucking great and I will regret not being part of the smug cowboy and smug anime girl circlejerk but I gotta make them real gains bros

>6 figures
>buy Verge

XDDDDDDDDDD so funny man

what was your initial


you sold FUN two weeks before one of the most important moments for the project ever?

I bought INT forgot to mention.

Salty about cred because I shilled it first on Veeky Forums and sold early af

>he doesn't know

take profits out, send them to smaller coins keep 2 or k 3 in cash to buy dips,

btw ether delta released a new coin and its 7 cents...but using ether delta is a pain in the ass be warned.

It was 15k and it turned to 75k pre market crash :( but its slowly recovering and building up to that once it does Ima just go 80-90% VEN pre rebrand and get a strength node

Meh I'm all in, but I'm in for the long haul so I'm not cashing out anytime soon so I won't take out my profits unless I go over 6 figures then I'll take out the profits and chase moon missions with 20k investments

I'm about to sell off all my Verge (breaking even at 12 cents) as well as maybe my ARK and get into ICX and VEN. Tell me why this is a good or bad idea

Why would he buy erc20 tokens outside of ICOs
Not to mention he has more chances of buying xlm and x2ing that fucking icx
What a pajeet scammer you are

the FOMO was great. But FUN will dump medium term until (if) it gets real adoption by casino websites and bookies.

I'm a real gambler and FUN is too high market cap for me. My capital is low so I need more than a x2 from FUN (I bought FUN at 2 cents)

I'd say it's a good idea go 65/35% VEN-ICX since ICX is already too 20 and VEN isn't so VEN has more room to grow and rebranding is next month so Itll defo boom and ICX is a good coin too with good potential better than verge anyway IMO

if you really want to 2x fast, go all in on QASH. thank me later

how much money do you have in the bank? or all in crypto? do you work at all? im also a 19yrold student so just wanna compare see how im doing to other bizbros

where is TRON?


I only have like 2k in the bank bro I don't keep much there most of it is in crypto yeah

>no dbc

>no link

>no eth

>no usdt

i hope you lose all ur money u asshole

the fact that you're 19 and have the brain capacity to be on biz, talking about crypto, you're doing fine fag.

> 23 240,000 portfolio, 234 in the bank

Also nope i don't work, never worked

Salty? I had 30k DBC which I sold because of my weak hands at 50cents but I bought in at 20cents, I bought more VEN and BNTY and yes t was worth it because my BNTY doubled in the last day

>owns KEY

yeah you gon make it son, unlike me who missed out on the amazing ico

help. been in for 5 weeks and still managing to make terrible moves and overdiversified. i needed to not spend time on biz and just hodl.

Why don't you get it from kucoin bro it's only 4cents

Too diversified bro only diversify like that once you reach 10k+

This guy is a fucking inbred retard who’s portfolio is $800. I’m assuming you’re aware of BNTY’s busy short-term future since you hold it, OP?
- Bit-Z listing
- Alpha 2.0 in Feb
- Just hires Michael Stollaire as Tech advisor, and is deeply connected with Binance
- 50mill MC still

sell everything except ETH and ZRX, buy some link

Fill up on some more PFR, and you'll truly make it

i gotcha guys. i did overdiversify and got too excited on everything. how do i go about selling and buying strategically? do i sell now before a dip and hold it in btc until zrx dips? or do i do it right away just to get it over with. Set a buy order -20% or something?


You're gonna make it, hodl to $10

Britbong counterpart of OP except poorer
How did I do?

Definitely OP, BNTY in for big moves in Feb!!

I think you'll make it, defo making it to 50k gauranateed just HODL

Now I think best time is to sell and buy since market is recovering slowly prices will just increase, sell everything and keep 1-2 coins once they x2+ sell and chase moon missions till you reach 10k then buy a long term HODL

suggestions for my 1-2 main coins? Are you not at all concerned about a bear market. Seems like everyone was freaking out the last few days and you already say it is recovering.

bounty chain looks very cool. Gonna buy some

Not worried desu, if you invest in real world use coins you have nothing to worry about bro, because it'll be implemented outside the crypto world too, (VEN/BNTY, many others)

good point, what are some coins with good usecase? I understand DYOR, but it seems like every coin promises real world use. How can i differentiate?

You'll want XLM and ICX. Otherwise you'll want to do at least a few peak sales and dip rebuys to increase your stacks. You have a good path, just maybe not the most direct. VEN and WTC are peas and carrots.