Loving my FUN again!

So glad I bought more fun at 650. Back up to 930+ and climbing. Sitting comfy with my 135k. :)

Told you fuckers to buy it when it hit low 700s...

I have only 1% of your FUN user.

W-will I make it too?

Sure, you will make 5x on your 1.3k. :)

I didn't have any money, I had already spent everything I had on crypto and my other crypto was way down as well.


I'm all in on FUN, but torn to go 50/50 with XLM.
Help me OP

Love XLM... Tough call which will moon first. FairX is a big deal for XLM.

I was considering going 50/50 when FUN would be up and XLM down a bit, but they always decline and raise at the same time.

In FUN made a good choice XLM goes up and down all the time.

121k FUN here

Am I gonna make it?

Damn fucking straight


1k FUNlet here. Still having FUN!

best coin ever

Yep, here is mine...

I'm really fucking torn on this as well.

I have 2k XLM , bought it at fucking 400 Sats but still only 2k.

I have 18k Funfair that I got in at 350 sats. Is it worth transferring or should I just sit back and wait for my Honda Civic and my Corvette to arrive.

I sold half my fun during the dip to try to buy it lower and it took off without me. Currently have that money in BNB trying to catch up with FUN. If i buy back in now I am losing 1200 FUN. Should i keep trying to catch up with it or should i cut my losses? I dont want it to reach ICE and take off without me! This is my first crypto blunder.

I bought $500 worth at $.16

Yu'll bè alright don't worry

If I only waited like 12hrs i could have bought in at

Try .17 user
we-we'll make it too i think

I'd wait, high chance it will dip later today or honestly this week. I don't know of any reason why it would complete a moon mission today or even EOM, the real stuff is in Feb/March



$.8 checking in for FUN

3398 tickets to FUN I have been growing my stack slowly swing trading when is judgement day? I don't want to get caught out of FUN :(

I was waiting for weeks to buy in waiting for the dip and decided a few hours before it dropped 50% was the best time to buy

I bought in a week before the dip so that doesn't make me stupid

does it?

100% fun unironically, holding all feb

got 4000 FUN in at .18. Been buying the dips to make up for it but damn.

0.30$ by end of February, screencap this

You spelled January wrong

>not being able to predict the future

When do we sell, realistically how high can FUN go?

$1 EOY
whenever you want to?

I made the leap. Poorfag all I could only put in $150, more down the line. Will I make it bros