Need a quick 2x anons

Need 2x in some low cap gem (1.5 ETH -> 3 ETH), 4 days tops, shill me something pls

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Buy Espers now on Yobit good sir


HORSE (10m market cap)

Confido or bcc

> ICO launched on January 1st, sells out within 48 hours.
> Bittrex and/or Binance when?
> co-founder is the former Chief Marketing Officer of $NEO
> has only seen very early adoption in Asia so far, the west is yet to notice $BTO flying under the radar.

penis everywhere else sir can't

looked into sir but won't moon unless exchange, smells like BBT hold this one, ain't got no time for BBT type of holds

can I get these on mtgox or mintpal sir?


IND. Very low market cap, on Liqui, has never mooned, has a reasonable application.

What would it do?
I mean do you really need a blockchain to share data?
The whole concept seems stupid. This is exactly why this bubble will pop.

This, take a look at Tron and link also


blockarry token release tomorrow. if u get in early easy 2x, with in a week 10-20x. not even joking. dyor. 8 mill hardcap. competitor to vechain, wabi.

I apologize you couldn't find the information you were looking for.

see you at $0.50 monday

Made 0.3 ETH riding today's TRX pump, I'm leaving this shit be for some sideways action now. Link is overshilled here, get the vibes there's tons of delusional bagholders in this one. Seriously, what do you think about ICX? Been going sideways for quite some time off it's 9k something Buterin peak, bound for mini moon soon?

I'm Just trolling man, are you serious?

You should have been staying up for multiple days in a row consuming copious amounts of stimulants and watching the market. I bought in when the cap dropped to 414 billion and got NULS for 2.90. Now it's 6.12! Kek!


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Yeah I know man, but I'm serious.. Am looking at INS/ICX/ETHORSE for quick potential gains with INS probably the winner. If the lamden bros work on exchanges TAU will 2x, but I don't envision this to be very soon. Too long a hold with these ED only tokens and you can remain with bags in no time. My trading is ADHD, get in couple of quick jabs and GTFO to ETH safety net.

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More like 0.05

Ok i Will give you a serious advice, wait for the next drop and buy FunFair

Thanks for reminding anons, I think we have a winner.. I actually had this marked somewhere but forgot.


Do you have an estimated time of release?

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SUMO should be rocketing off again soon, ARGUS gets decent volume for a shitcoin

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Massage obviously.

not 4 days but 7

Devery ico is going to close its first 12 hours with individual cap
after this all remaining tokens will be sold first come first serverd, you dont need kyc or whitelist

this is easiest 2-3x in one week faggot

Tell me more about ARY. Where and when can I buy this?