So someone pls explain why this isn't the bull trap right now?

So someone pls explain why this isn't the bull trap right now?

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Because of delusion. It might not be, but I'd say the chance of it being one is a lot higher.

It is.

Lots of morons bought at 18k+ and now they wish it's not a bull trap.

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I think we are. Wallstreet is just setting up the dominos to nuke us poor fucks. We won't really know until after it happens.

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the bull trap was at 17k

Safe hedge while we go down?

Thinking chopping my BTC in for ETH to weather storm incoming

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>Bull trap

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Tether, Eths going to drop too. pointless to move it into anything but Tether

Those morons who bought at 18k+ and are still holding will probably hold if there's another dip. Lotsa people gonna be dead fucking set on not selling for a loss which is exactly what is needed.

It is. Sell everything.

tether safe from the rug being pulled?

How long has this stability period been? 24 hours? That is a lot longer in crypto markets than regualr markets. This could very well be the January clense but it may be the start of something epic too.

This dead cat bounce is a load of shit, but bull trap may be likely. Idf we make it 2 more days im convinced its done tho.

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i think were headed back to the low point of the crash before we build again

Once BTC hits 1k and everyone start trying to cash out of USDT into fiat, then you'll see some serious shit.

no one fucking knows whats going to happen, we need to consolidate over 10k for the next week to be out of this deep correction. why the fuck would this be a bull-trap. theres TA to support both bear and bull trap, dont listen to these dipshits on Veeky Forums. no one fucking said shit about us having a massive correction a few weeks ago, everyone was bullish af. hardly anyone sold off ATH to buy in this dip.

what about that massive 35% BTC correction we had on dec 21st? was that a bull trap? no it fucking wasnt. not everyone rebound off a massive dip is a bull trap. i swear you guys are dumb as fuck.

before then we OK i guess. full USDT now on my day trading balance.





i am fomoing hard and thinking of buying in again. i cashed out just before the crash 2 days ago and seeing all these coins gain 30% in 24 hours really makes it look like i am missing out.

i do think its a bull trap though because ALL the coins have increased 30% and bitcoin is eerily stable between 11k-12k since the past 7-8 hours



> (OP)
>He has such a narrow pill shaped head.
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lol keep waiting faggot, FOMO back in when BTC breaks 14k so you can pay everything at a 100% premium. all these faggots saying bull trap are delusional. BTC will be 15-20k by the end of the month.

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>eerily stable between 11k-12k since the past 7-8 hours

that's called consolidation. not everything is a conspiracy you faggot. theres support at 11.5k and resistance at 12k. thats what happens.

ok sir. lets see what happens

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Actually many people tethered and bought the dip.

Not me though....



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Pajeet detected. have fun shitting in the street and wiping that ass with your Tether!

whats up with constant printing of tethers though? are they doing it to artificially support the value of bitcoin?

it was joke faggot. you're such a gullible retard


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What are you expecting?

My thought would be that BTC would skyrocket if people resort to selling their USDT for Bitcoin then transferring it then selling through Coinbase.

I'm expecting everyone to buy USDT when BTC starts falling again. Once they see it crashing, many will panic and try to flee the market altogether thinking that it's the end of crypto and they should get as much fiat out as soon as possible by converting their USDT into USD. Bank run scenario without the gov their to bail USDT out.

All of you fuckers better respect the Natty king



Because this is the next internet faggot.
Did you see hurricane Jose? 5 Hurricanes could hit the new york stock exchange in the next 20 years, decentralized stores of value are going to change the world like the internet did.
Also this market cap is fucking nothing.
You just have to worry about public perception and all these faggot exchanges printing tether and inflating the price despite all the normies having bought ripple at $3 and now they're gone.

I'm in the same spot. Caught between trying to take advantage of this stupid market and making the smart play.

Only if this breaks through 13.5k convincingly will I start second guessing myself.