You have 2 seconds to explain how this image is wrong and how things won't just return to median

You have 2 seconds to explain how this image is wrong and how things won't just return to median.

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9k was despair
also back to plebbit faggot


Extra chart for funsies.

Not an argument.

It is and it's done.

Literally made by a fucking GEOGRAPHY professor.


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>4 year old memes

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>buy high sell low
>look to Veeky Forums for all your information
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>posts on Veeky Forums
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>being this mad that you bought at 18k

>hey guise im an oldfag

>7 posts by this ID
>Calling others mad

>he thinks I would ever go near blegacy for them 20% moon missions

>still responding angrily
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Jesus you idiots really did buy in at 18k

Because now we've got a wildcard

>still responding angrily
>still no argument
Literally applies to every post you've made in this thread. Also this

Bought in at $300
Feels good man

>literally just entering mania

You know op - sell me your coins and hop out of the game before you lose everything.

>aunt had the chance to buy in at $5 in the infancy days
>passed on it

I understood why, but FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

Mean, not median.
And the mean depends on the timescale, doesn't it? If bitcoin keeps climbing for the next six months, maybe the mean is 20k? 25k? The average of bitcoin for the past month is what, 13k? Past year might be more like 6k. But it completely depends on the range. The mean bitcoin price for the next five years might be 50k for all you know, who the fuck knows?


My portofolio looks exactly like your meme. Were already through the dispair.