Give me name of ONE coin listed on binance that is going to moon in the next 12 hours

give me name of ONE coin listed on binance that is going to moon in the next 12 hours

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Fuck off and DYOR

DYOR listed on binance?????
Gotta get me 100k ASAP


... or REQ

REQ is showing some nice gains right now, seems to be tapering off though. Hopefully it gets back to where it was before the crash

AION is pretty much set up for moon



TRX will run up again tonight

literally any of them





I'm guessing everyone is just DYOR and actually don't want to help out too much. I myself am looking to recoup a loss during the dip I made on a bad deal so I'm looking at prospects. I don't see too much in news coming for any coin really and I'm struggling to find a good place for my ETH. I already got VEN loaded and this is my other 20% I want to put in and just hodl for a while for some gains. Sorry I can't be more of help op but I'm considering ZRX, WABI and maybe stepping into BNB again.




Sumo is picking up momentum at a steady pace and is super low marketcap

Was thinking this.

And is not listed on Binance brainlet

AST has a high chance of 70%

How come? Sorry for brainlet tier but I just want a place to out my money

In the next hours don t know, the coming days, most probably AMB recovering the dip from yesterday. Be fast

I have a feeling about IOTA. Slow and steady buildup despite the moons around it, volume still low but building. Threw a k at it this AM on a gamble

Plenty of good reasons, devs, ideas, usecases, price, market cap, supply, lack of pajeets etc. But it's a longer hold, if it moon missions short term it will be x2/x4.

The REQ team is probably going to post their announcement in around 16 hours or so. So it won't technically be mooning in the next 12 hours, but you can't do much better than 16 for a sure thing.

I highly doubt it. TRX is a scam and only normies hold it.

INS. Maybe not soon but definetely will moon

what kind of announcement

Any source for mobile phone brainlet? I hate buying into these cheap billion dollar market cap coins but since I don't plan to hodl for long I could wet my feet with REQ once again

BNB negroid

You sold at ATH didn't you

fuck im stupid. I meant bought. i'll kill myself now

get bitconnects.
i've seen enough confido to know a moon mission when i see one.

Enigma for sure - No.1 potential, let's go you Faggots

I don't really like the idea that much. They only have interest in them but no actual partners when checking their website as of yet. I don't see anything other than recently listed as an indication of it mooning, again.

ICX... its the latest PCB pick rumors say

A status update, but if you've been following their progress, you know the REQ team puts in work so it will be positive

Not sure where an official source is, but they do announcements every other Friday and the last one was posted at 4AM PST. Here is a reddit thread discussing the announcement.

ASAP listed on Binance?????
Gotta get me 100k ASAP

Get trx at 700 says if you can before tonight.


INS Ecosystem

Check it out bro. It was listed 3 days ago which was probably the worst time ever. It dropped its mcap from 100 mil to 50 ha. It's a very young coin too. Ico was last month and hit shit exchanges early January.

>12 hours