I don't have enough chainlink.

OP is objectively a faggot =/

Daytraded 6666 XRP to 600 XRP

I promised to cash out mi initial investment when it reached 6k.
Reached +11k and haven't cashed out shit.
Then everything crashed.
I'm a greedy fuck and I deserved it.

bought ADA before i realised its a scamcoin

set stop-limits to protect your profits as the coin goes up

had 100eth snd intended to go all in the ICX ico but went to a lecture instead.
should be a millionaire and out of this shithole uni.

I'm poor as fuck as using my credit card to buy coins.

I’m...I’m a Decemberfag.

well the good news is you have nothing to lose if you have to declare bankruptcy

I sold close to the bottom.

I feel nothing anymore, no amount of money is enough because I feel entitled to it, as soon as I hit a mark I just want more. My gains are are just fucking chains

Also I get more of a rush out of getting a 5 star character from a Gatcha game then I do finding a 10x coin.


95% of my posts are LARPing. Including this one

Daytraded 6500 EOS to 50 EOS
Thanks Bitfinex.

Now you know why millionaires/billionaires always want more. There's literally never an end to it.

But what can I do? Give it all away? I'd still be the same just poor, maybe I should try investing in my community or something.

I tried to scam Veeky Forums

No. Keep playing the game.
The rich always find ways to add meaning to their life while they chase increased wealth, like philanthropy.

And more money does actually increase your happiness, to a certain point. After you rich 1-2 million, the happiness gains drop off rapidly.

I bought £1000 ADA without even looking at it for 0.03 and didn't check it for a month then it got to $1.30ish, I do this regularly with shitcoins all the time and haven't been burnt yet.

I'll have some if you're offering.

I remember you. Crypto grandma?

Yeah that's I haven't reach there yest but I will soon so I'll see if it makes a difference. Hey faggot read the sticky, no begging.

Maybe you were scamming us because you have nothing else in your life because your a piece of shit? Go to church or something clean your soul.


Bought into a Palm Beach PnD (Zencash+Ripple).

what's wrong with that?

Hard when BTC and ETH are also crashing, optimal whould be stoploss to USDT.