Best way to make passive income with crypto ?

best way to make passive income with crypto ?
miner ? masternote ? staking? dividends?
what would you recommend and for which coin?
want to invest 5-6k

Arbitrage bot if you can come up with a good strategy and make it.
I'm too retarded for that unfortunately.

hold NEO, VEN and ETH.

put 50k into each and retire this year.

why VEN?
and does ETH have staking ? currently hold some still

Get some shitcoin masternode. In artx right now, ROI is 20 days.

what about payfair?
any other recommendations for some good masternodes?

He's trolling retard. All of those are going down.

If you plan on playing the long game give posw a look at

If you have just 5-6k theres no point. Get like 50k then put it into something with dividends, if you have 100k, then masternodes. Dividends are good for things that gain usage, risk is high there will be no wide usage, masternodes are good but you need a lot of money if you want to retire on their payouts

Really pajeet? Let me guess, you’re suggesting me to buy some waltons, am I right?

Masternodes provide the best passive income, without needing expensive mining equipment or using tons of electricity.

Just buy ODN masternodes at 15k and wait a year

it's actually easy
buy a nonshit coin and hold it for a while

you need more then 5k to make decent passive income or everyone would be doing it you peasant.

just put 5k in Ven, easy 10x EOY. Its going to explode just like antshares/neo watch

There is nothing you can stake, no dividends, that will pay out more than a few cents at a 5k buyin. You can build maybe two good miners at that price. You're looking at maybe $40-80/week. Passive income only works once you're so fucking wealthy you don't care about income anyway.

its easy, just buy bitconnect, and refer your friends, then you can all make passive income!

Why are you asking us Bog, aren't you the one pulling the strings?

Serious answer. Either buy an Antminer S9 or something else to mine with, or get a trading bot.
I'd reccomend the latter.

That’s literally the only good post I’ve see on biz in forever.

Where does one get a trading bot?

Any recommendations?

ponzicraft weapons unironically

this. payfair

10k for a payfair trust node. 20 mil mcap. working demo, active team in telegram with recent update and plenty more to come this month, not to mention the moon money you’ll make off the coin itself (other than the passive income)

ever heard of cloud mining? i know a very solid nigeran company

VEN will produce Thor, similar to NEO
VEN has very strong partnerships already and some fantastic rumors, it can easily outperform NEO.
ETH will have stacking, but details are unknown. There might be some threshold for stacking. ETH can flip BTC

These are actually less than 12K right now

Comfy with almost 5 MNs, waiting for the inevitable moon mission

Good luck beating the exchange's in-house arbitrage bot with 0 latency.

Google is useful in this instance, lol.
Profit trailer and gunbot are good

I'm gonna get made fun of for this but, buy a (resellable) marketplace on TRONdogs. With that you'll own one of 2k (limited) markets where people HAVE to buy from before the exchange market comes out. You just have to buy a new pet package every time your store sells out, and then you make a cut of the actual profit of TRX the store makes.

"The first package purchase cost 20 TRX , a total of 26 pets, each pet price of 20 TRX; second package purchase costs 200 TRX , a total of 26 pets, each pet price of 200 TRX; third package purchase costs 2000 TRX , a total of 26 pets, each pet price of 2000 TRX."

I'm store #69, and I've already made 2k TRX with the first set of puppies they've given me. We're not allowed to buy the packages yet. Pets usually sell out after 3 days.