Economics vs Computer Science

Which one should i choose to get a degree?

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Electrical Engineering with a minor in Finance
Best of both worlds, EE gets you all CS skills and more, and with that minor you can work in the financial sector with way more math knowledge than anyone else.


CS without a doubt,
I'm doing Economics and it's fucking bullshit, at least at my school

yeah? why?

Look my plan was to get an Economic degree and then a master and then maybe an MBA but that is going to take like idk 15years maybe?

And i want to work abroad, do economist get called to work abroad or is it difficult? I would like to work in Tokyo or something like that would be cool

Also college here is free

Definitely either engineering, economics, or something in the liberal arts (unironically).

OP, comp sci is just the white collar version of learning a trade like welding or pipefitting. There's nothing wrong with it, you can earn a modest to upper-middle class income with it, but obviously you're interested in making money, so I wouldn't advise it.

>making it

how much does a degree cost over 4-6 years? Think about how much more it would be if you invested that into an up and coming shitcoin

go back to school when you're so filthy rich nothing matters anymore, if only for your own entertainment

PPE at Oxford. Only degree worth shit.

Yeah im interested in making money but also i want to i want to move to another country and that kind of stuff so i don't know if a degree in economics would be good while i saw that Computer Science people can work everywhere in the planet

Econ is the study of how to make money. Every male Econ professor I’ve had so far is a multi millionaire

If you want to be an economist, major in math and then get an econ Ph.D.

Then learn it on the side or something, but don't waste an actual education on it. There are a ton of YouTube videos, codeacademy, books, etc. but University is a chance to actually learn something worthwhile, not a damn trade. Alternatively, there are definitely 2 year programs for learning compsci as a trade.

This. Hitch and Amis would be proud.

Funny enough, my AP Micro/Macro teacher back in high school worked at the school for free because he was retired (private school, big donor, yada yada yada) and wanted to do it in his spare time.

Good 'ole Coach Page.

College here in my country is free so that is not a problem

*was a retired investment banker

CS something with machine learning, AI is the future!

Econ major here, I just use Excel & write SQL all day (banking operations)

Disregard anything that won't make you money (bullshit arts and history type of shit), and then follow your interest. If you are really into economics and think you can be a top student, go for it. If not, then you better have connections or a strong desire to lick ass for the next 20 years after you graduate

Do CS. It pays (even if you don't graduate as a top student), it isn't boring, (like electrical engineering or any other traditioal engineering class), and if you get a sick idea, you know what it takes to set it into action.

Econ degree here and concur...go for comp sci

I interviewed for an econ job but messed up when they ask me the difference between macro and microeconomics

you cucks are all the same. do a degree what a 1 million other people will be doing because they see the 'gap' in the market. by the time yall graduate it'll be over inflated and no jobs, find the next omputer science you cuck



>opportunity cost

Also if you are capable of statistics and probability, go for actuary. You are treated as good tier in the insurance industry

That sounds like a "you" problem.

nice advice user, here as a neet buck.

To be honest im kinda more interested in economy but im sure i won't be a top student or something like that, besides i feel like my top priority which is moving to another country is going to be delayed several years due to master and MBA stuff

Its really hard to choose

God tier

>opportunity cost
What do you mean?

Isn't this the kind of stuff you learn on the first semester?

with CS...enjoy the Pajeet ride...

Yeah what ever that is why im trying to decide for one career and not trying to spend 3 years doing it to then find that i fucked up

CS you can learn econ in 2-3 weeks at most on the side

Dude, come on

>econ degree
>doesnt know difference between micro and macro

Businesses dont like hiring retards

I got a CS major and statistics minor and am happily employed as a software developer. I'd advise Econ if the school is prestigious, CS if it isn't. Everyone FUDs about CS being overdaturated but that's only said by people with zero social and networking skills.

Always cute when EE's take one C class and think they've learned everything in a CS program.

Do ee and just become a quant at a hedge fund, make big $$$

I'm a software engineer with a CS degree and my sister is an econ major who works at a major insurance company. Her work ethic and drive are higher than me and it drives her crazy that I make about $50k/yr more than her while I work half as long as her.

Imo it's CS and not even close. I love my job.

How do you mess up between micro and macro. Im not even an economics major, and i know well the in depth difference between the two. Either you're lying about even going to school. Or you're seriously mentally retarded. Now really GTFO Veeky Forums before i DDOS all your sht

in the 4 years you go to college you could literally go to mcdonalds and invest everything you make into crypto, and regardless of what you do after that you will be richer than your "educated" alternate reality-self that got a degree might ever be

at least that would've been true for the last 4 years from 2014-2018, can't use the past to predict the future

I've got a crappy MIS degree and make $200k/year (non-city job) -- started at $48k. Your major matters, but not in the long run. Do something that's going to get your foot in the door and if you're any good, you'll make it.

>if you don't do a CS degree you'll never be able to do CS
>if you don't do economics and still feel the urge - read a few books - you are now as qualified as any economist

would y'all reccomend getting a CS degree, and working at a company where you'll get your MBA paid for? I have an internship at a company who offers that option if you work for them, and my plan is to work until they can pay for my MBA and then either keep working there and move up the ranks, or split and make my own company, wat do

>if you don't do a CS degree you'll never be able to do CS
If you aren't an efficient programmer/technologist before going to uni you're likely be mediocre forever.

If you can afford to stay at home with your parents and go to community college while working it's the best possible solution. 2 years of capital growth with minimal costs, ima be able to pay off what little loans I have and have enough money to either head for a bachelor's or start a business, feels good

And you can take an MBA on the top of CS, but you can't take CS on top of an economics/business degree.

Neither, do EE.

Ignore the market, OP. Just follow your heart.

Really? i mean im 20yr old and i know almost nothing about progamming and as i said im between CS and Econ

I think that because im young i can understand tech better than if i was 30+ or something like that

Any tips for a programmer who has dabbled with the idea of switching over? I already passed the first exam (P) with ease, and am currently studying for the FM in my free time. Being a programmer is nice but not mentally stimulating for me. Would you say it's possible to switch over mid-career if I'm still under 30? Or did I miss the boat by not seeking an actuary internship back in college?

if you want an mba do a bba. Econ is not business
whichever you want bro. Both will open tonnes of doors if you have the right skills and work ethic. I took econ and enjoyed it.

can confirm the actuaries I work with make more money than me and it seems like fun work.

Yea I got an A in those classes, but somehow slept thru them so I forgot it all after semester was over

nah your sis is just retarded bro. literally the first result on google.

yeah But to do an econ degree you need at LEAST intro/intermediate micro i&ii and intro/intermediate macro. Assuming you took no advanced courses you would still figuire it out there or your other 40 fucking econ credits.

The thing is that i think an Econ major would take several more years of study to be recognized abroad while CS its like 6 years or less and i could work everywhere but i don't feel so interested in it


>not interested in it
Then dont do it you mong.
dont know why it would take longer to "work abroad" but I have literally never worked outside NA so dunno.

top kek, yeah, you surely sound very smart


Because people who work in IT can go any country that they will have plenty of job and they dont even need a degree just experience and not THAT much while as an economist i think you have things a little more difficult

true at 30 your brain juice doesn't move as fast which is an important factor for critical thinking and coding

>as an economist
You need a PHD to be an economist.
never the less, economics theory, econometrics or anything but a few policy classes are pretty universal. don't see why taking it to a new country is different than comp sci.
That every country has "plenty of CS jobs" is a bit of a stretch tho user.

Uh so unless i take a economic degree+ master+ MBAim fucked up? im 20yr old that would take me like 12 years or something like that

But it is true IT people can work everywhere

enjoy being boring

EE>CE>CS>>>>>>>>>>Economy major.

no. An econ degree is useful, even a BA or Bsci. It does not however, get you a job as an "economist" just like a physics degree wont make you a "physicist" also stop saying MBA. Thats business Econ is not business. Please fucking research before picking a major.
Whats an economy major? one that makes you only able to fly in the back of the plane like yours?

Dude, I know it is BUSINESS but here in my country we don't study BUSINESS we study ECONOMY as a degree then we choose to get a master in BUSINESS or ECONOMY AND THEN THE FUCKING MBA

Jesus fucking christ, why woudnt an economist be able to work in business?

what? your country is retarded.
One is a social science that studies human behaviour in the presence of scarcity, using mathematical models. The other is business. I dont even know what you will be studying then.
Like finance, accounting, marketing type of shit?
Or like Macro/Micro econ.
That kinda changes the entire thread.
>Jesus fucking christ, why woudnt an economist be able to work in business?
Its not commonplace for an academic.
But I just think this is a confusion on you being ESL so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. An economist is essentially an academic in the field of economics. NOT just anyone working with, or applying economic knowledge from a degree. But yes, tonnes of private firms/business like econ grads for many fields such as market research.

if i have a degree that says i have title in ECONOMY yes it makes me an economist, i can have then a master or a PhD but it is not necessary to be called an ECONOMIST

Aerospace engineering because then you are literally a rocket scientist and you won't have to work anyway because of your Crypto empire.

To clarify this user, EE gets you enough CS skills to give you an edge, but not all.

Unironically both, (((they))) like when startups have an actual plan and backed by boring ass simple economics and get more inclined to invest.

Why are you fighting me on this user? it's fine its not your mother tongue. But no sadly, despite having a BA and soon MA in the field I am not an economist. But im sure you can get your "title in ECONOMY" will get you a posting as a proffesor at Harvard. How much of a research grant you think you can get user? btw my friend has a health sciences degree (LOL) does that make him a doctor?

It's "useful" and I think you can learn economics easier through selfstudy than CS.

CS is just baby math for those with above average math skills but not special

I think it is the otherway around IMO. But maybe because Im trying to find more advanced econ concepts and my Compsci "research" is more like "LOL HOW DO TO DO X LANGUAGE" but there seems to be a lot of online learning resources of more clear path of "what next?" and no real need for academic databases in CS.Could be wrong though.

Well look, here in my country we do it that way because even tho we have a career that is called "Business administration" it is not as recognised as economy, so we study that one and we end doing a master in business (which in some countrys my degree is also considered a master because it is 6yr long lol )

Aren't CEOS of big companys economist with MBA and stuff like that?

Uhh..if you study to be a doctor you are a fucking doctor, if you study to be an economist you end up being an economist, my degree is 6yr long so..

Then i can get a Phd or stuff like that but i don't really know if you are trolling or just plain stupid

Computer Science.
If you want to learn more about economics, do it via books etc, but if you want to have a future go for CS.

For whatever it's worth, I'm studying Economics at uni and fucking hate it. Literally was debating the same two you are and wish I chose computer science

He obviously wouldn't be here if he could choose engineering

This, except I am doing IT with a minor in Business which includes some finance

It's more like

>study to be doctor
>fail medschool
>work at macdonalds

You literally need to be an expert in math to get a CS degree. You need to be an expert in math to take grade 12 math in HS. You're probably trolling.

>Well look, here in my country we do it that way because even tho we have a career that is called "Business administration" it is not as recognised as economy
Right, thats what I am saying. Business=/= econ.
So dont take economics if you are looking for finance, accounting marketing, management, etc etc. Just needed to clarify what you are looking into.
>so we study that one and we end doing a master in business
Right I dont know your country.
In North America a Masters of Business is Business. You can get a masters of econ as an MA and maybe in some instances a Msci (you can get a bsci in econ.) All I was saying is if you want a masters in business administration, while an econ degree will probably get you in, you are better off just studying business in your undergrad.
>Aren't CEOS of big companys economist with MBA and stuff like that?
It really depends? I am sure there are some CEOs with econ backgrounds...? and Its not unheard of to go for an MBA after econ. But its hardly the "Big CEO" go to route.
>if you study to be an economist you end up being an economist
An economist is an academic in the field of economics, with a posting doing research and developing models and shit. Paul Krugman (love him or hate him) for example is probably the most FAMOUS economist atm. Milton Freedmon was pretty famous to. Just so you can grasp what an economist IS.
Why is everyone saying that. I mean I suppose you could buy Varian and some textbooks. But thats kinda true of every field. No?

How the fuck do you fuck up micro and macro, its literally 1st semester, business is only a minor in my IT degree.

Petroleum engineering. Draw up fucking oil pump valves, make $300k base starting.

Economics is one of the most difficult majors. You are a god at math I take it? CS is baby joke compared to econ.

But the problem is it's literally all hicks. And you have to be with the GET ERRR DONE retards.

>You are a god at math I take it?
Depending on your university if you do it as a BA, and a slack university and pick the path of least resistance you literally only need Calc I and a good grasp of multi-variable optimization. realistically, if you are doing a proper route, or want to do a masters you need to take calc II and vector algebra and shit. So im not saying you are wrong but if you are a lazy undergrad you can get by with just calc I.

>literally only need calc
>only need calc
I just passed pre-calc lol

Depends where you work. A big outfit is mostly desk jockey and visiting a drill/pump site every once in a while. It's basically the same shit an architect does, but there's way more money in it.

The thing is that i DO want to look for finance, managment and stuff but this is the only option i have because otherwise if i took the business degree it woudn't be recognized abroad because it is very shitty and doesn't have almost any math so after doing the economics degree that takes 6 fucking years i should do a master in BUSINESS to learn managment and that stuff so THEN i would be able to be occupy more financial jobs (i know a lot of people in my country that have done this)

Calc I is easier IMO, math is just practice user.
Oh and Lagrange fuck Lagrange, I struggled with that shit in 2nd year.

>EE gets you all CS skills and more,

>path is just practice
Tell that to me. I have 10 days until my math exam (grade 12) and im going to get a bad mark if i get under 85 on the exam. I'm not even studying because I know that's so unrealistic. I study it and do a bunch of review and still end up with 60% on the quiz. Even with practice.

i recommend architecture
it turned out to be pretty useless because I don't actually work as an architect but I never had so much fund and never smoked so much pot in my life as during those studies
highly recommended

If you didn't learn to code as a kid, you will never be good in CS

Do I take my master's in Finance or Marketing or Analysis and business management??
I like marketing and my professors are great, but it still feels lacking substance and I don't like the people that work in most marketing agencies
Finance is cool, but at my uni it's mostly theoretical for some reason, professors are amazing
Analysis and business management (don't know how to translate this well enough) includes capital budgeting, controlling, crisis management....

You sir , are a retard

Thats bullshit as fuck. I havent coded ib my life and I got in uni year ago and I passed just fine.

Ironically people whonare best at programming in my group are people who never learned it, so they started being tryhard and got the "magic taste" of programming. Meanwhile friends who had it in hs keep saying yeaah its all easy and barelly pass, lazy af and boring to them cuz they think they know it all.

Yeah there are always gonna be slayers and no lifers but who cares, in my country every person who does CS is loaded as fuck.

I mean if its your only option I guess? Understand a solid 4 years of those lessens will be shit irrelevant to your interests and a lot of math if its 6 years. If you want to go abroad, why not do a BBA somewhere else? or just do CS.
There are two ways you can fuck up a math equation, lack of practice/ PEBKEK. lack of understanding of the basic fundamentals, just go over it with someone user, if someone can tell you where you go wrong you can eventually get it. I guarantee. Its not some secret only smart people can understand or something. Most people who suck at math are like people who cant ride a bike, you either only peddled for 10 minutes with training wheels and gave up, or you are pushing yourself around with no direction on how to peddle.

>There are two ways you can fuck up a math equation, lack of practice/ PEBKEK. lack of understanding of the basic fundamentals, just go over it with someone user, if someone can tell you where you go wrong you can eventually get it. I guarantee. Its not some secret only smart people can understand or something. Most people who suck at math are like people who cant ride a bike, you either only peddled for 10 minutes with training wheels and gave up, or you are pushing yourself around with no direction on how to peddle.
Problem is I don't even know how to do it and when i figure it out and practice then write the test there is a bunch of things i got wrong that i never knew i didn't know.

You don't need to take economics in uni to learn about the economy. I skipped 90%+ of all my ECON classes, and just watched lectures on youtube and read my textbook, and I know more than the regular student in my classes.