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>33 dubs

Thanks just bought 100k

y tho?

20000$ eoy

I want to believe, however I doubt it.

The 3 big selloffs of XRP in 2017 saw an average recovery of 12x. If we go by that metric it would imply the next run will see XRP @ ~$10.63 if you go off of its "lowest low" of $.89, or $14.16 if you go off of its "lowest close" of $1.18.

>things will never change

>look mom, I bough crapple!
>100 bil supply!
>jews physically hold 66% of it!
>already multiple dollars per crapple!
>no way this could go wrong mama!

It's just data, not fundamentals. If Ripple were to come out and announce a partnership with someone like Amazon all bets are off.

>missed the boat
>thinks market cap is a valid metric for currencies
>doesn't understand escrow

Argue pic related, shill.

One word: marketcap
I doubt ripple will ever touch 7/8 USD.

You're a big boy. Doing business with the jews and everything. They promised they won't dump billions of coins on you, didn't they? Good boy. Always trust Jew monopoly money.

"muh market cap". again.

Listen, you fantastically retarded motherfuckers: these are CURRENCIES, NOT STOCKS.

What's the market cap of the dollar, moron?

Do you seriously not understand what an escrow is?

> hold ripple
> call someone else fantastically retarded

choose one

so, are you saying $30 by feb is realistic? cuz it aint. and yes, market cap matters. Ofc shit can grow big time, as the whole market will continue to grow throughout 2018, but there are 38 739 142 811 XRP in circulation. It'll take a lot for ripple to reach 30 bucks

Been holding since 4 cents. Pull out your calculator and figure out those gains, then come back and tell me how retarded I am.

>market cap matters

Why? Because you say so? Or because you actually have no fucking idea what you're talking about?


Tfw xrp is controlled by a company and owned mostly by the founders and programmers. Tfw there is no mining. Tfw thinks it is actually a currency.

Nobody gives a fuck about mining dipshit. Have you looked at the top 100 lately? 75% of them AREN'T MINEABLE. Stew on that, tard.

I'm here to make money, not play into your decentralized "muh guna beat teh bankz" fucking fantasy world.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this coin hits some unbelievable number like $100. Anything can fucking happen in this market... it's all a fucking meme!

This. Ripple is already massivley overvalued and just a toll to get your decentralized crypto for worthless bitshekels.

1$ = 30$ in feb, screen cap this

okay degenerate retard, for ripple to reach 30 dollar the marketcap should be at

30$x38.739.142.811= trillion) dollars which is more than the entire fucking marketcap of Cryptocurrencies which is currently 590.000.000.000 dollar. so you are suggesting that in less than a month the entire market cap will MORE than double just to fill fucking ripple for that price.

this isnt stupid or advanced stupid, this is stupid X1.2 trillion
this normie/pajeet needs to gtfo

Because the "evil banks" wasted a shitload of money hiring 200 people to develop a coin, spend 5 years building infrastructure, marketing, and partnerships... as opposed to just straight up buying a huge chunk of BTC and then shorting it to oblivion.

The mental gymnastics from you morons never ceases to amaze.

I'm gonna sell now and wait till I find the top.

What is circulating supply

These "muh market cap" faggots said Ripple would never reach a dollar. I could have literally made $50-100k if I hadn't listened to these fags. Never again.

Eagerly awaiting the mental contortions from

this OP is a meme

Going all in on Tron and Ripple, I mean look at the prices only a couple bucks!

Look at Bitcoin right now! Imagine all the people that got in on these prices!

I'm not OP, dumbass. I do not see XRP hitting $30 by feb.

But his argument was based on market cap so I figured you'd oppose his logic.

Take a look at PACcoin, I will be a multi-baziolnare when it reaches bitcoins price!


Yeah and it's irrelevant, know why?

Cuz not a single one of you morons has told me what the market cap of the dollar is yet.

For such a "knowledgeable" group of people you sure have a hell of a time differentiating between a currency and a stock.

>Ripple will have a market cap of 1.16 trillion USD, almost double the market cap of all crypto today
Holy shit... just bought 100k, thank you user

It doesn't matter brainlet. The point we are all trying to make is still valid.

if you haven't realized mining isn't viable in a cryptocurrency I would love to see what your portfolio looks like

Instead of repeatedly asking a nonsense question and expecting people to realize to some contradiction that apparently only you can see, why don't you just make your point?

The point has been made. Repeatedly. You're too fucking stupid to see it.

Market cap is NOT a valid metric because cryptos are not stocks.

>XRP will never be a dollar because muh market cap
>t. probably you in November 2017

> Doesn't know that the worldwide market cap of central bank paper and electronic currencies is more than $90 Trillion.

Rot in hell you dumb-fuck deadshit. That whole reason Bitcoin was created..

Yes, brainlet, that much has been said, but no one has yet explained why it must be true.
Just because the metric is used for stock does not necessarily imply that it can't be used for cryptos.
If I told you a crypto would emerge tomorrow with a usd market cap higher than the number of USD in existence, I would hope you would be inclined to agree.

Ripple has kept 60% of XRP. Do you think a company owning 2% of the worldwide market cap is reasonable?

Market cap 1 trillion doesn't mean people have invested a trillion dollars dumbfuck

When XRP has a market cap of $50 Trillion, Ripple labs will be the new head central bank of the Western world. This is all part of the plan.

I wish i didnt have paranoid delusions


Better version of cmc. Ad-free, live charts that don't need refreshing, is a wiki so you can add/share information on all your favorite coins


You’re kind of a dick but I like you. Like 45

Nobody with an ounce of intelligence can argue this. Everybody who wants to make money, put your shitty morals and ideals aside and get xrp. It's a fuckin no brainer. You're don't have to worship the bitch to make money off it.

When ripple was 20 cents nobody thought it would reach a dollar so fast. They argued Market cap. Nobody thought ripple would smash through that and reach 2 or 3 dollars either. Argued market cap. Lol are you idiots blind?

And that's worked so well, has it? What the fuck has bitcoin accomplished other than forking, getting dropped by merchants, costing an absurd amount to transact in, and shitting the bed under load? Do. Fucking. Tell.



> centralization

Is the XRP Ledger centralized?
This is a top misconception with the XRP Ledger. Centralization implies that a single entity controls the Ledger. While Ripple contributes to the open-source code of the XRP Ledger, we don’t own, control, or administer the XRP Ledger. The XRP Ledger is decentralized. If Ripple ceased to exist, the XRP Ledger would continue to exist.

Ripple has an interest in supporting the XRP Ledger for several reasons, including contributing to the longer-term strategy to encourage the use of XRP as a liquidity tool for financial institutions. Decentralization of the XRP Ledger is an ongoing process that started right at its inception. In May 2017, we publicly shared our decentralization strategy.

First, we announced plans to continue to diversify validators on the XRP Ledger, which we expanded to 55 validator nodes in July 2017. We also shared plans to add attested validators to Unique Node Lists (UNLs), and announced over the course of 2017 and 2018, for every two attested third-party validating nodes that meet the objective criteria mentioned above, we will remove one validating node operated by Ripple, until no entity operates a majority of trusted nodes on the XRP Ledger.

We believe these efforts will increase the XRP Ledger’s enterprise-grade resiliency and robustness, leading to XRP’s continued adoption as the best digital asset for payments.


ITT: Salty faggots who hate XRP

Remember kids: If XRP takes the number one spot via muh market cap the BTC becomes an altcoin....

Bitcoin: The Original Shitcoin™

>the ledger isn't centralized
I'll take moving the goalposts for 1000 XRP, Alex


When will these faggots realize PoW is going to fade out a slow miserable death...

why should the banks allow it? with all their money they could create a coin like ripple, maybe a better coin.. immagine all the hype


I'll admit I'm in Ripple. Not because i believe in it or think its a good coin. I'm only bought it to watch the normies pump it for me when it lands on Coinbase. I will have dumped my bags on some poor soyboy long before the ((banks)) tired of collecting ether and btc (see real crypto) and crash it by printing 100mm stacks everyday for a week.

If Ripple gets that big, there will be no stopping it. If Ripple can reach a critical mass they, will not buy other crypto. They are not as dumb as you, they will simply make them illegal and shut down exchange for everyone but a select elite.

Besides do not act like you would not get greedy and let it run after it got added cause I am sure that shit would rocket from Normies.

Everything else in my portfolio is stagnant or down, XRP is the only thing that's up significantly. Seems to be bear proof.

My only question is when should I pull out other investments to put into it? I don't want to buy in the green, or should I because it looks like it's going to keep going green?

Yesterday was your chance to buy the dip.

Meh. I put another $50 into it. Guess I'll wait for the next one to go all in.

Now is not a bad time. it has been fluctuate between new resistance at 1.40 and 1.70

Could go up to 2.15 if bulls keep it up.

There might be some small dips, but I wouldn't count on another crash like that again.
Their Q4 2017 report should be out next week, and they've been hinting that it contains undisclosed good news.

>They are not as dumb as you
>Implying I haven't set my sell order already...

Anyone with half a DBC knows that the end game of Ripple is to outlaw Crypto. Looks who it is marketed to half brained liberal twitter troglodytes and niggers on YouTube. Literally the most likely to chimp out in our society and call for a ban when they lose all their EBT money on crypto,

great sources retard

meant to reply to this one

"Let's get all the banks, payment providers, and money transfer services using this cost-saving product... then outlaw it!"
Business plan of the century.

I am just Ripple is not being used to buy BTC and ETH. I agree that it is totally marketed that way, but there is another coin everybody refuses to mention that does the same thing worse.

Stallar a Ripple carbon copy with a logo that is literally a fucking moonship, it is just asking for chimps to buy in. I feel ya I really do, but in the meantime I am going to continue to trade XRP and everything under the moon until I get to that moon because there be dragons n' shit yo.

They were waving it in our faces all along!

Jesus dude look at the big picture you think Morty Goldenstien isn't going to then go to the senate floor and say "OY VEY you can't ban this product without reimbursing the people that hold large amounts of it. What about the 6 grillion bags I own. This is comparable to 'nada shoah"

nice dubs, I'll settle for half of that $30

OMG You're right it's all the Jewsteins plan to siphon wealth from the sheeple to the interdimensional shapeshifting child molesters I knew it all along fuck this I'm buying water filters.


XRP being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?


But the dollar is the reserve currency and used as the petro dollar (which is likely
why they killed ghadafi who was going to create a gold backed dinar to replace the dollar as petro dollar currency).

So the dollar is not really comparable to any other US currency in that main regard, and also because the US dollar is backed up by the US government and our military, which is the largest military in the world by far.


it'll never reach that market cap even by 2023

This is an idiot that thinks if Ripple is over a dollar then it won't be cheap enough for banks to use in transfers. They fail to realize that banks transferring to eachother wouldn't matter what the actual cost of the coin is, it would only matter how much of the coin they lost, which is a built in fee of .00000001 ripple per transaction. XRP just doubles as a currency.

5$ by Q3 or EOY is realistic. Pumps in between with new higher bottoms every time. If BTC dies, and XRP is adopted in places to cash in to and out of crypto to fiat and vise versa, then XRP could easily hit 10$.

Nice Ad Hominem
I addressed your complaint. And you have no retort? Let me counter with an Ad Hominem of my own.
Maybe as you sit in your basement if you play your ((jazz music)) looking at your pitiful excuse for a stack. You can just maybe drown out the cries of your wife being pumped and dumped upstairs by Jamal and company. Or maybe it's Achmed depending on if your Eurotrash or a weak spined Amerimutt. Remember what I said here while you watch Colbert or Oliver or whatever you soyboys are watching this week. Remember my words while your wife strokes her belly later tonight sighing longingly hoping this times was the time she finally got preggers from someone other than you. Remember /pol/ is always right.

The value has to be HIGH in order to transfer large amounts. If the value is low, then none of their use cases will work.


its just a shitty copypasta fud that plagued BAT threads for a while

was only trying to be funny

Didn't read.

XRP is the coin they created.